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611 615 8 <br />Mr. Glen A. Croucb, 6912 Southdale Road, stated he believes this project <br />will be a great thing for everyone in the Lake Cornelia Drainage area. <br />Council that Southdale Road residents have been forced into installing a temporary <br />storm sewer to keep their street from flooding; that, because additional homes have <br />been constructed since installation of this first temporary sewer, it is now urgent <br />that the size of this sewer be increased. <br />must live as a group; and this is a problem for all of us", Mr. Crouch said he feels <br />that construction will cost no more now than it would five years from now--and will <br />probably cost a good deal less at this time and shoul,d, therefore, be installed now. <br />€or the area West of Highway No. 100 than the plan considered last summer; that in <br />the original plan this area would have been assessed some $.01 per square foot for <br />the trunk main but would have no immediate service, whereas, now, laterals will be <br />constructed in the area, and the entire project will cost only $.025. He asked to <br />be considered as being much in favor of this project, <br />17 7 He reminded:!, <br />Stating that "We all live in Edina; we <br />Mr. Jerry Kimm, 63rd and Rolf, reported he feels that this is a better plan <br />OPPONENTS : <br />Mr. D. D. Bezoier, Brookview Avenue, stated his concern for the level of <br />the pond Northeast of Lake Cornelia. <br />divert Southdale Center's water from the pond into Lake Cornelia. <br />that the present project shows only the structure which would make it possible to <br />divert water from the pond into Lake Cornelia; that it will not go directly into <br />Lake Cornelia. <br />"maintained level" or will be used only to feed the lake. Mr. Meyer replied that <br />both the pond and the lake level will be controlled, <br />now, without an easement, the village has backed water onto his property to the <br />extent of some 86 x 170 feet. <br />assessed for that portion of their properties which is to be used as a ponding <br />area. Mr. Bredesen answered in the negative. Mr, Bohannon then asked, "Is it <br />your plan to maintain the level of the pond? Your plan is not to take water from <br />the pond for Lake Cornelia?" <br />maintain a level for the pond; that the pond will not be drained to maintain the <br />level of Lake Cornelia; but that it is impossible to maintain an "absolute level" <br />for either the Pond of the Lake. <br />group which at the last Hearing had rather violently objected to paying for any <br />part of the improvement, told the Council that the creston Hills area is now <br />willing to assume its share of the responsibility for the one main which will <br />control the level of Lake Cornelia, at a cost of some $130,000, (which they had <br />learned from Consulting Engineer Barr would "take care of about 95% of the problem). <br />He asked that the Creston Hills group be put on record as favoring, at the most, the <br />main to control level of Lake Cornelia, and as feeling that the southdale area and <br />any other area which needs laterals, should assume the cost of lateral construction. <br />Mr. Joe Francis,6805 Creston Road, stating that the main referred to by <br />Mr. Neiberger is actually estimated at $239,000 in the report, said that the cost <br />of a main necessary only for the Lake Cornelia control would be some $130,000 <br />according to information given by Engineer Barr; that this main as now proposed is <br />sufficiently large to provide service for several laterals; that it would be short- . <br />sighted to construct'.the small main; but that he feels the extra cost for the larger <br />main should be borne by those who need the laterals. <br />the problem, Mr. Barr replied that to construct this main only, now, would mean that <br />the entire project will eventually cost $130,000 more than originally planned, <br />although such construction would "temporarily" help to a great extent. <br />contains its own water; that the project is of no advantage to her, and that she <br />"doesn't want to buy the village" for the purpose of helping to drain the low, <br />cheap lands. <br />that the Company be given additional time to study the plan; that Southdale Center <br />has engineered its own storm sewer to drain its water to the Morth. <br />that it might be wiser to wait until grades are estableshed for the crosstown <br />Highway, in order to see'what effect they will have in relation to drainage problems. <br />He also asked about the area South of W.7Oth Street, and whether another assessment <br />will be made for this particular area at a later time. <br />At this time Mr. Bredesen announced that, because of certain obligations <br />to the state and County, the Council will not be able to arrive at a firm decision <br />on the project for at least 60 days. <br />Mr. Warner, 6636 Brittany Road, stated that at a meeting of the Woodhill <br />Association it was unanimous that the Association go on record as being opposed to <br />the entire project. <br />a large portion, be taken care of by'curb and gutter and blacktopping; that people <br />living a mile and a half away from the lake should not have to pay an amount equal to <br />those on the lake shore. <br />He asked whether the proposed project will <br />k. JAeyer stated <br />Mr. Bezoier then inquired as to whether the pond will have a <br />Mr. Bert Bohannon, 6244 Brookview Avenue, told the Council that, right <br />He asked whether he and his neighbors would be <br />Mr. Meyer replied that there are control works to <br />Mr. R,W. Neiberger, 6837 Wooddale Avenue, speaking for the Creston Hills <br />Asked by Mayor Bredesen as to whether Main #l will actually handle 95% of <br />Mrs. Kathleen Gannon, 6300 xerxes Avenue, protested that her property <br />Ab. IrJilliam.Crear, representative for Southdale Center interests, asked <br />He suggested <br />Mr. Dan Lucas, 5833 St.Johns Ave., protested that street drainage can, in