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6/23/53 <br />as the Drainage District's benefited portion of said Blacktopping Improvement; the <br />?rillage to bear 1/3 of the cost of said proposed Storm Sewer Improvement, with the <br />balance to be assessed against privately owed properties; and Ordering Curb and <br />Gutter and Blacktopping Improvement in 1~~60th Street--Curb and Gutter between 1:ellogg <br />and Oaklawn Avenues, and Blacktopping between 1:'ooddale and Kellogg Avenues j the Total <br />Cost of the Curb and Gutter, and 1/2 the cost of the Blacktopping to be assessed <br />against properties abutting yi.60th Street. <br />the owners of properties abutting V1.60th Street. <br />to the Drainage District's paying for any share of the Blacktopping improvement. <br />However, it via; deteimined that he owned no property abutting VI.6Oth Street. <br />portion of either Curb and Gutter of Blacktopping costs. He maintained that <br />installation of both improvements is merely to correct a "run-off" problem. He <br />stated that he does not consider curb and gutter on ~~~60th Street necessary; that <br />he doesn't want it; that his property is now worth all he could ever possibly get <br />for it in a sale. The obvious improvement to Mr* Uil1iams1 property resulting <br />from curb and gutter and blacktopping of ~h60th Street was pointed out to him, <br />but he disagreed that he, and the owners of the property abutting 1'].60th Street, <br />would benefit any more than any others in the drainage district from these <br />improvements. Council construct underground storm <br />sewer fromYlooddale Avenue to Oaklavrn Avenue and assess over entire drainage area, <br />as originally planned; or, 2. That construction of curb and gutter and blacktopping <br />be assessed over entire drainage area. <br />Drainage District Payment for the curb and Gutter and Blacktopping on'J.60th <br />Street; and the vote was overwhelmingly against this method. <br />blacktopping to be assessed against abutting properties; and on first vote, <br />two for this method and six against; then, on second request for vote, there <br />were six for this method and six against it. <br />and Kohler offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />Mayor Bredesen asked for expression of opinion on !:E. Bank's Resolutions, from <br />Llr. Hurley, 5832 Oaklam, objected <br />Mr. Jack Uilliams, 6001 Kellogg Avenue, objected heatedly against paying any <br />I' <br />He suggested that either - 1. <br />Trustee Eohler asked for an expression of opinion from the audience as to <br />He then asked for audience expression on paying for curb and gutter, with <br />Ellost people did not vote. <br />Trustee Bank then withdrew his motion for Resolution Ordering improvements, <br />RESOLUTION ORDERIKG I!.?PROVJ3.4EtST <br />ST0FG.I SEVJER ILIPROVEI.~ENT KO. 42 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Village of Edina, Minnesota, that this Council <br />heretofore caused notices of hearing to be duly published on the following proposed <br />improvements : <br />1. CONSTRUCTIOIJ OF VILLAGE STOW.1 SENER AND APPURTEbLWCES <br />Commencing at a point 33 feet, more or less, Nest and 10 feet more <br />or less, South of the intersection of the.centerline of West 60th Street and <br />'Jooddale Avenue; thence Easterly along a line parallel to and 10 feet south <br />of the centerline of1'1.60th Street, to a point 35 feet, more or less, East of <br />the centerline of Oaklawn Avenue; thence Northeasterly to a point 160 feet, <br />more or lessS East of the centerline of ~~~59th St.; thence IIortheasterly to a <br />point 10 feet South and 10 feet East, more or less, of the intersection of the <br />centerline of :;'est 59th Street and Brookview Avenue; thence tIortherly on a <br />line parallel to and 13 feet, more or less, lrlest of the centerline of Brookview <br />Avenue, to a point 128 feet, more or less, South of the centerline of 1;'.58th <br />Street; thence Easterly, parallel to the centerline of Nest 58th street, 150 <br />feet, more or less, to the Outlet. <br />and Oaklawn Avenues <br />and at the hearings held at the time and place specified in said notice the <br />Council has duly considered the views of all persons interested, and being <br />fully advised of the pertinent facts does hereby determine to proceed with the <br />construction of said proposed STORki SE!EX IKPLOVEMEPT as folloas: <br />By elimination of proposed underground construction in N.GOth Street between <br />flooddale .and Oaklawn Avenues, and substitution for said underground construction * <br />the present Concrete Curb and Gutter in Yi.6Oth Street between I'looddale and <br />Kellogg Avenues and construction of Concrete curb and Gutter in VJ.60th Street <br />between Kellogg and Oaklawn Avenues and constkuction of additional 'and oversize <br />catch basins in the intersection of Oaklawn Avenue and Hest 60th Street; and <br />construction of underground storm sewer and apphrtenances beginning at Oaklaan <br />Avenue and Y1.60th Street; thence East to a point 35 feet, more or less, East of <br />the centerline of Oaklawn Avenue; thence'I4ortheasterly to a point 160 feet, <br />more or less, East of the centerline of E.59th Street; thence Northeasterly to <br />a point 10 feet South and 10 feet East, more-or less, of the intersection of <br />li!.59th Street and Brookview Avenue; thence Northerly on a line parallel to and <br />13 feet more or less, I'Jest of the centerline of Brookview Avenue, to a point <br />128 feet, more or less, south of the centerline of VJ.58th Street; thence Easterly, <br />parallel to the centerline of U.58th Street, 150 feet, more or less, to the <br />Outlet; that said improvement is hereby designated and shall be referred to in <br />all subsequent proceedings as STORM SEUER IMPROVEhIEI4T KO. 42; and the area to <br />be specially assessed for 2/3 of the cost of said proposed improvement includes <br />the following Lots and Tracts of Land: <br />2. CO;!STRUCTIO:! OF VILLAGE CURB kI!D GUTTER in 1;'.60th Street between Kellogg <br />. <br />* I