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Hearing" published -in Edina-Morningside courier January 15 and 22, 1959, posted <br />on official bulletin boards, and mailed to affected property owners. fih. Haney <br />was present to submit his plans; and it was noted that the Planning Commission <br />had recommended favorably upon the proposal. <br />at the Hearing, and none had been received prior thereto. Tupa's motion, that <br />kIr. Haney's petition, for permit to face dwellings the long way of the lot, and for 25-fOOt front-yard setbacks on Lots 7 and 8, Block, 1, Paul Wind-Christopher <br />Addition be granted. Motion seconded by Dickson and carried, unanimously. <br />There were no objections registered <br />PUBLIC HEARIMG ON PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO "MULTIPLE RESIDENCE DISTRICT" SECTIO€lJ OF <br />ZONING ORDINANCE. Mayor Bredesen called Public Hearing, pursuant to "Notice of <br />Public Hearing" published in Edina-Morningside courier January 15 and 22, 1959, <br />and--posted on official bulletin boards on January 13, 1959. <br />cation and Posting wetre submitted, approved as to form and ordered placed on <br />file. <br />amendment to the Lot Area Requirements in the Multiple Residence District. <br />There were noighjections filed at the Hearing, and no written objections had <br />,been filedhfiereto. Dickson offered the following Ordinance for adoption, <br />moving that Council waive second reading and adopt Ordinance as read: <br />Affidavits of Publi- <br />It was noted that the Planning Commission has approved this proposed <br />I <br />ORDINANCE NO. 261-43 <br />AN ORDINANCE AII;IEI\IDING THE ZOMIi\JG ORDI€J44NCE OF <br />THE VILLAGE AS TO LOT AREAS REQUIRED IN THE <br />f4JLTIPLE RESIDENCE DISTRICT <br />THE VILLAGE COUICIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA, MINHESOTA , ORDAINS : <br />Section 1. Sub-paragraph (a) of paragraph 3 of Section 4 (Mi-iltiple <br />Residence District) of Ordinance Mo, 261 '(Zoning Ordinance) of the Village <br />of Edina, is hereby amended to read as follows: <br />Each lot shall contain a minimum number of buildable <br />square feet of land dependent on the number of family dwelling units which <br />ail1 be contained in the residence -to be built thereon, or on the p?-i-centa$e <br />of area of the lot covered by such residence, according to the following <br />schedule: <br />"(a) Lot Area. <br />Two-family unit residence 10,000 sq. ft. <br />Three-family unit residence 12,000 If <br />Four-family unit residence 14,000 I' <br />Five or more-family unit residence <br />covering 297; to 30% of lot area 2,900 sq. ft. per unit <br />I1 <br />II 11 <br />25% to 297: 2,700 I' If <br />20% to 257; 'I 11 2,500 l1 I' It <br />29 400 It It 11 1574 to 20% 11 1) <br />Section 2. This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and <br />after its passage and publication. <br />E! <br />Eivlotion for adoption of the ordinance as submitted, with waiver of second reading, <br />was seconded by Kohler, and on Rollcall there were five ayes and no nays, as <br />follows: Beim, aye; Dickson, aye; Kohler, a Bredesen, aye; <br />and the Ordinance was adopted. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED VACATION OF PORTION OF HALIFAX LANE TURN-AROUND. <br />Affidavits of Publication in Edina-Morningside Courier on January 8 and 15, 1959, <br />of "Notice of Hearing" were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered <br />placed on file, as was Affidavit of Posting on January 9. Mayor Bredesen called <br />Public Hearing, in response to notice, on proposed Vacation of "All that part of <br />Lot 5, Southridge Addition lying Westerly of Halifax Avenue as it was dedicated <br />by the plat of Southridge Addition; and all that part of Lot 6, Southridge <br />Addition lying Easterly of Halifax Avenue as it was dedicated as public street <br />by the plat of Southridge Addition." <br />Hearing, and no written objections had been received prior thereto. <br />offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />There were no objections registered at the <br />Kohler <br />RESOLUTION VACATING STREET <br />(PORTION OF HALIFAX LANE TURNAROUND) <br />WHEREAS, it is considered to be in the public interest to Vacate that <br />\'?HEREAS, two weeks' published notice and posted notice of a hearing to <br />portion of Halifax Avenue (now named Halifax Lane) hereinafter set forth; and <br />be had on said proposed Vacation on January 26, 1959, at 7:OO porn., has been <br />given and made, and a hearing has been had thereon by the Village Council: