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4/14/58 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD NONDAY, APRIL 14, 1958, <br />AT 7:30 P.M., AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL. <br />Members answering Rollcall were Bank, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />Minutes of the Regular Meeting of March 24, and of the Special Meeting of April 3, <br />were approved as submitted, by Motion Xupa, seconded by Kohler and carried. <br />BIDS TAKEN APRIL 11 AND APRIL 14. <br />taken, and his recommendations, and Council took action as follows: <br />presented for Construction Vdork, and a total of six bids on Baseball Backstops. <br />Park Department's recommendation was for award to Low Bidder, Swanson Excavating <br />Company for Finish Grading-Seedbed; Seeding; Sodding; and Tree Removal, the total <br />contract cost to be based on bidder's unit prices, with recommended contract <br />ward being $16,422.80; for rejection of all bids received on Bituminous Parking, <br />Planting, and PathConstruction, and rejection of all bids received on Baseball <br />Backstops. <br />Cornelia Park improvements; that baseball backstops are being re-designed. Bank's <br />motion that contract be awarded, and that balance of bids be rejected, all in <br />accordance with recommendation of Park Department, was seconded by Tupa and <br />carried. <br />TRACTOR-!LOVER (Bids Taken April 14). Tabulation of Bids showed a total of <br />five bids received, Astleford Equipment Co., Inc., bidding on an International , <br />Model 1-330, at $2,760.00, being low bidder. Mr. Hyde explained that he would <br />like to delay award pending letter from manufacturer as to performance. <br />action taken. <br />Manager Hyde presented Tabulations of Bids <br />PAMELA PARK IMPROVEhlENTS (Bids Taken April 11). A total of five bids <br />I <br />It was explained that parking lot surfacing can be re-bidewith <br />No <br />ARDEN PARK IMPROVEMENTS- Petition in favor of development of Arden Park, signed by <br />owners of some 234 residences in the area proposed to be served by this park, was <br />filed. Mayor Bredesen told the audience he doesn't believe the people immediately <br />surrounding the park are being unselfish in prohibiting expansion of the play area, <br />but that he does agree with the opposition that the plan for development is over- <br />ambitious. Manager Hyde reported receiving a call from one of the leaders of the <br />opposition, requesting that a meeting of opponents and proponents be scheduled, <br />in order that neighbors might work out a plan satisfactory to all. <br />Hopkins, 53rd and Wooddale, a sponsor of the petition for development, stated that <br />petitioners want the allocated $25,000 spent for this park, but %hat he, for one, <br />feels that the present plan is ambitious; that proponents do want a bridge across <br />the creek, a meadow play area, the channel defined so that potholes will not be <br />dangerous; that he believes the vigorous opposition is to the entire plan and <br />certainly not to a limited plan coming within the allocated budget. <br />Bredesen told sponsors of petition that a meeting of the neighbors would be <br />scheduled at the earliest convenient time, and that proponents would be notified <br />of its time. <br />Mr. John <br />Mayor <br />BUILDINGS ON McNELLIS "PUMPKIN FARM" ORDERED REMOVED. Petition, signed by some <br />40 residents in the neighborhood of the McNellis Pumpkin Farm at Highway No.169 <br />and W.49th Street, asked for removal of house and outbuildings on the premises, <br />claiming that these buildings constitute a safety hazard. <br />that, back in December of 1957, the buildings had been ordered removed; that, <br />because it is apparent that the Highway Department will eventually take some or <br />all of this property, the removal order was stayed for six months with the thought <br />that by that time the owner would know the status of the property. <br />Nevin, present owner, objected to the expense of removal in view of a probable <br />condemnation. <br />30 days; that if there is non-compliance with order, Village proceed to remove <br />and assess cost of removal against property. Some discussion was has as to <br />the procedure to be followed for assessment of costs, and further conversation <br />with regard to method of removal (as a possible fire drill or civil defense <br />exercise), and cost of filling excavation. Tupa moved that Council order removal <br />of house and outbuildings within 30 days; and that, subject to the Village <br />Attorney's advice on legality of procedure for assessment of costs of removal and <br />subject to Manager's negotiations with owner as to costs of filling of excavation, <br />the Village proceed to remove the buildings and otherwise abate this safety hazard <br />upon pon-compliance with removal order. <br />Manager Hyde explained <br />hk. John <br />Manager Hyde recommended that the Village order removal within <br />Motion seconded by Bank and carried. <br />SANITARY SE'JER IMPROVEEIIENT NO. 53 ASSESSMENTS CANCELLED FOR LOTS 14 AND 41, <br />NORMANDALE THIRD ADDITION. <br />for cancellation of assessment levied in 1953 for Sanitary sewer Improvement No.53, <br />on Lots 14 and 41, Normandale Third Addition-which lots lie beneath Northern States <br />Power Company" s highline and are, therefore, unfit for dwellings. Manager Hyde <br />recommended cancellation of levy on the basis of "no benefit", and Bank offered <br />the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />Manager Hyde reported owner Frank Natole's request