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7/14/58 <br />wX3uILDABLE STRIP OF 100 FEET OM EITHER SIDE OF I\!INE-f,IILE CREEK TO BE EIfdiNATED FROM <br />ASSESSI:IEf*X ROLL FOR SAIIITARY SEJER ILiPROVELtENT KO. C-1, <br />Roll for Sanitary Sewer Inprovement No. C-1 is about ready for Council consideration <br />and the scheduling of a Public Hearing, Clerk Alden asked Council's policy on <br />assessing that 100-foot strip bordering either side of that part of Nine-Hile <br />Creek in the sanitary sewer district--which property is proposed to be acquired, <br />upon dedication of plats, by the Village for drainage and park purposes., <br />After some discussion, Kohler moved for elimination of this area from the assessment <br />rolls. <br />Reporting that the Assessment <br />Hotion seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />COUNGIL ASKED TO COPEIDER ACQUISITION OF LOY AND PmT PROPERTIES FOR PC)I\3DIPJG AREA- <br />PARK PURFOSES. <br />consider the use of storm drainage water to beautify the Village, by aqcpisition of <br />unbuildable swaEps and peat bogs €or ponding areas, around which parks and playgrounds <br />could be inaugurated. He cited Minneapolis operations along this line--Lakes <br />Hiawatha and Nokomis, etc. Council discussed this matter, generally, for quite <br />some time, all members present believing the suggestion to be a most valuable <br />one, and some general consideration was given to matter of land acquisition. <br />In line with the above action, Trustee Tupa asked that the Council <br />I <br />There being no further business to come before the Council, Kohler moved for adjourn- <br />. ment. Motion seconded by Tupa and carried. @ting was adjourned at 11:45 P.M. <br />IJIBnTTES OF THE REGULAR lilEETING OF THE EDIMA <br />WARD OF REVIElil, HELD TUESDAY, JULY 15, 1958, <br />AT 5 : 00 PifL , AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Board of Review convened at 5:OO P.M,, with members Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and <br />Bredesen present, <br />Assessor Creighton was present to explain that his Books of Valuation had not yet <br />been completed, and to ask that the meeting be continued to Hfonday, August 18. <br />A delegation consisting o€ Dr. Jose Abullarabe, I&r, F. 0, Hutchinson, and 1.k. <br />George S. Barnes, Jr., asked for relief from excessive taxes which they must pay <br />because they belong to the Hopkins School District. It was explained to them <br />that their valuations cannot be lowered to compensate for this difference; and, <br />that until they come into Edina-h:orningside School District they must pay the <br />Hopkins rate for schools; that, even if they should be accepted into Edina- <br />Llorningside, they will still have to pay their proportionate share of the <br />outstanding bonded debt of the Hopkins'district as set forth at the time of <br />their transfer. Hanager Hyde explained that VJalnut Drive residents had petitioned <br />for transfer to Edina-fforningside School District,'but that this petition had been <br />denied last fall because of Hopkins' desire to keep the property abutfing County <br />Road #18 (which may eventually become commercial), It was noted that the vjalnut <br />Drive area is close to Edina Highlands School, and even closer to the two proposed <br />new Edina schools proposed to be constructed within the next two or three years; <br />whereas it is some miles from the nearest Hopkins school, Delegation was informed <br />that the Edina Village Council has absolutely no control over their problem; that <br />this is the jurisdiction of the respective School Boards; but it was suggested <br />that they re-file €or transfer; and, inasmuch as this Council is indisposed to <br />allow Commercial rezoning along Highway No. 18 , it was thought that this opinion <br />should be transmitted to the Hopkins School Board for its information, <br />There was no one else present to complain or recommend, and Tupa moved that Board <br />of Review Eeeting be continued to Ltonday, August 18, 1958, at 5:Oi) P.f:I. <br />seconded by Kohler and carried. <br />Eotion