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4/14/58 <br />RESOLUTION CANCELLING SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS FOR <br />SANITARY SEWER IMPROVEMENT NO. 53 ON LOTS 14 <br />AND 41, NORMANDALE THIRD ADDITION <br />WHEREAS, it has been determined that the Special Assessments levied for <br />Sanitary Sewer Improvement No, 53 against Lots 14 and;41, Normandale Third <br />Addition, are incorrect; and <br />against said properties should be cancelled: <br />Edina, Hennepin County, Minnesota, that the assessments levied against the <br />above named parcels of property be, and hereby are, cancelled from the assess- <br />ment roll for said Sanitary Sewer Improvement No. 53. <br />advised of said cancellation and requested to correct their records accordingly, - <br />of said properties for the amounts paid on said special assessments for the <br />years payable 1954 to 1957 inclusive. <br />WHEREAS, it has been determined that the amount of said Special Assessments <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Village Council of the Village 'of <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Hennepin County Auditor and Treasurer be <br />AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Village of Edina reimburse the owner <br />OFF-SALE BEER LICENSES APPROVED. <br />Licenses for the period to April 1, 1958, were submitted, carrying the approval <br />of Police Chief Wayne Bennett: <br />The following applications for Off-sale Beer <br />- <br />National Tea Company - at 4508 Valley View Road <br />Biltmore Delicatessen - at 5107 W.50th St. <br />and Bank moved for approval of licenses. <br />OILING PETITIONS ACCEPTED. <br />were accepted for work by Motion Bank, seconded by Tupa and carried: <br />Motion seconded by Tupa and carried, <br />The following Oiling petitions were submitted, and <br />Halifax Lane, Woodland Circle to W.54th St. <br />Brookview Ave.,W058th to ~~59th St. <br />Bolf he., Valley View Rd. to Roberts Place. <br />Danens Drive from Duggan Plaza to Ridgeview Drive. <br />The last petition requested "Oil or Lignite Liquor". Manager Hyde reported that <br />Lignite Liquor is a paper residue which is coming into use for street surfacing; <br />and Mr. Zikan added that he has been approached by a salesman for the product <br />who states that its price is between four and six cents per gallon as compared <br />with the approximately 134 paid for road oil. <br />this product, <br />Engineer asked to investigate <br />STORM SEWER HEARING SCHEDULED FOR ENLARGEMENT OF TEMPORARY SEWER BETWEEN 6925 AND <br />6929 SOUTHDALE FIRST ADDITION. Petition was filed, signed by owners of about 25 <br />residences in Southdale First Addition, asking for enlargement of present storm <br />sewer located between 6925 and 6929 Southdale Road. Mr. Crouch, sponsor of the <br />petition, stated that the drain worked well for awhile, but that as the property <br />builds up, it is noticeable that the drain becomes less and less adequate; that <br />neighboring owners are much afraid their basements will be flooded unless some- <br />thing further is done. Manager Hyde explained that the original storm sewer had <br />been constructed with General Fund moneys as an emergency measure, inasmuch as it <br />is planned that this area will be a part of the large storm sewer project now <br />under consideration; that it is questionable that an additional $1,500 will be <br />well spent for enlargement. <br />properties, with a credit to be issued when permanent storm sewer is installed. <br />Kohler's motion that Public Hearing be scheduled on this project for May 12, was <br />seconded by Bank and carried. <br />Petition requested assessment against benefited <br />APPLICATION FOR INCREASE IN BUS RATES TO BE FOUGHT. <br />Commission's notice of a public hearing to be held April 29, on Minneapolis Street <br />Railway Company's application for an increase in bus fares brought on a discussion <br />as to possible action against an increase. Bank moved that Village Manager be <br />authorized to investigate proposed action to be taken by other municipalities, <br />including Minneapolis, on this application, and to join with other communities <br />in attempting to prevent any increase. <br />TAX DELINQUENT LANDS TO BE ACQUIRED FOR ROAD PURPOSES. Hennepin County Auditor's <br />Non-Conservation List No. 444-C, dated February 25, 1958, showing three parcels <br />of tax delinquent land, was reviewed. Planning Director Swanson recommended that <br />the Village acquire two of the three parcels for public road purposes, explaining <br />that they would have little value except "nuishnce value" to any private owner <br />and can well be used by the Village for road extensions. <br />following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />The Railroad and Warehouse <br />Motion seconded by Tupa and carried' <br />Bank offered the