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2/25/54 i- .-.: MTktrrES 81: THE REGULAR MEETTNG OF THE <br />EDPNA VPLEAGE CBUNCTL, HED lJONDM9~ <br />$1 <br />Ec, ? i FEBRUARY 23, 1959, AT 7:OO P.M., IN THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Dickson, Kohler and Tupa. <br />presided in Mayor Bredesen's absence. <br />Mayor Pro Tem Dickson <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of February 9, 1959, were approved as submitted, <br />by motion Tupa, seconded by Kohler and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON REQUEST FOR PERMIT TO CONSTRUCT DWELLING ON "THE NORTH 55 FT. <br />OF LOT 9, BLOCK 2, SOUTH WHITE OAKS" (4832 TOVJNES ROAD): AND FOR WAIVER OF <br />REQUIRED SIDE-YARD SETBACK TO PERMIT CONSTRUCTION WITHIN SIX FEET OF LOT LINE. <br />Clerk presented Affidavits of Publication and Posting of "Notice of Hearing", which <br />affidavits were approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />who had made the original request for permit and waiver, told the Council that <br />the request is simply for assurance by the council that Mr. Clinton Rehnke will <br />be able to construct a dwelling on this lot. <br />spoke for his brother, stating that the brother wishes to build and that it is <br />his understanding that the majority of the neighborhood would prefer to have a <br />dwelling at the site, rather than the present hole. He stated that because <br />several neighbors had indicated that sale of the lot by Mr.'Simpson, and con- <br />struction of the dwelling by a contractor other than Mr. Simpson would ease <br />neighborhood feelings, Mr. simpson had graciously withdrawn, giving prospective <br />purchaser the option of employing another contractor. ilk. Fred Bieber, 4828 <br />Townes Road, whose property adjoins 4832 on the North, spoke for himself, Mr, <br />Fred Pause and Mr. Borg, all immediate neighbors, stating that not one of the <br />three.has selfish motives--that none of them wish to acquire this property-- <br />but that they do want their properties protected against a dwelling not in <br />keeping with the neighborhood; that they want the Village ordinances respected <br />in their neighborhood as well as in any other part of the Village. He presented <br />a petition, signed by owners of some eleven properties in the immediate neighbor- <br />hood, asking that approval of building plan be left to a neighborhood committee. <br />Ab. Rehnke had presented petition, signed by the same number of petitioners, in <br />favor of the dwelling; and it was noted by council that at least two neighbors <br />had signed both petitions. Letter from Mr. G. A. LeGros, 4816 Townes Road, <br />asking that his namd be removed from the favorable petition, was read and placed <br />on Eile. Mr. Pause, 4835 Maple Road, reviewed for Council its position in 1955, <br />in rejecting Mr. Simpson's petition for building permit and in requiring Mr. <br />Simpson to fill the excavation--which, Mr. Pause stated, had never been completely <br />accomplished. He asked that Council go on record as requiring the leveling of <br />this property, and stated he would like conformity in the Village, with everyone <br />made to live up to the rules. Stating that the Council is well aware that Mr. <br />Simpson had made a mistake in selling off five feet of this lot, Mayor Dickson <br />stated it is the Council's position that the mistake should be rectified in a <br />manner most satisfactory to all concerned. <br />a vacant lot to a dwelling, and those present agreed that a dwelling would be <br />the better of the two alternatives. Mr. Borg requested that Council make no <br />deviation from its ordinance with regard to side-yard,setback; and Mr. Bieber <br />asked that council deny the Simpson petition, in order that another action may <br />be taken on Ab. R.ehnke's request. <br />reached if the neighbors know that Abe Rehnke owns the property and if they know <br />that a 43-fOOt house will be built on the lot. It was noted by Council that the <br />Planning Commission had recommended approval of Nr. Simpson's request for a <br />building permit (but that side-yard setback matter had not been seen by the <br />Commission). Mayor Dickson asked that objecting neighbors meet with Messrs. <br />Simpson and Rehnke in the Village conference rooms now, to attempt to come to <br />some agreement this evening; and delegation adjourned to the conference room <br />while Council considered other matters on the agenda, Upon return to the meeting <br />later in the evening Messrs, Borg, Bieber and Pause stated they wish to be sure <br />their agreement is with Mr'. Clinton A. Rehnke only; that they will agree to <br />issuance of a building permit if Mr. Clinton A. Rehnke will present proof of <br />ownership of the lot and providing Mr. Ben Simpson will not be the builder; if <br />the proposed 44-fOOt home be reduced to 43 feet and will be located in such way <br />as to leave a six-foot side-yard setback on each side; and if the exterior will <br />be in keeping with the architecture of the neighborhood. <br />stated he would present a letter listing points on which agreement should be <br />reached before issuance of permit. <br />permit on the N. 55 Ft. of Lot 9, Block 2, South White Oaks (4832 Townes Road) <br />and waiver of side-yard setbacks, subject to approval by the Village Manager, <br />was seconded by Kohler and unanimously carried. <br />Mi. Ben Simpson, <br />Mr. Roswell Rehnke, 4001 W.49th St., <br />He asked if the neighborhood prefers <br />He stated he feels sure agreement can be <br />One of this delegation <br />Tupa's motion for the granting of a building <br />SANITARY SEWER TO SERVE 5124 MIRROR LAKES DRIVE ABAnrDONED. <br />continuation of Public Hearing of February 9, on this matter, <br />was not present to report. <br />signed by owners of the other three affected properties; and Kohler moved that <br />project be abandoned. <br />Mayor Dickson called <br />Mr. Kempf, petitioner, <br />Mr. Thos. Krizan read petition in objection to improvement, <br />Motion seconded by Tupa and carried.