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5/12/58 - <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD h(IONDAY, IdAY 12, 1958, <br />AT 7:OO P.M., AT THE EDXNA VILLAGE HALL . <br />Members answering Rollcall were Bank, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />Minutes of Regular Meeting of April 28 and Special Meeting of May 5 were approved as <br />submitted, by motion Bank, seconded by Dickson and carried, <br />LAKE CORNELIA PARK IMPROVEMENTS - CONTRACT AWARDED. <br />lation of Bids taken Hay 9, three bids having been received, with Svranson Excavating <br />Manager Hyde presented Tabu- <br />Company being ~OVJ bidder. He stated that the Park Board recommends approval of <br />award of contract to low bidder, in the amount of $16,685.00. Contract includes <br />hauling of Village fill, grading and seedbed preparation, hauling peat, furnishing <br />clay, surfacing of parking area and roads, furnishing and installing 30" culverts, <br />sodding, seeding, and path construction, but does not include triangles. On <br />inquiry by the Council as to how these expenditures compare with allocations, Mr. <br />Kendall Stevens of the Park Board replied that expenditures will be $5,565 over <br />allocation made for this particular improvement, viith triangles still to be <br />improved; but that there is some $27,000 in the "unallocated" account, which was <br />so designated to meet just such emergencies; that, although the cost of Cornelia <br />Park improvements exceeds estimate it still is not over the moneys available, <br />Kohler's motion for award of contract as recommended was seconded by Dickson and <br />carried . <br />I <br />AQUATENPJIAL SVIIM MEET TO BE HELD IN EDINA POOL. <br />request for use of the Edina Pool on July 21 and 22, for its swim meet, was <br />discussed, Dickson's motion,that the request be granted subject to whatever <br />legal requirements are imposed by the village Attorney, was seconded byBank and <br />carried . <br />Minneapolis Aquatennial Committee's <br />REQUEST FOR POOL COWLETION TIME DENIED. <br />Western Construction eorqany'for extension of time for completion of swimming <br />pool, together with Park Board's recommendation against the extension, <br />motion that request be denied was seconded by Tupa and unanimously carried. <br />Council reviewed the request of Great <br />Bank's <br />BACKSTOPS-CONTRACT AWARDED. <br />May 9, with six bidding and Crown Iron Works being low bidder for three Little <br />League backstops at$4,512.00 and for three Baseball backstops at $1,968.00. <br />explained that, after the last bids were rejected, the backstops had been redesigned <br />with a view toward securing better bids; but that this low bid is $80.00 lower on <br />the baseball stops and $243 higher on the Little League stops. <br />he be given authority to negotiate with previous low bidder for order of one <br />Little League stop at the figure then bid, and to buy one Little League stop at <br />the present low bid price, with authority to purchase one Little League stop at <br />present bid price if negotiations do not prove successful on old price; these <br />two backstops to go to Mirror Lakes Park. <br />negotiation and purchase be granted in accordance with Manager's recommendation <br />was seconded by Bank and carried. <br />Manager Hyde presented Tabulation of Bids received <br />He <br />He recommended that <br />Dickson's motion that authority for <br />FOUR-PLEX REQUEST FOR LOTS 3 AND 4, BLOCK 2, ELMJJOOD TERRACE (5512-5516 FRANCE) <br />DENIED . <br />€or permit to construct a four-plex at 5512-5516 France was reviewed. lslrs. <br />Virginia Beard was present to support the request, as owner of the property. She <br />stated that this solution had been recommended to her some time ago by the. <br />Planning Commission for these two lots. <br />led by Mr. Harris Lindquist, 5517 Halifax Lane, protested the proposed multiple <br />dwelling, but did state they are not averse to having a double bungalow at this <br />location. Kohler's motion that request for four-plex be denied was seconded by <br />Dickson and carried. <br />Planning Commission's May 7th for denial of a request by Thomas & Heller <br />A delegation of ten or twelve neighbors, <br />PLW@JIHG CO?.JIPIIJSSION' S RECORliAENDATIONS AS TO PRELIMINARY PLAT APPROVAL ACCEPTED. <br />THE following Preliminary Plats were presented, carrying Planning Commission's I May 7th recommendations for approval, as follows: <br />Commission recommended approval of entire plat as a Preliminary with understanding <br />that Lots 1,2,5 and 6 be platted, but that balance remain unplatted at this time <br />because of highway plans. <br />2. SUBDIVISION OF LOTS 1 AND 2, SKYLINE. (Doh? LEARY),. Commission's recommend- <br />ation was for approval subject to Outlot's being deeded to Village. <br />3. LYLE ADDITION (Lot 46, \Yarden Acres). Commission's recommendation was <br />€or approval subject to deed restrictions requiring dwellings on Lots 1,2,6 and <br />7 to face east and west and have setbacks of 25 feet from East-'Jest streets and <br />30 foot setbacks from North-South streets; that residences on Lots 3,4 and 5 <br />face either North or South, with 30-foot setback from both East-West streets. <br />SOUTH GARDEE €STATES FOURTH ADDITION - Commission recommended approval, <br />1- SUBDIVISION OF LOTS 12 AND 13, BLOCK 2, PEACEDALE ACRES .(C.C, YOLEZ. <br />3, <br />Bank's motion that: Commission recommendations be accepted and Preliminary Plats <br />approved accordingly was seconded by Tupa and carried.