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72 <br />/ <br />2/9/59 <br />ORDIlliQ+!CE AS TO SIDE YARD REJUIREi.iEi,TS / <br />THE CCUIXIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDIMA, MIM:ESOTk, ORDAIElS : <br />Section 1. Sub-subparagraph (1) of Subparagraph (b) of Paragraph 9 of Section <br />3 (Open Development District) of Ordinance Eo. 261 (Zoning Ordinance) of the Village <br />of Edina, as hereby amended, is further amended to read as folloltrs: <br />"(b) Side Yard, Interior. <br />(1) Uhenever the average height of a building at the side building line is <br />15 feet or under, the side yard shall have a minimum depth of 10 feet, but on that <br />side of a building no part of which is designed for human occupation (as an attached <br />garage), the side yard may be 5 feet provided that no eave projects within 48 inches <br />of the property line, <br />ship at the time the zoning and platting ordinances were adopted where the owner <br />ovmed the adjoining land, uhose width at the building line is less than 75 feet, <br />the side yard not adjacent to a garage may be reduced to 10 per cent of the width <br />of the lot at the building line, but in no case to less than 5 feet." <br />and publication, <br />In the case of platted lots, or lots of record in one ovner- I <br />Section 2. This ordinance shall be in effect from and after its adoption <br />$/lotion €or waiver of second reading and adoption of Ordinance as submitted, was seconded by Beim; and on Rollcall there were five ayes and no nays, as follorvs: Beim, aye; Dickson, aye; Kohler, aye; Tupa, aye; and Bredesen, aye; and the Ordinance <br />was adopted. <br />Hay or Village Clerk <br />PUBLIC HENUKG O:! PROPOSED SANITARY SEVER TO SERVE NO. 5129 MIRROR LAKES DFUE. <br />Affidavit of Publication of "Hotice of Hearing", in Edina-Morningside Courier on <br />January 29 and February 5, 1959, was submitted, approved as to form and ordered <br />placed on file. <br />$6,437.09 for sumner work, for $1,609.27 per Lot; $7,037.60 for winter work, for <br />$1,759.40 per lot. Ur. R. A. Kempf, whose emergency petition had initiated this <br />Hearing, asked for continuation of hearing to February 9. <br />of the cost this improvement would impose on his neighbors, he is investigating <br />with a plumbing firm for some other solution to his cesspool problems; that he <br />should have a report before the next meeting. <br />Drive, led the delegation opposing, stating he feels that owners of the other <br />three lots proposed to be assessed cannot afford to spend the money for sewer <br />at this time, even though they sympathize kholeheartedly with Lii. Cempf's <br />problem. Gr, Kempf explained that his cesspool is some 50 feet deep; that local <br />scavengers have no equipment to pump this deep; that he is now forced to empty <br />dishwater outside. <br />possibility of connecting to the Trunk Sewer through an easement. <br />also.asked delegation to decide, now, as to whether or not they nil1 want sewer, <br />in order that stract can bz repaired. Kohler's motion that Hearing be continued <br />to next meeting ctas seconded by Eeim and carried., <br />Llanager Hyde read Engineer Zikan's Estimate of Cost, in amount of <br />He stated that because <br />hlr, Frank Hunt, 5132 Mirror Lakes <br />Yanager Hyde suggested that Kl. Kempf investigate the <br />i'tanager <br />SYII.XIKG PCOL FEES ESTADLISMED FOE YEAR 1959. <br />recommendation that Svrirr=iling Pool Fees €or this summer be established at the <br />following: <br />Jr. season ticket; 5.75-single gate admission. <br />too much to charg2 for single admission; that it may wsr!c. to the advantage of Edina <br />residents, as most single admission tickets last year were to out-of-tocners. <br />French stated he believes this raise will cut single adrnissions by about half. <br />Ibhler's notion, that Par!c Board's recommendations be accepted and that fees be <br />established in accord r:iith them, vas seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />IJr. French reported the Par!: Board' s <br />$lO.OO-family season ticket j $4.00-individual season ticket; $5.OO-L!orningside <br />Some discussion v;as had on the matter, the Council agreeing that 5.75 is not <br />i&. <br />SYXIX1I:G PCOL COl!CESSI@;! TO E% VILL:AGE-OPERI:TED. Xr French asked, on behalf of the <br />Park Beard, that the pool concession be Village-operated this year. <br />this vrtuld mean purchase of additional equipment--a soft ice cream machine, and a <br />soft drink machine, the last of v:hich is not provided for in the bJdget. He said <br />it is the Eoard's opinion that a much better job can be done than YJas done last <br />year by the concessionnaire; that it is his own opinion that more money can be <br />made for the Village this way; that, if the weather is a% all good, same 31,500 <br />to $2,500 should be made between Eemorial Day and Labor Day. (Some $400 was village <br />share of profit during 1958). <br />last year, in getting concessionnaire employees to do the right kind of joh. <br />line xith this, suggestion v!as made that Village employees be made public relations <br />conscious. <br />not interfere with the problems heretofore discussed regarding Park 3aintenance. <br />Kohler then moved that Council authorize Park Board to run pool concession for 1959. <br />?Sotion seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />He stated that <br />1.k. French reported that there was much difficulty, <br />In <br />Trustee Tupa asked, too, that Board make sure that this operation does