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5/26/58 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA <br />HELD MONDAY, MAY 26, 1958, AT 7:30 P,hL , AT <br />HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Bank, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL., <br />THE EDINA VILLAGE <br />and Bredesen. <br />Minutes of the Regular Meeting of May 12, 1958, and Planning Commission-Council Fleeting <br />of May 16, were approved as submitted, by motion Dickson, seconded by Tupa and carried, <br />POOL CONCESSION OPERATION DISCUSSED. <br />of four bids for the operation of the Pool Concession Stand; Stewart Infra Red; <br />Canteen Company, Hot Dog Service, and DeLaria; the best being Hot Dog Service's <br />proposal to run concession with return to Village of 12% of Gross, with $50 per <br />week guaranteed minimum. <br />restricted because of the one-year term of operation. <br />stated the Board feels that bids are far too low; that it is the recommendation of <br />the Board that the concelssion be operated with Village labor; that the matter of <br />supervisory help is the Village's problem even if the concession is leased out. <br />Some discussion had, Council still being of the mind that operation of the pool, <br />itself, will present sufficient first-year problems for the Board and park <br />personnel. It was suggested that the Village purchase the necessary equipment <br />and then get bids on operation of concession; and Kohler moved that Park Board <br />present bids on basis of Village's purchasing equipment. <br />and carried. <br />Manager Hyde reported receipt by the Park Board <br />I He reported that the Board feels that bids have been <br />Mr. Stevens of the Park Board <br />h'lotion seconded by Bank <br />ASSISTANT POOL MANAGER'S SALARY ESTABLISHED. <br />be necessary to have an Assistant Pool Manager, inasmuch as the Pool will be open <br />some 84 hours a week. He recommended that the Council establish a salary of <br />$375.00 per month for the Assistant Pool Manager and Head Swimming Instructer. <br />Bank's motion that position of Assistant Pool Manager be established, with salary <br />of $375.00 per month, was seconded by Dickson and unanimously carried. <br />Manager Hyde reported that it will <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS. <br />in Edina-Morningside courier May 15 and 22, 1958, of "Notice of Public Hearing on <br />Proposed Sanitary Sewer and gatermain Improvements"; and, pursuant to said Notice <br />the following public hearings were conducted and action taken: <br />VANDERVORK AVE. TO OXFORD AVE.: OXFORD AVE. FROM DIVISION ST. TO 290' S. OF W.51ST <br />ST.: INTERLACHEN BLVD. FROM BEDFORD AVE. TO 125' VI. OF UXIEORD AVE. Vu-Graph Slide <br />was shown, and Estimate of Cost was given as $62,295.60, for $15.32 per Assessable <br />Front Foot (or, under new method of assessment, $1,117.40 per lot), <br />4528 Oxford Avenue, objected on grounds of "no need" and "excessive expense". <br />Engineer Zikan reported that petitions have been received from Oxford Avenue, <br />South of Interlachen Blvd. and that this area can be served only by,running the <br />line to the North, to Division Street; that, at the time the Hollywood Road Sewer <br />was planned, in 1956, it was purposely kept high as an economic measure for the <br />people then requesting sewer; and kthat the only alternative for serving Oxford <br />Avenue South of Interlachen is now to run to Division Street. Question was raised <br />as to whether South Oxford could be served by a line in Interlachen to the west of <br />Oxford, to connect with the "Skyline" portion of the main, but I&. Zikan explained <br />that the intersection of Oxford and Interlachen is the low point and that this <br />cannot be done by gravity. <br />construction of a lift station at Oxford and Interlachen. <br />such a study had not been made but that it is known that costs would be very high. <br />Mr. Score, owner of 145 feet on Division Street, protested that he neither wants <br />nor needs the utility. It was pointed out that Oxford Avenue North of Interlachen <br />has just been resurfaced; that owners do not want it dug up again. Di6UUSSiOn was <br />had by Council on matter of continuing hearing for further study as to a lift <br />station, after presentation of petition by owners of a majority of the properties <br />on Oxford Avenue between Interlachen Blvd, and Division Street, objecting to the <br />project; then, Aka Cooney, 4805 Oxford, asked that if possible Lots 5, 6 and 7, <br />Block 4, Beverley Hills, be included in kthe study for sewer, <br />bring in a petition if this property is to be included in the study. <br />motion that Public Hearing be continued to June 23, for further study by Engineers, <br />was seconded by Bank and carried. <br />SKYLINE DRIVE TO 400 FT. EAST. Vu-Graph Slide was shown, and Estimate of Cost <br />was read at $1,171.84 per lot. Mr. Hansen, owner of 206 feet at the corner of <br />Skyline Drive and Interlachen Blvd,, objected to the sewer's being routed East of <br />Skyline. <br />Mr. Zikan explained that, because this is "hill" property, the sewer can go either <br />East or Vlestd <br />Hansen's, &&&$that unless there is a great difference in cost he doesn't care <br />which way the Sewer is run. Bank's motion, that Hearing be continued to June 23, <br />€or further study by Engineers, was seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />Clerk presented "Affidavit of Publication" <br />1. PUBLIC HEARIXG ON PROPOSED SANITARY LATERAL SEWER IN DIVISION ST. FROM <br />Plr, Ray Schmitt, <br />Another question as to whether study had been made on <br />hk. Zikan replied 'that <br />He was asked to <br />I Tupa's <br />20 PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED SANITARY SBVER IN INTERLACHEN BLVD. FROG <br />He asked that it come West of Oxford Avenue to serve the petitioners. <br />EIr. Posthumus, owner of property immediately to the East of 1dr.