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93 <br />Members present were Dickson, Tupa and Kohler. <br />Permit No. 9568, issued to Robert W. Mikkelson for a restaurant with drive-in <br />service at 66th and Xerxes. <br />Subject of discussion was Building <br />Mr. Mikkelson presented his plans, and Attorney Robert Hoffman supported him. <br />idark Jones, Jr. the building contractor, was also present. Pilessrs. <br />LIi1:I:elson and Hoffman pointed out that they feel that they have a legal right <br />to proceed with the building, but that after receiving verbal notice by the <br />Village Manager on J!hrch 10 (followkd by his written notice) they had stopped <br />any excavation; that delay in the work at this point will cause them serious <br />loss; that meeting is called in an effort to get council's explanation oE its <br />restriction of a land useage permissible under the Zoning Ordinance. They <br />explained the reason for having the drive-in service from the south of the <br />building and pointed out that the County Highway Department had approved pro- <br />posed driveways on W.66th Street and on Xerxes Avenue, <br />Mr. Mikkelson offered to provide a buffer or barrier on the south side of his <br />property in order to accommodate Mr. James Streit, the immediate neighbor, <br />Discussion was had as to the type of buffer, the specific location, and the <br />extent of it, <br />for the parking lot, which would be approximately six to seven feet high, and <br />it was generally agreed that the barrier or buffer should be a wood, lattice- <br />work type fence, high enough to screen the lighting fixtures, and that shrubbery <br />or tree plantings should be put soutside the fence, Manager Hyde suggested that <br />evergreen or coniferous plantings be used. <br />satisfactory to put the plantings on the south property line and even on Mr. <br />Streit's property, if he could get Mr. Streit's agreement and permission, <br />Members of the Council agreed:this would be satisfactory, <br />to contact lilr. Streit concerning this. If Mr. Streit does not approve of . <br />plantings on his property, then the shrubbery must go on the Iidikkelson <br />property, south of the fence. The fence must extend the full length of the <br />property used by the restaurant and its parking facilities; the shrubbery need <br />not go farther west than Mr. Streit's west property line. <br />Illr. Mikkelson stated that he plans to use gas lighting fixtures <br />Mrm Mikkelson asked if it would be <br />Mr, Mikkelson agreed <br />< <br />It was informally agreed by those present that, subject to hlr- h4ikkelson's <br />providing a satisfactory fence and shrubbery in accordance with the above, <br />construction of the building as proposed by plans submitted for the building <br />permit may go ahead. <br />Village Clerk