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11/10/58 22 PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO VILLAGE ZONING ORDINANCE, ESTABLISHING <br />OFFICE BUILDIIG DISTRICT. <br />on November 6, and of Posting on October 28, of "Notice of Public Hearing" was <br />presented, approved as to form and ordered placed on file, )! Notice, the Council conducted public hearing on proposed Ordinance No. 261-37. <br />There were no objections to the proposed amendment from the floor, and no written <br />objections had been received prior thereto. It was reported that the Planning <br />Commission has studied the proposed amendment over a period of three or four <br />months and that, in its present form, meets with Commission approval; and Village <br />Attorney Hasselquist stated he feels that the amendment will be welcomed by the <br />people who are interested in this type of development. <br />Ordinance be accepted for its first reading, and that second reading be scheduled <br />for Monday, November 24. <br />Affidavit of Publication in Edina-Morningside Courier <br />Pursuant to said <br />Dickson moved that the <br />Motion seconded by Tupa and unanimously carried. <br />SANITARY SEVER IMPROVEFrlEEJT NO. 146 - CONTRACT AVJARDED, Tabulation of Bids taken <br />this morning was presented, Manager Hyde reporting receipt of five bids, taken <br />on Alternate Routes, and on completion dates of December 20, 1958 and June 1, <br />1959; that Swanson Excavating Company is low bidder in all cases, bidding <br />$24,951.00 on original route with completion date of December 20; and $23,460.50 <br />for completion date of June 1; $41,684.75 on Alternate with completion date of <br />December 20, and $34,932.75 with completion date of June 1. Original proposal <br />was through property proposed to be condemned (and on which condemnation proceed- <br />ings have already been initiated) and alternate is through dedicated property-- <br />which requires additional depth in cut. <br />to low bidder, on original proposal, with December 20 completion date, inasmuch <br />as several people in the area are in need of service immediately. <br />he had talked with Mr. Larson, chairman of the local improvement association, just <br />this afternoon, and was told that the area is most anxious to have the sewer. <br />Bank's motion, that contract be awarded to low bidder, on December 20th completion <br />date and on origiaal proposal, at $24,951.00, was seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />Mr. Hyde stated that contract will not be issued until appraisers have been <br />appointed and have made their appraisals. <br />Manager Hyde recommended award of bid <br />Mr. Hyde said <br />REPUBLICANS ASK IMPROVED VOTING FACILITIES : <br />BIDS AUTHORIZED FOR ADDITIONAL VOTING MACHINES. <br />Republican Committee, and citing the difficulty experienced in Edina at the <br />November 4th Election, asked for - 1. Moke Voting Machines. He recommended one <br />machine for every 300 voters. 2. Additional Polling Places. He stated that <br />parking facilities were inadequate in some cases. Improved facilities at <br />the polling places. He recommended the use of school gymnasiums rather than the <br />hallways. 4. Additional preparation of the election officials. 5. Additional <br />education of the voter efgre they reach the machines, by use of sample ballots, <br />etc.3 and additionalfixp ?i anations in the line of vote. Mr. J. Po Lace, also <br />speaking for the Republican Committee, suggested that police be deputized to <br />stay at the polls. He added he feels that the election personnel and the Village <br />personnel did a "marvelous job" in the face of a very trying situation, The <br />Council reviewed a post-election report by Administrative Assistant, George Hite, <br />which incorporated some bf the same suggestions as voiced by Mr. Mooty; and <br />Manager Hyde presented an informal proposal from the Automatic Voting Machine <br />Corporation, and recommended that the Council take bids on machine as soon as <br />possible, to save a proposed cost increase. Tupa's motion, that bids be taken <br />November 24, on 20 to 25 voting machines, was seconded by Bank and carried. <br />Alr. John Mooty, speaking for the <br />3. I <br />CEDRIC ADAMS AND DELEGATION PROTEST CONDITION OF ROADS. <br />South Blake Road, Minneapolis star columnist, appeared in rebuttal to the references <br />made in his column about Edina roads, and at the invitation of o reporter from the <br />Edina-Morningside Courier. Mr. Adams contended first, that if a Village-employed <br />contractor does personal property damage and destruction, then the Village owes <br />the property ovrner a certain amount of restitution; second, that if said contractor <br />leaves behind his operation a traffic or safety hazard, then it is up to the Village <br />to see that this is corrected; and, third, that never in the 22 years of his <br />residence in Edina has he seen the roads as "lousyll as they are now. <br />has some three or four hundred letters as the result of his recent column, agreeing <br />with his statements. <br />on the special assessment basis for improvements; that, in Mr. Adams' area Blake <br />Road had to be dug up at least twice because property owners could not make up <br />their minds as to whether or not they wanted laterals sewers; that Interlachen <br />Blvd. has posed exactly the same problem throughout the years, with petition after <br />petition being presented to the Council for improvements in a small stretch of the <br />street. <br />improvements, Mr. Bredesen explained that they are difficult to maintain because of <br />the constant settling; that the Council is trying to hold the line insofar as <br />taxes are concerned. <br />Mr. Cedric Adams, 5700 <br />He said he <br />I Mayor Bredesen explained to Mr. Adams and the delegation that Edina operates <br />As to maintenance of streets which have been recently dug up for underground