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94 <br />) :.:embers answering Rollcall were Beim, Dickson, Kohler and Tupa. <br />Diclxon presided in :.:ayor Eredesen' s absence. <br />:.layor Pro Tern <br />LZPBTES af 3etings of :.larch 5, and 11, 1959, were approved as submitted? by <br />motion Xohler, seccnded by Tupa and carried. <br />PUBLIC EEA?IiiGS CY: F3XC'SED IilDR@VE?.iEXTS. <br />cation in Edina-L:orningside Courier on i.;arch 12 and 19, 1959, of "I:otice of <br />Public Hearings on Frrposed Elacktcppi ng", which aEfidavit vas approTred as ta <br />form and ordereJ placed on file; and, pursuant to said notice, the follcwing <br />public hearings were held and actions taken: <br />X.66TH AND Y.68TH STREETS. <br />$7,951.80, for 53.58 per Assessable Foot. <br />Clerk presented i;ffidauit of Fubli- <br />I 1. FUBLIC H3RTI:G CP! PZOFQSED BLlj,CKTOPPIKG OF CC'?J!ELIA DRIVE BET:'IEEI*: <br />Vu-Graph Slide was shown, and cost was given at <br />Manager Hyde explained that althcugh <br />the petition filed was for the improvement between M.66th and W.70th St., there <br />is a chance that a storm sevier will be constructed, this yeax, south of Y.6Eth <br />Street, that if this storm sewer is installed it will probably not be until <br />late in the summer, and for that reason this improvement has been planned to <br />68th street only. C. J. Royce, 6808 Cornelia Drive, asketi that the <br />blacktopping be delayed until curb and gutter is constructed; and it%. Hyde <br />told audience that curb and gutter construction this year would do tao things-- <br />vrould reduce the cost of blacktopping, and would allow assessment for both <br />projects over a ten-year period. 1.k. c. D. Rademacher, 6620 Cornelia Drive, <br />told Council that vhen blacktopping petition was circulated he polled the <br />people between :?.46Ph and yi.68th Streets concerning curb and gutter; that none <br />of them was interested, although he is in favor of it. Kr. Jerry Remole, 6621 <br />Cornelia Drive, stated that he, too, wcruld like curb and gutter. <br />discussiori in the Ccuncil, Eohler moved approving Blacktopping Project (See <br />Eesolution of later in meeting, Ordering Improvement) and calling Public Hearing <br />on Council's ovm motion for curb and gutter in Cornelia Drive between 1;~.66th and <br />"1.68th Street, fcr Xonday, April 13.- <br />2. PUBLIC HEARIPIG Cf! PR0FY)SED BLACKOPPIPLG OF VEST SEORE DRIVE FRO!': 'J.70Ti-I <br />STREET TO 4lUt;HXE DXVE. <br />far 33.61 per Assessable Foot. <br />Pfter scme <br />Motion seconded by Beim and carried. <br />Vu-Graph Slide vias shown, and cost was given as $7,886.47, <br />It vias noted that petition for improvement has I been signed by omers of 42.6:; of the front footage along the street, and Clerk <br />reported having received supplementary petition, signed by I.kssrs. J. Kirkland, <br />7020 I'lest Shore Drive; Jcihn H. Palmer, 7117 Yest Shore Drive; James s. Jensen, <br />4529 Eelvidere Lane; and John H. Lein, 4520 Dunham Drive. tIr. Jensen, stating <br />his principal concern is the traffic on West Shore Drive for the development to <br />the South, asked if this traffic can be diverted to another road, and stated that, <br />if not, he nishes his name withdravm from petition. <br />developed streets are posted for four-ton maximum axle weight; that Village finds <br />this works out YJell, <br />storm sewer is planned for this street. <br />stating he has permission to speak for property owners at 4528 Bslvidere Lane, <br />4701 I'J.70th Street, 7007 and 7120 West Shore Drive, stated these property owners <br />are basically against blacktopping at this time, being assessed for side footage; <br />that they believe it is impossible to stop Uest Shore Traffic to the south, at this <br />Lime; that it vJould be better to wait until the south area is developed. <br />E.C.Skinner, 4701 ':1,70th Street reiterated these sentiments. Trustee Kohler <br />explained that the nethcd of assessment will be decided at a later date, at the <br />assessment hearing. Lir. Larry Thorp, 7000 Ylest Shore Drive, stated he feels <br />that the street needs blacktopping, now; that this improvement will give the wlnole . <br />subdivision nevi tone and importance; and 2.k~. Brodnicki, 7012, stated residents <br />want blacktop and have been waiting for it and want it done now. Question was <br />asked as to cost, and ;k. Dickson told audience that costs have increased each <br />year for five years; that, if improvement is delayed another year costs will <br />undoubtedly be higher than this estimate. <br />the base is gacd, clay and other materials are pushed onto the street vhen €he <br />excavations and yard uorl: is done, and that this must be removed, vihich adds to <br />the cclst. Kohler's motion approving project was seconded by Bim and carried. <br />(See Resolution of later in meeting, Ordering Improvement ). <br />P,nAD T@ ::'EST HIGf-T::C2D DT'.IIJE: 3.D Oil :!EST HIGIT'JC3D DRIVE FRO;; PIi:E G?.ICl?E 'Z,fiAD TO <br />SCUTE EZU;:D.t.F;Y QF ID'K,';C3D THZE3 i,DDiTICI:. <br />KJS given at 53.33 per Lssessable ~oot. <br />from the floor, and none had bzen received prior to the Eearing. <br />approving project, tias seconded by Kahler and carried. <br />in meeting, Orderin? Irr,prosernent. <br />It was explained that newly <br />To an inquiry from the audience, it was stated that no <br />3r. John Husick, 4529 kndover Road, <br />a* Lii. <br />1:s. Zikan explained that, although <br />I <br />3. FUSL,IC HEI;F;Ii!G r:! PROPOSED BLXf.TTOPPII:G OF PI2.E GRCIE R0k.D FRO;: EL>GTE <br />and cost Vu-Graph Slide ?$as sho~m <br />There viere ria objections registered <br />B~~M's motion, <br />(See Resolution of latsr