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9%15%58 T Y 5 <br />MINUTES OF THE ADJOURNED PORTION OF THE SEPTEMBER 8TH <br />REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD <br />MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1958, AT 7 :00 P.1,&, AT THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members,answering Rollcall were Bank, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />RECOGNITION? OF RET-IREbIENT OF MR. MATT MERFELD FROP4 VILLAGE E14PLOY. Mayor <br />Bredesen publicly thanked P:Ir. Matt 11erfeld, employee of the Public ?'Iorl:s Department <br />since 1936; Charter Member of Volunteer Fire Department, and Night Dispatcher for <br />the Fire Department for many years, for his loyal service to the community during <br />these many years, wishing him well on the occasion of his retirment from Village <br />service. A <br />PUBLIC HEA�INiGS OI,I PROPOSED ASSESSMENTS. Clerl: presented Affidavits of Publication <br />in Edina- ; :orningside Courier ;',.ugust 28, and September 4, 19518, of "I'Totices of <br />Assessment Hearings ", which affidavits were approved as to form and orderad placed <br />on file. Pursuant to said Notices the following Public Hearings ware conducted, <br />and Council action was taken as hereinafter -recorded. <br />1. Pi1L'LiC IIEIt1 _GOP? PF�OPC}SED ASSESSF:IENIT FOR STREET II:IPROVEialEi,'T 1,!0. E -2 - FF,fA�I'ICE <br />,VEI?U� Fr:0i:'i 1�1e54T',T STREET TO A POIhdT 1/10 MILE SOUTH OF ?7.60 I ?D STREET - .'JIDLP'iP:G <br />SAID ST "LE— 77 TO 1'' TRAVELED 7,OAD''IAY 'NIDTIT OF 44 FEET.- CONTSTRUCTi017 OF COIi'. ETF P.'',,VII'G <br />TIIERiITT: CON ?ST ^LrCTION OF CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER THEREIN: AND COI ?STRUCTIOi' OF <br />,DEL r�.TED D!_'AIT?AGE APPURTEPiA1%TCES IN ANdD ABUTTING SAID PORTION OF Sf'.ID STREET ,'.Ianager <br />Hyde reported the Tabulation of the Costs of the Improvement, as follows <br />t J IJIDEN IEG CUnE I <br />P: VIN?G, ETC. BRIDGE GUTTER TOTAL <br />HE1",I711: C +tUIHY $95,690.46 $18,730.00 ':P114,420.46 <br />WILL r Gi SITf��.r,E (including <br />` Capitelized Interest, <br />Clerical Charges, etc.) 107,124.35 9,365000 124,525.89 141 015.24 <br />TOT,J7 $2029814.61 X28,095.00 $24,525.189 :255,435.70 <br />I-Ie roviewed for the Council the proposal made at the Improvement hearing, with regard <br />to the Village Share of the cost of this improvement, to assess CorTfunity Store <br />Px:ororties the full cost per front foot for both Paving and Curb and. Gutter and to <br />assess Residential properties for 1/3 the cost per front foot for paving (on the <br />pr;smise ';;lair this assessment would be ecp3al to the assessment for a regular <br />b1_tci:topped street) and the full cost per front foot for curb and gutter. Estimated <br />Cosi, as given at Improvement Hearing was $10.50 per front foot for Paving for <br />C.or,r-unity Store properties; $3.50 per front foot for paving for Residential <br />propeerties end $2.10 per front foot for curb and gutter for all properties. <br />I.Sanager Hyde informed the Council that the assessment had been calculated, on <br />this basis, to produce an Assessable Front Foot Cost of ;9.55 per front foot for <br />paving for Community Store; 13.19 per front foot for paving for residential, and <br />_2.22 per -front foot for curb and gutter for all properties malting a total <br />assessment of :;9.55 against Community Store and $5.41 against -Presidential properties- - <br />That, as of only today (after mailed notices had gone out, showing the assessment <br />cost as hereinbefore set forth) it had been discovered that a stretch of France <br />Avenue, involving some 550 lineal feet south of this improvement, had been <br />erroneously included in the assessment roll; and that, therefore, the proposed <br />front footage assessment should be amended, as the Council determines, either to <br />conform i %ritil the originally proposed method of assessment (which would raise the <br />assessable cost to 5`2.47 per front foot for Curb and Gutter; X3.54 for Residential, <br />'11.26 for Community Store, for Paving); or, if the Council so determines, to the <br />Estimated Cost given at the Improvement ;Tearing (which would mean that the General <br />Fund of the Village will assume $4,910 more of the Improvement Cost that originally <br />proposed). On this latter basis, the General_ Fund will bear ;70,967.95 for the <br />-,.- mgr X9,355.00 for the Bridge, as was originally proposed; and $4,163.24 for <br />the Curl? and Gutter, for a Total General Fund cost of $84,496.19, and properties <br />abutting France Avenue will be asses -sed a total of $46,519.05, to male up Edina's <br />1141.,015.24 of the $255,435.70 Improvement. <br />`.ttorney A.E.I :Taag, 1020 Rand. Tower, representing several France Avenue property <br />Qviners, spa ?,e in opposition- to the assessment. He stated that the paving has made <br />France Avenue a literal race track - -a busy speedway and thoroughfare where traffic <br />is e:;treme_ly heavy; and people who live on the street, w1ho try to turn into their <br />garages, are held up for a considerable period of time before they can get into <br />their own garages. He told the Council that cement and sand trucks owned by <br />concerns at the lower and of France Avenue use the strest constantly,- that the <br />1_111c is terrifically noisy; and that now the speed limit ! ni ll be increased to <br />^511.117,'T. 1 :1 . Ilaag stated that this is no longer a residential community; that these <br />people not -r live adjacent to a highs ^gay; that they are now boing asI_ec- to pay for the <br />{evaluation of their property; that property has been devaluated from thirty to <br />thirty -five- percent as a result of this improvement; that the people he is -rep - <br />resenting feel very strongly that they should not be called upon to pay for the <br />depreciation of their own propexty. <br />