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8/11/58 <br />2z4bllere the Village Engineers have deemed it a necsssily; that, were the Council to <br />follow the procedure of paying for this type of improvement from the General Fund, <br />real estate taxes :;.auld soon be prohibitive. Further discussion was had as to the <br />width of the street, it being agreeable to those property omers present that there <br />be parking on the South side of the street only. Dickson offered the folloaing <br />Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTIOM ORDERING STREET ILIPROVE3Ei?I'S <br />A-122 AND k-123 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Village of Edina, icinnesota, that this <br />Council heretofore caused notices of hearings to be duly published on the follovr- <br />ing proposed improvements: <br />COiJSTRUCTIOI! OF CURB AND GUTTER IN, dWD BITUfJIROUS TREATXIBIT OF 1. <br />SOUTHVIEIJ LXlE FROII CO2TCORD AVEfiUE TO TRUF!I< HIGEJAY NO. 1(2O; &ID <br />COHSTRUCTIOi: OF COXCRETE SIDElfXG FOUR FEET !VIDE OR THE SOUTH SIDE <br />OF SI ID SOUTHVIE,'! L-*ii'Z FRO3 COIXORD AVENUE TO TRUK HIGXJAY i!O,lOO <br />CCX.ST~IJCiICll! OF CUL3 .*J!D GUTTER IN, AI?'D BITUIXKOUS TREATLiEiT OF , <br />- - <br />2. <br />BEKTOEI AVEIIUE FROI.1 TRUiX HIGWAY GO . 100 TO TIB!GDAL.E i,VBIUE <br />and at the hearings held at the time and place specified in said notice the Council <br />has duly considered the vieus of all persons interested, and being fully advised of <br />the pertinent facts does hereby determine to proceed with the construction-of said <br />improvements: .GAL SUBJECT TO APPROVAL, OF SAID PL.'J~?S BY THE HIt!NESOTk ST'ITE HIGH'JAY I <br />DEPMil.;Ei?I'; that said improvements are hereby designated and shall be referred to <br />in all subsequent proceedings as follows : <br />110. 1 kmVE STREET 1E;"IPF;OVEt;lEPlT 1*!0. A-122 <br />NO. 2 AEOVE STREET II.lPROVEtiI3Y PIO. >.-123 <br />and the areas to be specially assessed therefor shall be as follovrs: <br />STREET LLIPEOVE.;EET IiO. 1-2-122 - For the Curb and Gutter and Bituminous <br />Surface Treatment - All lots and tracts of land abutting the street proposed to <br />be improved; and for the Sidewalk, all lots and tracts of land abutting the South <br />side of the street proposed to be improved. <br />STREET Il.iPROV€l.;EIIT i:O. 11-123 - All lots and tracts of land abutting the <br />street proposed to be improved. <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that assessment €or said improvements shall be on the basis <br />of assessment for full cost of normal village blacktop; 1/2 the cost of average <br />curb and gutter, and full cost of sidewall:, <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that it is the concensus of opinion of this Council that <br />Benton Avenue be treated with Bituminous Surface Treatment to a width of 40 feet <br />and that there be parking on the South side of said street, only. <br />IAotion for adoption of Resolution was seconded call there were <br />five ayes and no nays, as follows: Bank, aye; , aye; Tupa, aye; <br />and Bredesen, aye; and the Resolution na <br />I <br />Village Clerk <br />PUBLIC HE.WiP:G Oi! PETITIOII FOR VACATION OF IJORTH PORTIOi! OF ALLEY BETI'JEE! !1.58TH <br />AKD 1'1.59TH STREETS ."XD BET:IEEIIJ XEPaES AiJD YOFX AVEiIUES. Affidavits of Publication <br />in Edina-Ltorningside Courier and of Posting on bulletin boards of "Motice of Fublic <br />Hearing" were presented, approved as to form and ord'ered placed on file. It was <br />noted that the petition is by owners of lo@$ of: the property abutting the alley <br />between the PSorth lot lines of Lots One and Twenty-four and the South lot lines <br />of Lots Seven and Eighteen, Block 1, Harriet ?:lanor Second Addition. There aere <br />no objections to the proposed Vacation, although 1.b. Peterson, 5824 %erxes, asked <br />that proposed Vacation extend further South , and Hanager Hyde presented letter <br />objecting to proposed improvement of South part of alley. <br />following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />Kohler oEfered the <br />RESOLUTIOiI Vi?CilTIf!G ALLEY <br />THAT RJRTIOI! OF THE 1:ORTH-SOUTH .%LEY II! BLOCK OIfE <br />HXGIET I,tlJ:OR SEGO;!D ADDITIOII LYI1:G BFT:'!EE;: THE I:OZTH <br />LOT LIi!ES OF LOTS OiIE N!D T:!EPTY-FOUR, SAID BLOCK O;:E, <br />&!D THE SOUTH LOT LIi*XS OF LOTS SEVEE: JJlD EIGHTEEI!, D S.IID BLOCK Ob!E <br />!;HEREAS, a majority or' the owners or" the land abutting on that portion of the <br />1:orth-South Alley in Block One, Harriet RIanor Second Addition, lying between the <br />ilorth Lots Lines of Lots One and Tvrenty-four, said Block One, and the South Lot <br />Lines of Lots §wen and Eighteen, said Bloc!; One, have petitioned for the vacation <br />of said alley; and <br />','!HEREAS, one cteek's published notice and posted notice of a hearing to be had <br />on said petition on .ugust 11, 1358, at 7:OO P.G., has been given and made, and a <br />hearing has been hed thereon by the Village Council: