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2/23/59 <br />PUBLIC HEARTIE!& 01: PROPOSED TI!l%O~lE}.!EV'i3. kf fidavit of Publication in kd-ina- <br />Liorningside Courier on February 12 and 19, 1959, of "t!otice of Public Hearings on <br />Proposed Street 1mproven;ents" was submitted, approved as to form, and ordered <br />placed on file; and, pursuant to said Notice, the following Public Hearings were <br />conducted, and action taken. However, before conducting the hearings, :layor <br />Dickson asked that a resolution be adopted pertaining to the adequacy of improve- <br />ment petitions, and Kohler offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTION DETERMINIHG ADEQUACY OF <br />IMPRO VEUENT PETITIONS <br />YiiFiEREAS, this Council has duly examined the following Improvement Petitions, <br />filed with the Village Clerk, and heretofore presented to-the' Village Council on- <br />the dates hereinafter set forth: <br />PETITIONS FOR THE BLACKTOPPI~~G OF THE FOLLOYJIt4G STREETS : <br />A. Parnell Avenue between y.62nd St. and Valley View Xoad; and'Y!.62nd St. <br />between Virginia %ve. and Ryan Ave. - Presented to council April 28, 1958 <br />B. TJooddale Lane - Presented to Council June 9, 195E. <br />C. Upper Terrace between Brittany Road and !,yest Shore Drive - Presented to <br />D. Grove Street between Code Ave. (South) and Tingdale /we. - Presented to <br />E. Idylnood Lane betmen South Blake Road and Schaefer Road - Presented to <br />F. Yor!: Avenue from 7!.60th Street, to and including 6041 Yorl; Ave. - Presented <br />G. Chowen Avenue between Yi.63rd S'c. and W.64th St. - Presented to Council <br />H. Chantrey Road between Ayrshire Blvd. and Icorthvmod Drive; and IL'orthvrood <br />Council June 9, 1958 <br />Council June 23, 1958 <br />Council July 28, 1958 <br />to council July 28, 1958 <br />September 23, 1958 <br />Drive between Glengarry Parkvray and End of Present Blacktop - Presented <br />to Council September E, 1958 <br />I. Code Avenue betvfeen Y!.57th Street and :.lelody Lakes Drive <br />and said exarnination.has proven that each and all of said improvement petitions <br />have been signed by omers of more than 35 percent in frontage of the real property <br />abutting on the streets named in the petition as the location of the improvement: <br />that the petitions hereinbefore named have all been signed by the required per- <br />centage of ovmers of property affected thereby, under Chapter 429 ;Iinnesota <br />Statu t e s . <br />P!OI'J, TI-IEREFOZE, BE IT RESOLVED by the village Council of the' Village of Edina <br />:.'lotion for adoption of the Resolution was seconded by Tupa, and on Rollcall there <br />and the Resolution was adopted. <br />were three ayes and no nays, as follows: Dickson, aye; <br />t.!ayor Pro Tem <br />- ?rillage Clerk <br />?T;iJIId CITY TESTII.!G EUEEAU SOIL INVESTJGATIO~~ REPORT GIVE!,!. <br />an Twin City Testing Bureau's soil investigation, conducted for the public hearings. <br />proposed to be held this evening. <br />Manager Hyde then reported <br />amount of $9,156.00, as against 2,510 Assessable Feet, for $3.65 per Assessable <br />Foot. <br />had been received prior thereto. <br />and motion nas unanimously carried. <br />improvement) . <br />2. <br />TO TIFGDALE A?EFUE. <br />of Cost (revised) in Total of 52,706.36, as against 1,112.91 Assessable Feet, for <br />$2.43 per Assessable Foot. Kr. J.B. Moore, 5100 Gfiove st., asked if a catch basin <br />would be installed at the southwest corner of the Tingdale-Grove intersection, and <br />Engineer zikan replied that it is the plan to install one catch basin at this <br />intersection. <br />project be approved. <br />Resolution of later in meeting, Ordering Improvement). Group was informed that <br />the estimate as read does not include repair to their lawns and driveways after <br />blacktop street construction. <br />SOUTHCREST DXW. Vu-Graph slide was shown, and Engineer's Estimate of Cost \?.as <br />read at $4:131.48, as against 1,088.3 Bssessable Feet, for $3.80 per t?,ssessable <br />Foot. i!o objections were registered at the Hearing, and no mitten objections had <br />been received prior thereto. <br />Kohler and unanimously carried. <br />Improvement) . <br />There were no objections registered at the Hearing, and no written objections <br />Kohler seconded Tupa's motion approving project, <br />(See Resolution of later in meeting, Ordering - <br />PUBLIC HEARIi,G 0;I PROPOSED BLACKTOPPIIrG OF GEOVE STREET FXCM CODE IIVEPIUE (SOUTH) <br />Vu-Graph slide was shown, and Manager read Engineer's Estimate <br />There nere no other questions or objections, and Kohler moved that <br />Ihtion seconded by Tupa and unanimously carried. (See <br />3. FUBLIC HEAR1P.G @I! PROFOSED BLE,CI<T@PPIkG OF UPPEB TERRACE FRO1.l BR1TTill.Y ROAD TO <br />Tupa's motion approving project was seconded by <br />(See Resolution of later in meeting, Ordering