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3/24/58 <br />MIN~JTES'OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, MARCH 24, 1958, <br />AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />d <br />EDINA VILLAGE <br />AT 7:30 P.M., <br />Members answering Rollcall were Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bank. <br />Bank presided in Mayor Bredesen's absence. <br />Mayor Pro rem <br />Minutes of the Regular Meetings of February 24th and March loth, 1958, were approved <br />as submitted, by motion Tupa, seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />Police Sergeant George Butler was presented with Certificate of Satisfactory <br />Completion of the Police Administration course sponsored by the International <br />Managers Association. <br />. . PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED 12" TRUNK WATERMAIN AND LATERAL CONNECTIONS THERETO. <br />Affidavit of Publication of "Notice of Hearing", published in Edina-Morningside <br />Courier March 13 and 20, 1958, was submitted by Clerk, approved as to form and <br />ordered placed on file; the proposed project being for construction of a 12" <br />Trunk Watermain in - Grove Street from Hansen Road to Tracy Avenue; thence South <br />in Tracy Avenue to Whiting Street; .thence East in Whiting Street to Valley view <br />Road; thence Southwesterly in Valley View Road to Antrim Road; thence South in <br />Antrim Road to West 70th Street; thence East in West 70th Street to the East Side <br />of Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern Railroad Right-of-way, to connect with <br />existing 12" Trunk Main in West 70th Street; and for Lateral Watermain Service <br />Connections to said 12" Trunk watermain. <br />Manager Hyde explained that the project as outlined is the result of petitions <br />for water service for several large properties in the area, plus the urgent request <br />of the School Board that the new Cahill School be served; that this plan is thought <br />to be the best for both service and economy; that it will be a loop, connecting <br />with the present main on Hansen Road and with present main on west 70th Street, <br />thus eliminating stagnant water troubles. <br />installation, together with construction of a second fire station, additional <br />water storage facilities, and lateral watermains, will be the basis for reducing <br />fire insurance rates from Classes 9 and 10 to Class 7, which would mean a <br />considerable reduction in premiums for those residences in Caasses 9 and 10. <br />He told the audience that this <br />Cost of project was reviewed; Mr. Hyde stating that it is proposed to assess, for <br />the Trunk Main, $.58 per front foot for platted property, and $142 per acre for <br />unplatted property; that property fronting on the trunk and using the trunk as a <br />lateral, an additional lateral charge of $5.00 per front foot; that platted <br />property which has more than 150 feet of frontage and which has a deed restriction <br />against subdividing will be assessed a maximum of 150 feet; that unplatted <br />properties, where it is impossible to determine that plats will be filed with <br />lots facing the trunk main, will not be assessed a lateral charge even though <br />they abut the trunk maim. <br />Receipt of the following petitions with regard to the proposed improvement was <br />reported : <br />FOR THE IMPROVEMENT: - Mr. James H. Addy, owner of several lots in Valley <br />View Heights. <br />AGAINST THE IMPROVEMENT: - 82 Signers in the Greenleaf Manor, warden Acres, <br />Countryside, Valley View Heights area. <br />of six additional signers, presented at the meeting. <br />This petition was supplemented by that <br />and - 17 Signers in the Cahill area. (presented at Meeting). <br />MR. H.R. BURTON, owner of approximately 50 acres in the area, with 1500 footage on <br />Tracy Avenue, spoke in decided favor of the project. <br />MR. VILHELM HOLAND, 5930 Dewey Hill Road, who stated he is the owner of some seven <br />acres, half of which is low and non-buildable, expressed himself as being strictly <br />against the project because he feels it will be of no benefit to his property. <br />Manager Hyde explained that property which is proved to be non-buildable (very low, <br />with peat base) will be exempt from the assessment; but that there must be definite <br />proof that building is imposiiible. <br />MR. HOWARD GREEN, 5417 Grove Street, inquired as to assessment for that portion of <br />his land which lies beneath Northern States Power Company's high line, and was <br />answered to the effect that this would be exempt if it could not be built on. <br />MR. JAMES H. ADDY, owner of 1320 front feet, spoke for the improvement, stating he <br />feels that natural development in the Village will be to the Southwest and that, <br />without modern facilities and utilities, the Village will face a stumbling block <br />to this development; that all of these utilities must eventually come, and that <br />the later they are installed the more they cost. He reported that ThLope BIOS., <br />owner of several lots, are also in favor of the improvement, and this statement <br />was confirmed by Manager Hyde.