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11/12/57 . <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR hEETTNG OF THE EDINA <br />1957, AT '7230 P.M., IN THE EDTNA VILLAGE HALL <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD TUESDAY, NOVWER 12, <br />Members answering Rollcall were Bank, Dickson, Fronk, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />was convened on Tuesday, rather than Monday, because of Monday's being a Legal <br />Ho 1 id ay . <br />Meeting <br />9 <br />MINUTES OF MEETING of Monday, October 28, 1957, <br />with a correction to beymade: this being with regard to Storm Sewer proceedings <br />as set forth on Page 6 of Minute Book 21, which should be amended to read as <br />follows : <br />to inquire about disposition of a Storm Sewer Petition filed in 1956 by residents of <br />West Woodland Road and concord Terrace. <br />Engineer Balich has been working on this project; that plans and estimates of cost <br />should be available for council consideration in the very near future. <br />referred 'to Village Engineer, with direction to expedite completion of plans. <br />presented Preliminary plan, and Estimate of Cost, as prepared by Consulting Engineer, <br />John Balich, €or a proposed Storm Sewer in the Valley View Ridge-Slope-Terrace area, <br />suggesting that Council conduct Public Hearing thereon on November 12. Bank offered <br />the following Resolution and moved its adoption: - Then, RESOLUTION PROVIDING FOR <br />PUBLIC HEARING-PROPOSED STORM SEWER IMPROVEMENT - as set forth on Page 6 of Minute <br />Book 21. <br />Bank and carried. <br />STORM SEWER HEARING POSTPONED INDEFINITELY. <br />some problems have developed since the scheduling of this Hearing for this evening <br />for a Storm Sewer in the Valley View Ridge-Slope-Terrace area; that there are some <br />proposed changes in the plan--which will look toward including this district in <br />the proposed south-Edina drainage program. <br />postponed indefinitely. <br />were submitted by the Clerk, <br />1. STORM SEWER INQUIRY MADE, Mr. R.L. Remund, 4601 W. Woodland Road, was present <br />Engineer Zikan reported that Consulting <br />Matter <br />2. STORM SEWER HEARING SCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1957. Engineer Zikan <br />Dickson's motion, approving Minutes, with correction, was seconded by <br />Mayor Bredesen informed %Re audience that <br />Tupa moved khat Public Hearing be <br />Motion seconded by Fronk and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PETITION FOR PERMIT TO BUILD DOUBLE BUNGALOW ON LOT 39 BLOCK 59 <br />WSTCHESTER KNOLLS (5208 WINDSOR AVENUE). <br />"Notice of Hearing" was presented, approved as to form, and ordered placed on file. <br />Review was had, by means of a plat of the area, showing location of assentors and <br />objectors, of the supplementary petition accompanied by neighbors' lettes of assent, <br />filed by petitioner Orazem after the Council's action denying his original petition. <br />Mr. H. 0. Broughton, 5201 Windsor Ave., presented a petition in objection to the <br />double dwelling, and an additional letter from some property owners who had signed <br />the letter of assent and had since changed their minds. Mr. K. T. Stevens, 5209 <br />IVindsor,,spoke €or the double bungalow, stating that he and two of his eeighbors, <br />living across the street and immediately next door to the affected property wish <br />to see petition approved because (1) Dwelling would be a shield from the noise of <br />the many trains travelling past the property; (2) Building would be an asset to <br />their property and would make their property more enjoyable; (3) Building would <br />improve resale value of their property by shielding it from the tracks. Mr. Broughton <br />stated that the double bungalows in the neighborhood, now, have decreased the value <br />of surrounding properties, that the grounds are not kept up: that they have been <br />vacant part of the time; and, in answer to a question by the Mayor, stated that <br />the,neighbors have no objection to the house plan--that what they do object to is <br />construction 'of an additional double dwelling. <br />recommended a change in the Ordinance, to require fee ownership before petition to <br />rezone or construct multiple dwelling can be honored. <br />Affidavit of Publication and Mailing of <br />Attorney Schweiger, 5109 W.56th St,, <br />Because of a conflict with the MUNICIPAL COURT SESSION to be held in this room at <br />8:OO P.M., Mayor Bredesen announced to the audience that the Council would adjourn <br />to the Park Department for the balance of its meeting. <br />Public Hearing was forthwith continued, in the Park Department, with all members of <br />the Council present. <br />in the real estate business, and that there is no doubt but that the encroachment of <br />multiple dwellings on one-family neighborhoods decreases the property valuation. <br />Mrs. O.A. Anderson, 5200 Windsor, spoke in favor of the double bungalow, stating that <br />the majority of the neighbors had purchased their homes, after construction of the <br />double bungalows now in the area, without even realizing they were there; that she <br />considers them no more objectionable than any other residence in the arear <br />Orazem reminded Council that the Orazems expect to live in half this double residence <br />,and will see that it is properly maintained. <br />Mayor Bredesen announced that Public Hearing would be continued to Monday, November 25, <br />to give Council an opportunity to consider petition and counter-petition further. <br />Mr. M.B. Waters, stating that he is speaking from his experience <br />Mrs. <br />There was some further discussion, and