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1% f 11/25/57 <br />ltlINUTES OF THE REGULAR FJEETTNG OF THE EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, NOVWBER 25, 1957, <br />AT 7:30 P.AF., AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />h4embers answering Rollcall were Bank, Dickson, Fronk, Tupa and Bredesenc <br />Itlinutes of the Regular Meeting of November 12, 1957, were approved as submitted, by <br />motion Fronk, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />ANNOUNCE?,ENT OF POSTPONEMENT OF "LAKE CORNELIA STORU SEWER" HEARING. <br />Bredesen announced to the audience that, pursuant to action taken at the meeting <br />of November 12th, the Hearing on the proposed Lake Cornelia Storm Sewer Improvement <br />has been indefinitely postponed--that affected property owners will receive proper <br />notice of Hearing when this project Is to be considered again. <br />CONTINUATION OF NOVWBER 12TH PUBLIC HEARING ON PETITION FOR PERMIT TO CONSTRUCT <br />COUBLE DYELLING ON LOT 3, BLOCK 5, VESTCHE'STER KNOLLS (5208 !'lindsor Avenue). <br />Pursuant to November 12th instructions of the Council, office presented report <br />showing that 32 onners have signed in favor of this project, 14 being South of <br />the railroad tracks; that 14, all South of the tracks have signed against it; <br />said expressions of opinion all from owners within 500 feet of the affected lot. <br />An Abstract of Title was presented, showing plat restrictions for iiestchester <br />Knolls Addition prohibiting any but single-family dwellings. ?kk. Orazem's <br />attorney told the Council that other plat restrictions have been violated. <br />Discussion was had, objector Broughton pointing out that owners of properties <br />immediately North of the tracks are not neighbors, €or the reason "tat they <br />must travel miles by automobile to get into Westchester Knolls. Objectors <br />stated once again that they do not object to the architectural plan for the <br />double dwelling; that they simply do not want any more double dwellings in <br />their area. k. Orazem's representative pointed out that his proposed double <br />bungalow would cost about $30,000; that it would be possible to build an $11,000 <br />single dwelling on this lot; but objectors stated they prefer the less e;rpensive <br />single dwelling. Tupa moved that, inasmuch as the property owners North of the <br />tracks have no particular personal interest in this matter and the majority of <br />the property owners in the immediate neighborhood have purchased their homes with <br />the understanding that the area is restricted to one famil~;dwellings, the <br />petition for double bungalow be denied. <br />Objectors asked if there is anything they can do, now, to prohibit future con- <br />struction of double bungalow on this lot, They were answered in the negative, <br />the reason that the personnel, and consequently the thinking, of the Council <br />changes from year to year. <br />Mayor <br />Motion seconded by Bank and carried. <br />STREET NAME CHANGE-PUBLIC HEARING GCHEDULED. Petition filed for change of the <br />name of "Margaret Lane" to APACHE TRAIL was accepted, and Public Hearing thereon <br />was scheduled for December 9, by motion Bank, seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />IWROVEI1"IENT PETITIONS. The following Improvement Petitions, all filed with this <br />office before 1958 Work Deadline of November 15, were, by motion Bank, seconded <br />by Tupa and carried, accepted and referred to Village Engineer for preparation <br />of plans and specifications for 1958 construction: <br />1. - <br />A. <br />B. <br />C. <br />D. <br />E* <br />F. <br />A. <br />B. <br />C. <br />D. <br />2. <br />BLACKTOPPING. <br />Meadow Ridge Road, Duggan Plaza to Ridgeview Drive; Link Avenue; Everett <br />Place; Danens Drive; Duggan Plaza; Tifton Drive, Duggan Plaza to Everett <br />Place. <br />Josephine Ave., Benton Ave. to W.6Oth St. <br />Andover Road, Jooddale to Kellogg; Kellogg Ave., Andover Road to Claremore <br />Drive; Claremore Drive, ZSooddale to Oaklawn; Nooddale Ave., Ellsworth Drive <br />to Belvidere Lane; Cunham Drive, Vooddale to Ellsworth Drive; Ellsworth <br />Drive, Oaklawn to dooddale; Dunham Drive, Nest Shore Drive to ;:looddale; <br />Nest Shore Drive, Belvidere Lane to Dunham Drive; Oaklawn Ave., Claremore <br />Drive to Ellsworth Drive; Claremore Court. <br />Idylwood Drive from Idylwood 1st Addn. to W. Highwood Drive; West Highwood <br />Drive from N.line of Idylwood 2nd Addn. to S. line thereof. <br />Code Ave., 3.56th St. to Melody Lakes Drive; Melody Lakes Dr. , Code to <br />Code; Code Ave., Melody Lakes Drive to Grove St. <br />"JJ.59th St., Concord Ave. to St.Johns Ave. <br />SANITARY SELER <br />Interlachen Blvd.from Cooper Ave. to Oxford Ave.;Skyline Dr, from Lot 1 <br />owned by Don Leary to 5116 Skyline Dr. and including Blossom Court. <br />South Garden Estates - Undeveloped Portions. <br />W.59th St., Code to Tingdale. <br />Hillside Lane, iI.68th St. to Brook Drive; Limerick Lane, W.68th St. to <br />Brook Drive; Limerick Lane, Brook Drive to 1"6.70th St.