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179 6/23/58 <br />MIhKJTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, JUNE 23, 1958, AT ROO P.M., <br />AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Bank, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS : <br />VIEW TERRACE AREA, and the HEARING, CALLED ON COUNCIL'S OWN MOTION, ON PROPOSED <br />CURB AND GUTTER AND BLACKTOPPING 114 WEST 60TH STREET; the proposed Curb and Gutter to be constructed from Kellogg Avenue to Oaklawn Avenue, and the proposed Blacktop <br />being constructed from Wooddale Avenue to Oaklawn Avenue. <br />of "Notice of Hearing", published in Edina-Morningside Courier June 12 and 19, <br />1958, was presented, approved as to form, and ordered placed on file--this being <br />for the Curb and Gutter-Blacktopping Hearing. <br />Manager Hyde, in explaining relative costs, stated that the Hearing on <br />Curb and Gutter-Blacktopping has been called pursuant to a suggestion made from <br />the audience at the Storm sewer Hearing on May 26, that W.6Oth Street from <br />Wooddale to Kellogg Avenue, could handle drainage run-Off as well without a <br />storm sewer as with a storm sewer, providing this street could be curb-and- <br />guttered and blacktopped, and that the cost of this construction would be <br />less expensive. <br />Construction Cost of Underground Storm Sewer from Wooddale to Oaklawn Avenue <br />is estimated to be $5,260.00. <br />between Wooddale and Oaklawn Avenues is $2,783.00; Additional and oversize <br />catch basins necessary to take the water from the blacktopped streets, $l,OOO.OO; <br />Curb and Gutter from Kellogg Avenue to Oaklawn Avenue, $1,419.00; Totalling <br />$5,202.00. He also informed the council that Curb and Gutter has already been <br />installed between Wooddale and Kellogg on Vi.6Oth Street, at the expense of the <br />abutting properties, on an assessment of $1,632.00, or $3.08 per Assessable <br />Foot. Manager Hyde, explaining that substitttion of Curb and Gutter-Blacktop <br />on W.6Oth Street from VJooddale to Oaklawn, for a proposed underground storm <br />sewer, benefits properties abutting W.60th Street a great deal more than it <br />benefits non-abutting properties, recommended that the full cost of the proposed <br />curb and gutter be assessed against abutting properties, and that 1/2 the cost of <br />the Blacktopping be so assessed; that the balance of the Blacktopping be considered <br />a part of the storm sewer roject and assessed against the entire drainage area, <br />with the Village paying 13 P of the assessable storm sewer project. Costs on this <br />basis would be $39,250 Total Assessable, less 1/3 Village-Share, $13,345; or a <br />Net Assessment to the drainage district outside Pamela Park, $25,905.00, as <br />against 1,185,951 square feet, for $.0218 per square foot for the Storm Sewer. <br />For Curb and Gutter and Blacktopping on W.6Oth Street, abutting properties would <br />be assessed $3.08 per assessable foot for the Curb and Gutter; $1.50 per assessable <br />foot for the Blacktopping, <br />1. <br />Answer was that, although abutting properties benefit to a greater extent than <br />the drainage district by construction of blacktopping along \V*60th Street, the <br />Blacktopping is also being used to conduct the water to the catch basins. <br />2. Mr. Erick Bjorkman,5825 Brookview, who maintained that Brookview's troubles <br />stemmed from the street grade, asked why builders are allowed to build so high <br />from the street. <br />so long as the dwelling is above street grade. <br />3. <br />W.58th and W.59th Street could not solve their own problem by constructing their <br />own, one-block storm sewer. He was informed that such a plan would be as expensive, <br />if not more so9 to the limited drainage area served, than the plan proposed tonight, <br />4. Question raised as to why sewer cannot go directly into park from IM.6Oth Street. <br />Mr. Brauer explained that this method would be more expensive than present plan, <br />and that it would not solve the Brookview problem; that the cost of supporting a <br />paved ditch, and of paving ditch for 1100 feet would be practically prohibitive. <br />5. Another qubstion was asked concerning feasibility of running water to the <br />South from !'/.60th Street, and Mr. Brauer answered that because of the hill and the <br />length of the run he believes this would be equally expensive, and that, once again, <br />it would not solve the problem on Brookview between 58th and 59th Streets. <br />At this time, being 7:30 PeM., the Storm Sewer Hearing and the Qurb and <br />Gutter-Blacktopping Hearings were recessed for ten minutes for action on bids on <br />$970,000 Improvement Bonds, as hereinafter recorded in these Minutes. <br />6. Upon resumption of Public Hearings, the question was asked as to whether the <br />swamp is sufficiently low to take the water; and Mr. Brauer explained that water <br />will stand in the drainage pipe, probably back as far as Brookview Avenue; that <br />the line has been designed for a "10-year storm", which is not the ultimate design <br />but which has proved sufficiently large to provide for run-off in all but the most <br />severe rains. <br />including the Blacktopping of W.6Oth Street between Wooddale and Oaklavrn Avenues, <br />with 1/2 Cost of said Blacktopping to be assessed against the Drainage District <br />Mayor Bredesen announced the <br />CONTINUATION OF THE AMY 26TH HEARING ON PROPOSED STORNI SEWER FOR FAIRFAX-VALLEY <br />Affidavit of Publication <br />Estimate made, pursuant to this suggestion is as follows: <br />Construction Cost of Blacktopping W.60th Street <br />I <br />Many questions were asked about the storm sewer project: <br />Why should drainage area pay any portion of ~.60th Street Blacktopping? <br />Answer was that the Village has no control over the grade <br />Another Brookview Avenue resident asked why the people on Brookview between <br />At this time Trustee Bank offered a Resolution Ordering Storm Sewer Improvemenk