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9/29/58 289 <br />MINUTES OF THE ADJOURNED PORTION OF THE SEPTEMBER 22, 1958 REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, <br />HELD MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1958, AT 7:OO P.M., AT THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE HALL -_ .. <br />Members answering Rollcall were Bank, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />D PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PETITIONS FOR PERMITS TO PLAT, AND TO BUILD, IN NON-CONFORMANCE <br />WITH VILLAGE ZONING ORDINANCE. <br />were presented by Clerk, for "Notice of Public Hearings", reviewed and ordered <br />placed on file. <br />conducted, and action taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />Willard's Subdivision, into four lots; 3 with 75-fOot frontages and 10,500 square <br />feet, and 1 with 65-foot frontage and 10,500 square feet. Planning Director <br />informed the Council that this is a re-plat of 40-fOot lots; that, because of a <br />Sanitary Sewer Easement between Lots 29 and 30, this seems to be the best and <br />most pract&cal way to plat; that the Planning Commission recommends approval <br />as submitted. There were no objections registered from the floor, and none had <br />been received prior to the Hearing. <br />accordance with Commission's recommendations was seconded by Tupa, and on <br />Rollcall there were five ayes and no nays, as follows: Bank, aye; Dickson, aye; <br />Kohler, aye; and Tupa, aye; and Bredesen, aye; and the motion was unanimously <br />carried. <br />Affidavit of Publication and Affidavit of Posting <br />Pursuant to this notice, the following public hearings were <br />1. PETITION OF MR. DALE JOHNSON for permit to plat Lots 24-30, incl., I <br />Dickson's motion that plat be approved in <br />2, PETITION OF MR. KARL KRAHL for permit to plat tract just North of <br />proposed Crosstown Highway, between Xerxes and Zenith Avenues, into two lots of <br />74'x135' and two lots of 76'x135'. <br />Planning Commission has approved this plat; that it will be immediately North of <br />the North Service Road for the proposed Crosstown Highway. Mr. Normand Rafshol, <br />6116 Abbott Avenue, led a delegatiun in opposition to the plat; but, after the <br />discussion recorded immediately hereafter, admitted they had no objection to <br />the plat itsedf. Tupa moved that plat be <br />approved, motion was seconded by Bank; and on Rollcall there were five ayes and <br />no nays, as follows: Bank, aye; Dickson, aye; Kohler, aye; and Tupa, aye; and <br />Bredesen, aye; and the motion was unanimously carried. <br />KARL KRAHL COMMERCIAL OPERATION FROTESTED. Delegation from Abbott and <br />Zenith Avenues, led by Mr. Normand Rafshol, 6116 Abbott, and Mr. L.L. Corlette, <br />6116 Zenith Avenue, objected to Mr. Krahl's operating a commercial enterprise at <br />62nd Street and Xerxes Avenue, in the Open Development District. <br />explained that Mr, Krahl was operating at this location before the Zoning <br />Ordinance was adopted and is, therefore, in non-conforming use of the property. <br />Mr. Rafshol reported that Mr, -ah1 is running tandem trucks, with 42,000# <br />capacity down Bbbott Avenue at considerable speed; that trucks, cats and other <br />heavy road machines are left out in the open and are repaired at Mr. Krahl's <br />premises. He reported that the Abbott Avenue residents are fearful for the ' safety of their children and want the street posted. <br />that commercial operations begin as early as 6:OO A.M., with much noise and <br />confusion, <br />Avenue only twice this summer, and with Village permission, at the times he has <br />been hauling materials for the village under contract. It was also stated that <br />the proposed highway will end Mr. Krahl's operation. Mr, Rafshol insisted that <br />Mr, Krahl be prohibited from routing his trucks down Abbott Avenue; and Attorney <br />Hasselquist was asked as to whether the Council can legally post this non- <br />blacktopped street. He was unable to give an immediate opinion, and stated he <br />would investigate and report back to Manager. <br />check would be made as to need for, and advisability of, posting Abbott Avenue <br />against heavy axle loads. <br />Planning Director Swanson reported that the <br />No written objections were filed. <br />Manager Hyde <br />Mr. Corlette complained <br />Mr. Krahl told the Council that trucks have been routed along Abbott <br />Delegation was informed that <br />- <br />3. PETITION OF MR. L.C, PARNELL, 314 John Street, for permit to construct It was noted, here, <br />Bank moved <br />an unattached garage within two feet of his property line. <br />that Notice of Public Hearing was incorrect; and that, also, Planning Commission <br />had recommended approval of a garage "within 3 feet from lot line". <br />that Hearing be postponed un&il such time as propercpotice can be mailed. Nbtion <br />seconded by Tupa, Further discussion had as to the necessity for location of the <br />garage within two feet from lot line--which is definitely in non-conformance with <br />the Zoning Ordinance. <br />Kohler moved that petition be denied, <br />With the consent of Tupa, Bank withdrew his motion; and <br />Motion seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED ASSESSMENTS FOR IMPROVEMENTS. Clerk presented Affidavits <br />of Publication of "Notices of Assessment Hearings" published in Edina-Morningside <br />Courier September 11 and 18, 1958. Affidavits were reviewed, approved as to form <br />and ordered placed on file. Mayox Bjfedesen announced that, because of contingencies <br />which had arisen since original computation of assessments, Hearings will not be <br />held this evening on proposed assessments for Curb and Gutter Improvement No. B-54, <br />and Blacktopping Improvements Nos. A-115 and A-118. <br />the following Public Hearings were conducted, and action was taken as hereinafter <br />recorded: <br />Then, pursuant to Notices,