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5/12/58 1x3 PARKWOOD KNOLLS SEVENTH ADDITION--FINAL PLAT APPROVED. <br />May 7th recommendation for approval was reviewed, and Dickson moved for <br />approval of Final Plat. <br />WALNUT RIDGE SECOND ADDITION--FINAL PLAT APPROVED. <br />in accordance with Planning Commission's May 7th recommendation. <br />seconded by Bank and carried. <br />Planning Commission's <br />Motion seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />Tupa moved for approval <br />Motion <br />GARY ADDITION (South 1/2 of Lot 1, Block 1, Peacedale Acres)--FINAL PLAT <br />APPROVED. Bank's motion, approving Final Plat in accordance with Planning <br />Commission's recommendation of May 7th, was seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />SOUTHDALE (LAKE CORNELIA COMPANY) APARTMENTS DISCUSSED. <br />was called to the May 7th statement by the Planning Commission, reminding <br />Council that the proposed Southdale apartment development does not meet all <br />the requirements of the proposed Multiple Dwelling Ordinance. Trustee <br />Kohler, stating he feels that Southdale apartments should meet the new <br />ordinance requirements if others are to be expected to do so, asked that <br />the Council reconsider this matter and let the Planning Commission make its recommendations. Trustee Tupa asked for clarification of a statement <br />that Parks Director French had agreed that there would be no need for park <br />land in this area. Upon inquiry, Mr. French reviewed for the council the <br />matter of the dedication of part of Cornelia Park, which dedication was <br />'sufficient to meet the requirements for park dedication for all holdings <br />by the Southdale interests. Mr. French stated that in view of the fact <br />that the required area dedication had been met, the only thing that the <br />Park Board can do is to "strongly urge" that private play areas be <br />provided for the apartment development. Mr. Robert crabb, representing <br />Lake Cornelia Company, stated that the Company will do whatever is necessary-- <br />that if the Council requests.a bond guaranteeing adult and tot play areas the <br />Company will be glad to provide it. He stated he feels that play areas are <br />a requisite in this type of development. There was some discussion on the <br />matter of platting, and of provisions for sewer and water; and Kohler moved <br />that in view of the fact thatothe land has not been platted and the matter <br />was not cleared with the Planning Commission, that it be referred to the <br />Planning Commission and then brought back to the Council for its consider- <br />ation. Motion seconded by Tupa and lost, with Kohler and Tupa voting aye; <br />Bank, Dickson and Bredesen voting nay. <br />building permit be issued, subject to the Company's supplying a bond for <br />completion of plat within 45 days; and Dickson so moved. <br />by Bank. Discussion, with Kohler suggesting a joint Council-Planning <br />Commission meeting on this matter within the week, if possible, before . <br />affirmative action. Motion withdrawn with consent of second; and Meeting <br />with Planning Commission for discussion of Southdale Apartments matter <br />arranged for Friday, May 16, at 4:30 P.M., at the Village Hall. <br />Council's attention <br />\ <br />Manager Hyde suggested that a <br />Motion seconded <br />AUTOMOBILE PARKIEG ZONING DENIED. <br />Posting and Mailing of Notice of Hearing on proposed Rezoning from Open <br />Development to Automobile Parking District, Lot 10, Block 22, Fairfax <br />Addition (6136 Oaklawn Avenue), which were approved and ordered placed on <br />file. Pursuant to said notice Council conducted a public hearing on this <br />matter. Planning Commission's recommendation for this type of zoning in <br />preference to possible future rezoning to CommunTty Store District were <br />reviewed. <br />owner, does not want Automobile Parking Zoning; and a petition of protest <br />was presented by owners of neighboring properties. Tupa's motion that <br />proposed rezoning to Automobile Parking District'be denied was seconded by <br />Bank and carried. <br />Clerk presented. Affidavits of Publication, <br />It was brought to council's attention that Miss Sophia stenson, <br />DOUBLE BUNGALOWS APPROVED FOR LOTS 1 THROUGH 8, BLOCK 1, PEACEDALE ACRES <br />AND LOTS 11 THROUGH 15, BLOCK 21, FAIRFAX ADDITION--6200 thru 6332 France, <br />and 6105-6125 Wooddale, respectively. Affidavits of Publication, Posting and <br />Mailing of Notice of Hearing on proposed Double Bungalows as hereinbefore set <br />forth were presented, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />to said notice Council conducted public hearings as follows: <br />Commission's recommendation for approval was reviewed. Mr. Tom Wheaton, owner <br />of property North of 60th Street inquired as to the type of dwelling to be <br />constructed, and was informed that definite plans have not been presented but <br />that the price of the land will preclude economy buildings. There were no <br />objections registered at the Hearing, and none had been received prior thereto. <br />Bank's motion that Council approve issuance of permits for double bungalows for <br />Lots 1 through 8, Block 1, Peacedale Acres, conditioned upon approval by Planning <br />Commission of actcal house plans and conditioned upon said dwellings facing <br />France Avenue. <br />Pursuant <br />1. DOUBLE BUNGALOWS ON LOTS 1 THROUGH 8, BLOCK 1, PEACEDALE ACRES. Planning <br />Motion seconded by Dickson and carried.