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1/12/59 <br />CLAIMS PAfD: Tupa's motion, for payment of the following claims, as per Pre-List <br />dated January 12, 1959, was secdnded by bickson and carried: <br />6 c4 <br />General Fund $7,069.95 <br />Construction Fund 4,792.21 <br />Park and Park' Const. <br />Fund 2,658.73 <br />"la tervrorks Fund 1,132.57 <br />Liquor Fund 23,689.00 <br />Sewer Rental Fund 37.37 " <br />Poor Fund 131 . 13 <br />$395510.96 <br />The evening's agenda's having been covered, Tupa moved for adjournment. Motion <br />seconded by Kohler and carried. <br />LIIIIUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETIb!G OF THE EDIIiA <br />VILLAGE COrJP.!CIL y HELD !:OrJDAY; JAIXJkRY 26 y 1959 <br />AT 7:OO P.M., AT THE EDIF!A VILLAGE HALL <br />Hembers answering Rollcall were Beim, Dickson , Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />WINUTES OF Jlif!UitRY 12TH NEETIKG lik.ZEh!DED. Engineer Zikan asked for an amendment to <br />the idinutes of the iketing of January 12, the paragraph entitled "PRFLII.IINil3Y PLAT <br />OF FRIDLUE:D'S ADDITIOl! APPXOVED kF!D EXCHAP!GE OF PROPERTY :?UTKQRIZED" (See ?age 51 <br />this Xnute Book). <br />property, as reported in these minutes, had been qualified by the phrase "if it is <br />in the public interest"; that, upon a check of the premises he finds that it is not <br />to the public interest to dedicate the entire East 15 feet of the Village Lift <br />Station property to Developer Fridlund because of a cast iron pipe, and easement <br />therefor, running from the Lift Station property through Lot 9, garden Acres, East <br />to Tracy Avenue. h. Zikan told Council that the Village now maintains a road <br />over this sewer easement, which road is in good condition; that if the road is to <br />be abandoned, the Developer should be required to build a road from the Lift Station, <br />north over the property proposed to be dedicated by him to the Village, to the <br />new street, !'larden Avenue; that, providing the Developer will build such a road, <br />and will dedicate the property North of the lift station property to the Village, <br />he, T4r. Zikan, will recommend dedicating to the developer "that portion of the <br />East 15 feet of the Lift Station property located North of the Village force <br />ma in I' . <br />be stricken from the record, and that Council now act to approve the Preliminary <br />Plat of Fridlund's Addition, and exchange of such properties as are recommended <br />by Mr. Zikan to be exchanged, upon written assurance by the Developer that road <br />will be built at his espense from the Lift Station to \Varden Avenue. <br />seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />of the fJlinutes of the Regular Meeting of January 12. <br />and carried. <br />He explained that his approval of the requested exchange of <br />I <br />Tupa then moved that the action taken by the Council on January 12 <br />Motion <br />Tupa then moved for approval of the balance <br />Motion seconded by Dickson <br />GRAVELI?!G OF HA!'KES TERRACE, HAYJKES DRIVE AND YJARDEN AVERUE TO BE 11:CLUDED IF! <br />UTILITY SPECIFICATICXS. Engineer Zikan explained that because of probable Highway <br />#169 construction through the plat, the developer of Hawkes Lake Addition was not <br />required to gravel Hawkes Terrace, Hawkes Drive and Narden Avenue in "Havkes Lake" <br />Addition at the time this plat was approved; that the streets have not been <br />graveled; and that the original developer, Roy Peterson, has now sold the plat to <br />Developer Lyle Otto. <br />included in the specifications for sanitary sewer and/or aatermain in this plat, <br />in order that the Village night be protected against having to gravel. <br />so moved. <br />Ec. Zikan asked that the cost of graveling the streets be <br />Dickson <br />hlotion seconded by Tupa and carried. - <br />PUBLIC HEAR1I:G PETITIOX TO REZORE TO C0XALIt~:ITY STORE DISTRICT FOR EXTEPSIO>! I OF BILTXORE t:flTOX EOTEL. <br />pursaant to "?!otice of Public Hearing on Petition", published in Edina-Morningside <br />Courier January 15 and 22, 1959, posted on official bulletin boards, and mail,ed <br />to property owners. <br />petition for the rezoning of a tract of land abutting Highway No. 169, South and <br />Southwest of the present motel. <br />proponents in their absence. <br />at the original Hearing held October 27, 1958, are not available tonight; and <br />Attorney Desmond Pratt, representing the opponents, asked for continuance of <br />Hearing until the plans can be inspected. <br />of Hearing to February 9, was seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />5209 DlJncraig Road, stated that he has no :objection to the proposed rezoning <br />providing proposed Highway $169 is routed between the property proposed to be <br />rezoned and Edina Highlands. <br />This Public Hearing was called by Kayor medesen <br />It was relative to the Biltmore Llotor Hotel Corporation's <br />Attorney Ualter Gustafson represented the <br />hlr. Gustafson explained that the plans, presented <br />Dickson's motion for continuance <br />tk. H. A. Murphy,.