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l$/13/58 (f) Driveway. <br />shall have a driveway measuring at least 20 feet from lot line to the front of <br />the garage. <br />(9) Lot Coveraqe. <br />with other buildings on any lot may occupy more than 30 per cent of the area of an <br />interior lot or more than 35 per cent of the area of any corner lot, <br />(h) Variances. The Planning Commission, subject to final determination by <br />the Council as herein provided, may recommend the granting of variances from <br />the requirements of this paragraph where there is a showing of unusual or unnec- <br />essary hardship because of the unusual placement of the older buildings, the <br />curved line of the street, the contour of the land, the irregular shape of the <br />lot, or the unusually small size of the lot. Notice of application for such <br />variance shall be sent to all owners of record of property on the same side of <br />the street between the intersections on each side as the property for which the <br />variance is requested. <br />such application for a variance, and at such hearing the planning commission <br />shall consider the objections, if any, raised by owners of other property located <br />within the Village. The recommendation of the planning commission shall be re- <br />ported to the Council at the next regular meeting thereof to be held not less <br />than five days from the date of hearing before the planning commission, and the <br />planning commission shall file a written report with the Council prior to such <br />meeting. At such meeting of the Council, without further notice, the applica- <br />tion and objections thereto shall be heard or the Council shall publicly fix a <br />date, time and place for hearing. At or following such hearing, the Council <br />shall determine whether the application shall be denied or granted in rhole or <br />in part. <br />Every garage or building used for storage of motor vehicles <br />No ,building hereafter erected by itself or together <br />2 <br />The notice shall specify a time and place for hearing on <br />Section 2. <br />"10. <br />Paragraph 10 of Section 3 of Ordinance No. 261, as heretofore <br />amended, is hereby further amended to read as follows: <br />No lot shall be platted or subdivided <br />hereafter so as to create any corner lots having a width less than five feet in <br />excess of the minimum width of other lots in the same block which are not corner <br />lots . n <br />Platted Width of Corner Lots. <br />Section 3. This ordinance shall be in effect from and after is passage <br />and publication according to law. <br />Rollcall on motion for adoption of Ordinance No. 261-36 was as follows: Dickson, 1 <br />aye; Kohler, aye; and Tupa, aye; and the Ordinance- adopted. <br />A * g Mayor <br />ST : <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED VACATION OF THAT FORTION OF GaoVE STREET LYING BmVEEN <br />LOTS 19 AND 46, WARDEN ACRES. <br />Edina-Morningside Courier on September 18 and 25, 1958; of Posting; and of Mailing; <br />Clerk presented Affidavits of Publication in <br />all of "Notice of Public Hearing". <br />file. <br />of that portion of %rove Street" lying between Lots 19 and 46, Warden Acres <br />(Lyle Addition and proposed Lyle Second Addition). There were no objections <br />to the proposed Vacation from the floor, and no written objections had been <br />received at the Hearing. Engineer Zikan reported that it will be nedessary to <br />reserve a utilities easement in the North part of the street because the trunk <br />sewer goes through it. <br />for deed to him from the Village for 'loutlot 2, Lyle Addition" (which is a five- <br />foot strip immediate1 N Grove Street from Johnson Drive to Tracy Avenue, <br />originally dedicated A @&%o age for street purposes but never used.) He <br />recommended return of Outlot 2 to Ilk. <br />Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />Form of Notice approved and ordered placed on <br />Planning Director Swanson reported Mr, Lyle H, Otto's request for Vacation <br />At this time, Mr, Stvanson also reported Mr.6tGc's request <br />Dickson offered the following <br />RESOLUTION VACATING STREET <br />GROVE STREET. BETWEEN JOHNSON DRIVE <br />AND TRACY AVENUE <br />WHEREAS, a majority of the owners of the land abutting the street hereinafter <br />set forth have petitioned for the Vacation of said street; and <br />WHEREAS, two weeks' published notice and posted notice of a hearing to be had <br />on-said petition on October 13, 1958, at 7:OO porn., has been given and made, and a <br />hearing has been had thereon by the Village Council: <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Village Council of the Village of Edina, <br />Rennepin County, Minnesota, that GROVE STREET, lying between the North Lot Line of <br />Lot 19, rsJarden Acres, and the south Lot Line of Lot 46, Warden Acres (now known <br />as 'Lyle Addition'); said Grove Street lying between Johnson Drive and Tracy <br />Avenue, as platted and of record in the office of the Register of Deeds of <br />Hennepin County, Minnesota, be, and is hereby vacated; provided that said <br />Village excepts from this Vacation proceedings and reserves unto itself and its <br />assigns an easement for all public utility purposes, including, without limiting <br />the general nature of said reservation, an easement for electric, gas, server, <br />vfater, and telephone equipment on, over and under the North fifteen feet in <br />width of the street hereby vacated. <br />.