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8/11/58 <br />h?INUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDIMA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY , AUGUST 11 1958 <br />AT 7:OO PAi. AT EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Bank, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredeseno <br />Minutes of the Regular Meeting of July 28 were approved as submitted, by PJotion <br />Bank, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED IIvIPROVEMENTS-~~~VRJUNICIPAL STATE AID STREETS" . <br />Affidavit of Publication, in Edina-Morningside Courier July 31 and iiugust 7,1958, <br />of "Notice of Public Hearings" was presented by Clerk, approved as to form and <br />ordered placed on file. <br />were conducted,, and action taken: . <br />1 . PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED CURB, GUTTER AND SIDEWALI: AND BITUMINOUS <br />SURFACE TREATMENT FOR SOUTHVIEW LADJE FROM COD!CORD AVENUE TO TRUNK HIGHWAY NO <br />_I_ 100. Manager Hyde announced that, because of the heavy traffic on <br />this street, the Council has designated it as a "Municipal State Aid Street" <br />and that it is, therefore, eligible for construction cost aid, from gas tax <br />moneys. Plans are for a 38-foot street, with '9Jo Parking either side"; the <br />Bituminous Surface being State specifications (+ton axle load) which is <br />considerably heavier than Village specifications and is suitable for school <br />bus traffic. <br />for blacktopping in an amount equal to the cost of normal Villaqe blacktopping <br />(about $3.00 per assessable foot); to assess abutting properties for 1/2 the <br />cost of curb and gutter (estimated $1.50 per foot); and to assess the property <br />abutting the south side of the street for the I_ full cost of the proposed 2-foot <br />sidewalk. There were no objections to the proposed improvement. <br />Posselt of Edina-hlorningside School Board, stated that the School District <br />is happy about the proposed improvement and willing to pay its share of the <br />assessment. He suggested a four-foot sidewalk, however, in view of ever- <br />increasing pedestrian and bicycle traffic, stating.that the school district <br />will bear this assessment; and.; this latter was agreeable with the Council. <br />(see Resolution of later in mgeting, approving improvement). <br />FOR BENTOH AVEIWE FROId HIGHYJAY NO. 100 TO TIFGDALE AVEIJUE. 3anager Hyde <br />explained that this street, also, is now a "Municipal State Aid Street" and <br />is eligible for construction cost aid from state gas tax moneys. <br />that the plan is'to blacktop a 44-foOt roadway and to construct standard <br />curb and gutter in the street; part of the construction to be paid from gas <br />tax funds and the balance to be assessed against abutting properties at the <br />rate of full cost of normal villaqe blacktopping (about $3.00 per assessable <br />foot) and 1/2 the cost of curb and gutter (estimated $1.50 per assessable <br />foot). <br />inasmuch as the grade is relatively flat beyond East View Drive. <br />a blacktop burn beyond East View Drive, in preference to concrete curb. He <br />was informed that Benton will be improved farther to the west, as gas tax <br />moneys become available; that blacktop burm does not last and that, once it <br />deteriorates, the street also deteriorates. Mr. Tom Hastings, Jr.,5901 <br />Josephine Avenue, protested widening the street to 44 feet, also stating he <br />feels that construction of curb and gutter is a "village responsibilitytr, <br />inasmuch as it is a conductor of surface drainage from other areas. He was <br />told that, unless the street is 44 feet wide there can be no parking on it; <br />that the state might make an exception and allow parking one side on a 40-foot <br />street. Mr. L. D. Jepson, 5024 Benton, agreed with Mr. Hastings that 44 feet <br />is too wide, <br />100, He was informed that the State's plans are not, even now, fully formulated <br />for Highway #loo, but that any grade change at the approach will be the State's <br />responsibility. Ivlr. Tews, 5012 Benton Avenue, spoke €or the improvement, <br />stating he believes curb and gutter are necessary. He stated, though, that he <br />feels a 3E-foot roadway is sufficiently wide. Mr. Me1 Sagar reminded the <br />Council of the steep grade, asking if a change is contemplated. Engineer <br />Zikan said that plans have not been sufficiently studied at this time to fully <br />determine vtnether a change is necessary. A44. Everett Haskin, 5900 Josephine? <br />asked that half the cost of curb and gutter be taken from gas tax moneys, the <br />other half from the Village general fund. <br />final plans are made, the proposed traveled-roadway width be studied; and Jir. <br />Robert Oberrneyer informed the Council that, beyond Code )\venue, the village has <br />only a 40-foot right of way on Benton; that, if the Council wishes to improve <br />this stretch at a later datee, wider than 40 feet, it will necessitate land <br />acquisition at additional cost. Council informed audience that the Village <br />has spent a greaf deal of money in attempting to maintain Benton Avenue for <br />travel; that street should have been improved before this time but that <br />improvements were delayed pending gas tax allocations, to give ovmers of <br />abutting properties Ita break" on costs of improvement; that Council feels that <br />curb and. gutter is Plecessary in order that blacktop can be maintained; that <br />properties on other streets have paid for the entire cost of curb and gutter <br />Pursuant to said Notice, the following Public Hearings <br />hlr. Hyde stated that plans are to assess abutting properties <br />c13 b 4 e trl <br />Mtr. George <br />2. PUBLIC HEARING OM PROPOSED CURB, GUTTER AND BITUMItJOUS SUIIFACE TREATMENT <br />He reported I <br />k. Eoran protested carrying the improvement as far as Tingdale Avenue, <br />He asked for <br />He also asked about the effect of raising the grade on Highway <br />Trustee Ifohler suggested that, before