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4/18/58 If8 JOINT MEETING OF VILLAGE OF EDINA AND CITY <br />OF HOPKINS COUNCILS, HELD FRIDAY, <br />1958, AT 4:OO PoMoy AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />APRIL 18, <br />I Meeting was convened for the purpose of discussion concerning a proposed Hopkins- <br />Edina Border Road between Blake Road and county Road No. 18, and re-location of <br />boundary East of Blake Road. <br />Edina representatives present were Mayor Bredesen, Trustees Tupa and Bank, Manager <br />Hyde, Planning Commission Chairman Todd, Planning Director Stvanson, and Engineer <br />Zikan. <br />Hopkins representatives were Mayor Perbiz, Councilmen Anderla, Hanley and Milbert, <br />Acting Manager Brubacker, and Engineer Sidney-Smith. <br />Mayor Perbix explained that both municipalities now have platted streets abutting <br />a portion of the old Streetcar Right-of-Way between Blake Road and County Road <br />No. 18--Edina has 3rd Street (Spruce Road) on the South side of the right-of-way; <br />Hopkins has 2nd Street immediately North of the right-of-way; (however, neither <br />municipality has a street through from Blake Road to No. 18); that it is imperative <br />that the Hopkins street be surfaced if it is going to be kept in existence; that it <br />is possible that Edina's street also needs improvement. <br />Separator company has requested that Hopkins vacate that portion of 2nd Street <br />between County Road $18 and Jefferson Avenue so that the Company may use it as part <br />of its storage yard; that, because this street affords an access to the Harley <br />Hopkins School, Hopkins will not vacate unless some other access is provided. <br />I BORDER ROAD. <br />He reported that Superior <br />Manager Hyde explained that Edina's "3rd Street" between County Road No. 18 and <br />Adams Avenue is actually located on the North portion of Lots 1 and 26, Block 8, <br />West Minneapolis Heights, owned by a private owner and not dedicated as street; <br />and Mr. Zikan explained that the section survey has been found inaccurate; that <br />this is a "short section" and there is less actual property than recorded <br />property, so that "3rd Streettt is actu lly nerrower than the plat shows it to be. <br />Discussion was had as to present ownership of the Streetcar right-of-way and the <br />old Powerhouse building; and it was generally thought by Hopkins representatives <br />that this property is controlled by Superior Separator Company, with option to buy. <br />The Edina Council inquired about "3rd Street's" being used as access to County <br />Road #18, by both Superior Separator Company and Super Valu' and it was pointed <br />out that the Separator Company's fence will preclude its using this street; and <br />that the improvement of Milwaukee Road, running parallel to the Railroad right- <br />of-way, will divert Super-Valu traffic away from 3rd Street. <br />Some explanation was had as to financing any improvements for the proposed street. <br />Hopkins stated that their General Fund would finance such improvements as are <br />needed within their boundaries. Edina explained that street improvements, by <br />policy are financed through special assessments; that the area abutting 3rd Street <br />is not anxious to have it improved and would fight any proposed special assessment <br />for the improvement; that the street is not needed by the residents of the area. <br />After some little discussion, Edina Council informally approved the opening of <br />3rd Street between County Road No. 18 and Jefferson Avenue providing Superior <br />Separator Company will agree to acquire Lots 1 and 26, Block 8, West Minneapolis <br />Heights Addition, dedicate it to Edina for Street purposes, improve said 3rd <br />Street, and fence and screen-off the Company's South boundary line. This, from <br />the viewpoint of both councils (expressed informally) seemed a fair arrangement <br />in view of the Company's increasing its storage space by Hopkins' vacation of <br />2nd Street, over which Hopkins would retain a utilities easement. <br />RELOCATION OF BOUNDARIES EAST OF BLAKE ROAD. <br />a portion of the old Streetcar Right-of-way from a point East of Harrison Avenue <br />to the Interlachen Club property in the NW1/4 of Section 30, Township 117, Range <br />21; that it is proposed to dispose of this property to Interlachen Park owners <br />adjacent to the strip and for platting at such places where an additional lot <br />(80-foot) can be had; that present streets will simply be extended South to <br />Spruce Road in Edina. <br />boundary southward, in order that the territory acquired by Hopkins be within the <br />Hopkins City Limits. <br />problems may possibly be solved by an extension into Hopkins' storm sewers toward <br />Excelsior Avenue, and Hopkins and Edina engineers were asked to work out this <br />matter together. <br />its North boundary in accordance with Hoikins' request. <br />Hopkins reported that it has acquired <br />I <br />Hopkins asked that Edina agree to re-locate its Northern <br />Engineer Zikan reported that some of Edina's storm sewer <br />Edina Council informally indicated its willingness to relocate