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3/23/59 ~ 10' (I,! <br />I <br />CLAIBIS PFJD, Llotion by Tupa, for payment of the following Claims, as per Pre-List' <br />dated {larch 23, 1959, was seconded by Kohler and carried: .e General Fund $17,032.68 Liquor Fund $35,129.49 <br />Park -Z Park Const.Fund 359.02 Improvement Funds 1,423.30 <br />Ydaterworks Fund 1 474.6 1 Poor,PIR, and <br />Construct ion Fund 19,000.00 Sewer Rental Fund 212.21 <br />'2- <br />Tempr.Improve.Funds 120.05 <br />TOTAL $74,751.36 <br />"S~I?IIMIXING PKIL CONTROL" ORDINANCE RECOIdAEIIDED BY ENGINEER, Stating that swimming <br />pools are becoming ever more popular in Edina; that pool owners should be on notice <br />that they cannot dump pool water into the sanitary sewers, Engineer Zi1:an advocated <br />adoption of an ordinance prohibiting said dumping. <br />to draft such an ordinance. <br />Attorney Hasselquist directed <br />Kohler's motion for adjournment was seconded by Beim and carried, <br />at 10:15 P.F.1, <br />Meeting adjourned <br />Village Clerk <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETIKG OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE CCUNCIL , HELD MONDAY, <br />APRIL 13, 1959, AT 7: 00 P.PL AT THE <br />' EDINA VILLAGE EkLL <br />Elembars answering Rollcall were Beim, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of March 23, 1959, were approved as submitted, by <br />motion Hohler, seconded by Tupa and carried, <br />FUELIC HEBRIHGS OK PROPOSED IMPROVEE1IIENTS: <br />in EdZna-Morningside Courier April 2 and 9, 1959, of "Notice of Public Hearings on <br />Proposed Curb and Gutter and i:latermain which notice was approved as <br />to form and ordered placed on file. Pursuant to said Notice, the following Public <br />Hearings were conducted, and action was taken as hereinafter recorded. <br />STREET TO 1W.68TH STREET. <br />and Estimate of Cost was reported as $3,11 per Assessable ~o~t. <br />informed that, if curb and gutter is constructed, there a reduction in the <br />cost of the Blacktop project recently approved; that the assessment €or curb and <br />gutter-blacktop can be over a ten-year period. There were no objections to 'chis <br />proposed project, and none had been received prior to the Hearing. <br />of later in meeting, Ordering Improvement). <br />2. PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED WATERMAIN IMPROVEMEI\!T IN by. 69TH STREET FRO?.{ <br />PLJItnPHOUSE AT %.69TH ST. AND FRANCE AVE. TO APPROX. 1250 FEEi 'EAST: A NORTH-SOUTH <br />EASEIAEILT LINE LOCATED BETWEEN We 69TH AidD W. 70TH STS. : AIUD 18- 70TH ST. FROM EASEMENT <br />LINE LOCA4TED BETWEEN In]. 69TH AND W. 70TH ST. <br />shown of plan and benefited properties; Estimate of Cost was reported at a Total <br />of $33,150.60, of which total Southdale Realty Company property hill be assessed <br />$24.,300.90, and Glacier Sand and Gravel Company property, $8,?49.70. <br />Realty Company representatives were present and agreeable to the proposed allocation <br />of assessable costs- There were no objections from the floor, and no objections <br />had been received prior thereto. <br />its adoption: <br />Clerk presented P.ffidavit of Publication <br />1. PUBLIC HEARING OE PROPOSED CURB AND GUTTER If.: CORRELIA DPIVE FROM VJ.66TH <br />Vu-Graph Slide was shown of plan and benefited properties, <br />Owners were also <br />(See Resolution <br />TO FRANCE AVENUE. Bu-Graph Slide was <br />Fouthdale <br />Tvpa offered the following Resolution and moved <br />R ESOLUT I ON ORDER I RIG I MPROVEMEi?T S <br />STREET IMPROVEMENT NO. B-61 , AhD <br />VJATERMAIN IMPROVEMENT NO. 136 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Village of Edina, Minnesota, that this Council <br />heretofore caused notices of hearings to be duly published on the following proposed <br />improvements, and at the hearings held at the time and place specified in said <br />notices the Council has duly considered the views of all persons interested, and <br />hing fully advised of the pertinent facts does hereby determine to proceed wiCh <br />the construction of said improvements; that said improvements are hereby designated <br />and shall be referred to in all subsequent proceedings as follows: <br />l Ct7I?STRUCTIOi\I OF STPJ\IdDARD VILLAGE CURB AND GUTTER Id ATdE @F Ii~Fl?C'?B4ET~IT <br />in Cornelia Drive from W.66th St, tc Vi,OP,th St, Street 1nprove.IIo. E-61 <br />in W.69th St, from Pumphouse at 1:~~69th St, and France <br />Ave. to approx. 1250 Ft. E,; N-s Easement line between <br />pj.69th and 'f1.7Oth Sts.; VJ,70th St. from easement line to France Ave. ?{aternain Imprcve. KO. 1.36, <br />2. CQI.,!STF,UCTI@Pj OF VILLAGE WATEPJIAIN M<D APPURTENAJ,CES <br />and the areas to be specially assessec? for the cost of said proposed improvements <br />include all lots and tracts of land abutting the respective streets and easement lines <br />proposed to be improved.