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9/8/58 <br />hIIIdUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDIlA <br />. VILLAGE COUNCIL , HELD !JONDAY , SEPTEblBER 8 , +!' <br />1958, AT THE EDINP; VILLAGE HALL <br />members answering Rollcall were Bank, Dickson, Kohler, and Tupa. <br />Bank presided until Hayor Bredesen arrived as hereinafter recorded. <br />Mayor Pro Tem <br />F.IIF!UTES of the Regular Iuleeting of August 25, 1958, were approved as submitted, <br />by motion Dickson, seconded by Kohler and carried. <br />EUEET FOR YEAR 1959 PRESENTED, <br />and in accordance with State Statute, Manager Hyde presented for Council con- <br />sideration and action his Eudget for year 1959. Tupa moved that records show <br />that budget has been received; that action thereon be held in abeyance, <br />seconded by Kohler and carried, <br />As the first order of business for this meeting, <br />' Zotion <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED IXPROVEMENTS. Affidavit of Publication j-n Edina- <br />Xorningside Courier on August 28 and September 4, 1958, of "FJotice of Public <br />Hearing on Proposed Sanitary sewers \?datermains , and Storm Sewers" was presented, <br />approved as to form and ordered placed on €ile. Pursuant to said Notice the <br />following Public Hearings were conducted and action taken: <br />FROM COOP32 AVEfXJE TO BYIJOOD 'JEST, <br />the Hearings en the following two proposed improvements, ha,m been called at the <br />Council's own motion, and without petitions, in an attempt to get Interlachen Blvd. <br />in shape for permanent improvement by Blacktopping; that, because of petitions which <br />have been received. for underground improvements in the area Interlachen ha3 been <br />torn up in one place or another for the past four.or five years. He stated that <br />if these propositions are not accepted, now, future assessments for the work will <br />be larger, to provide for blacktop replacement, <br />proposed !:!atermain Improvement in Interlachen Blvd. from Cooper iivenue to Bywood <br />':;lest, LIr, Hyde gave $170.00 per Lot for the 102 affected lots'in the Trunk, <br />Watermain District, and $741,00 per Lot for the lots abutting-Interlachen Blvd., <br />which nould get Lateral Service from the Trunk Main; making a total of $911.00 <br />per Lot for the properties abutting Interlachen Blvd; that the assessment is <br />proposed to be-made over a 20-year term on the trunk, 10-year term.on the laterals.. <br />No one spa!-:e in favor of the.project. ME. Philip Neville, representing the <br />Rolling Green Association, protested construction on the grounds that - 1, <br />Rolling Green consists of large lots of an acre or more, with homes already <br />supplied with their own wells and septic tanks. - 2. <br />on the North by the North \]illage Limits, and on the West by Interlachen Country- <br />Club, which is provided with its own water system and will not need water in the <br />forseeable future, 3. <br />needs service, but is "at the end of the line"; consequently abandonment of <br />proposed project will damage no one. <br />some 86 property owners, in opposition to the improvement, and requesting <br />Blacktopping of Interlachen Blvd. from Bywood West to Hiqhrvay b!o. 169, Mr. <br />Neville stated that the officers of the Rolling Green Association understand that <br />if the watermain is necessary in five or ten years there will be some additional <br />assessment because of re-blacktopping, <br />in Mr. Meville's statements, also stating that all officers of the Rolling Green <br />Association are present at this ,Hearing. Mr, Gregg Andrew, 8 Llerilane, asked <br />that Interlachen Blvd. be paved just as soon as possible. <br />Manager Hyde that this work cannot be done until after completion of contracts <br />to be awarded this evening. <br />by Kohler and carried. <br />1 e PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED WATEFiMAIN IMPROVEMENT IN I€;STEFiLP,CHEII BLVD. <br />blanager Hyde explained that this Hearing, and <br />As an Estimate or' Cost for the <br />. <br />Rolling Green is bordered <br />This proposed project is not'a link to any area which <br />He then presented. a petition, signed by <br />Jk. Frank Lo Tracy, 20 Merilane, concurred <br />He was informed by <br />Tupa's motion that project be abandoned was seconded <br />2 and 3, PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED WATERIMIN IN IhTERLACHEPI BLVD. FROP.4 <br />VJILLIA~/'I AVENUE TO HIGH'JJAY #lG9 j <br />#1G9 TO SUIffIIT AVENUE, <br />SANITARY SFJIER FROM. IPJTEPLACHEI! BLVD, FROIrl HIGH'jJlrsY <br />AND IIJTERLACHEM BLVD. FROI-I VJILLIALI AVENUE TO 454 FT. EAST. <br />A, ?'3P,TEFJ.LfiLII~J. Llanager Hyde gave as Estimate of Cost, $281,32 per Lot, for <br />each lot in the Trunk Natermain District, plus $787,70 Lateral assessment for <br />the properties abutting Interlachen Blvd., which will receive Lateral service <br />from the Trunk liain; the assessment to be over a 20-year term-for the Trunk; <br />10-year term for the Laterals, Mr. George Carlson, ovmer of 115 feet abutting <br />Interlachen Blvd. on the North, stated he feels the improvement will add to the <br />re-sals value of the property. !!E.* G. Cramer Lyon objected to the improvement, <br />asking that more maintenance be put on Interlachen. Llr, Kobert Soelberg objected <br />' on the grounds that there is no need for service between Highway ,',M9 and Surmnit. <br />He withdrew his objection after being informed by Engineer Zikan that thei-e arc <br />plans to loop the main from 49th and Brookside with construction to be paid by <br />the I'!aterworks Fund. <br />in favor of the improvement, <br />objections had been received prior to the Hearing. <br />!Ieeting , Ordering Improvement). <br />?&So Bingham, 5211 Interlachen Rlvd, , expressed hereslf <br />l!o other objections were registered, and no written <br />(See Resolution of later in