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8/18/58 , <br />MIMUTES OF THE ADJOURI\JED PORTION OF THE JULY 15,1958 <br />BOARD OF REVIEY PiIEETING, HELD UiiMDAY, AUGUST 18, 1958, <br />AT 5 :oo P.M. AT EDNA VILLAGE HALL <br />Council members acting as Board of Review were Bank, Dickson, Kohler and mpa, <br />Bank presided, <br />Manager Hyde, and Mrs, Jean Spencer representing kssessor Alex Creighton who is <br />ill, presented the Books of Valuation, stating to the Board that because of <br />I&. Creighton's illness it has been impossible to have the books completely <br />totalled, although Valuations for all real properties have been entered., <br />gave as a preliminary and estimated Total Valuation, $24,000,000 <br />They <br />hlr, Lawrence S. Clark, 6720 Southcrest Drive, appeared before the Board to <br />protest that his property has been valued too high. A review was made of this <br />valuation and it was found that Mr. Clark's dwelling had been erroneously valued <br />on the basis of its having air conditioning, Manager Hyde suggested that this <br />valuation be reduced from $5,900 to $5,540; and that, when b. Clark brings in <br />evidence that his dwelling has a lower market value than that used as a base, <br />the Village ask for abatement of taxes for this year. <br />thought this was fair, and Tupa moved ratifying correction of Books of <br />Valuation in accordance with Manager's recommendation. <br />Dickson and carried. <br />XIr. Clark stated he <br />Motion seconded by <br />Jvimes. John Woodhead, 4521 Wooddale Avenue, and 'Jilliam T. Sinnott , 4506 l'dooddale <br />Avenue, appeared, to protest that Country Club,District properties are valued k <br />high in relation to new homes in other sections of the Village, I&s. IVoodhead <br />told Board that the taxes on her 20-year old, 4-bedroom home, s5tuated on a 70- <br />foot lot, are $851.00; that the tases on a home selling for $62,500, at another <br />location in Edina, are $1,150. <br />home is $37,857. <br />for $26,000. Assessor's market valuation on Aks. Sinnott's hone was $37,€57. <br />She stated this home had been purchased in 1953 for $36,000. These ladies <br />maintained that values in the Country Club District are decreasing, and asked <br />that assessor's valuations be adjusted accordingly, <br />Assessor's market valuation on hIrs. Woodhead's <br />f.%.s. Woodhead stated that the house had been purchased in 1945 <br />Manager Myde explained >that because of Assessor Creightori' s illness the Books of <br />Valuation ars already long overdue at the County Auditor's office; that there is <br />no time this year for any re-valuation on a large scale. He stated that, after <br />e:;aminatior! of the records, he would recommend a review of the valuations of <br />older homes throughout the Village, looking toward adjustment down~,varcl, because <br />he feels. the older homes may be bearing rnore than their fair share of the tax <br />load. <br />I <br />Dickson's motion, that Board of Review recommend to assessor's office that <br />review be made of valuations of older homes throughout the Village and more <br />specifically in the Country Club District, looking tovmrd re-assessment, was <br />seconded by Kohler and carried, <br />Tupa moved for approval of Books of Valuation as submitted, with correction on <br />Clark property. Iiotion second.ed by Dickson and carried. <br />Tupa moved for adj ournment. <br />v~as adjourned at 5:55 P.M. <br />Motion seconded by Dickson and carried, IJczting <br />I <br />Clerk