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112 4/227/59 <br />1,"ILUTES OF THE -REGULA:-L' MEETI!:G OF THE EDII,."`. <br />I rlLL.,---,G`- CCIJI:CILI HELD '.'01:D9Z, APRIL 27, 1959 <br />L I <br />AT 7:00 P. I,,! THE EDIEA VILLAGE HALL. <br />1'.' answering Rollcall were Beim, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />Tljpa's motion approving :.,ini-it-es of April 13p 1959 A.1leeting, as submitted, was seconded <br />by Kohler and carried. <br />I T <br />HEA11I,.-G FOSTPOHED 0:,' PROPOSIED STOS"11 SC-,',TEP HPARIEG VICII-ITY OF YORK A17D '�'% 55T I ST. <br />1. - <br />�aor Bredesen anncunco-S that mailed notices had been sent to those owners in the <br />district to be benefited by construction of storm sewer, that this Hearing, scheduled <br />for this evening, had been postponed to allow for further study by the Village <br />Engineering Department. <br />CCUNCIL REZM'ES _1-01-L POST OFFICE, SITE AT V1.49-2 STREET Al.-D HALIFA,-Z AVI-:7,,:UE-. Clerk, <br />presented Affidavits of Publication in Edina-Morningside Courier April 16 and 23, <br />1*959, of Posting, April 14, 1959, and of 11.4alling, April 15, 1959, of "Eotice of <br />Public Hearing on Petition for "Rezoning". Pursuant to said !,,'otice, the following <br />Public Hearing was held, and action taken: <br />The Edina Planning Commission's recommendation for denial of petition .,as <br />reviewed. <br />1.1r. Hosmer Bru: * Chamber !n, representing the Edina Chamber of Commerce, asked once <br />again that the Post Offics be kept on the corner; re(Tiesting that the Council <br />please bear in mind its responsibility 'Co judge each zoning request on its own <br />merits as it is present* <br />1-1r. Richard F. '1'1--UGcn of the Post Office Department told Council he has .vorl:ed <br />with 1,7 <br />irs. and 1!xr. ',nderson, varners of the property at 5029 France (heretofore <br />considered as a possible that the Andersons do have sufficient space to <br />use; that before the Post OIC"fice, can accept a bid from the i,.ndersons on their land <br />he .would like a s.Catome-n-c. from., lChe Edina Council that it has no objection aver <br />tothe Post Office's being located on the East side of France i'venue. i-r. Dale <br />L. L I L L. L L, A. <br />Fritzl, representing the Junior Chamber, presented petition in favor of location <br />":es' o" Hcoten Cleaners Ma s3 �a under considerat3 on for rezoning t' -:, s Fearing). <br />L L I L <br />'10p le <br />1.,essrs. 11-11osmcr 3-cv.,;n, for the Chamber of Cojmf.erce, an' Jznies Pause, 4t, 1: <br />-1 property proposed 0 <br />�,oad, representing residlential properties abutting the p opert p- 3ed t be <br />rezoned., both exprassc)6 1'--hcmss-lvcs as being heartily in favor of the proposed now <br />(.,*.nderson) site. 1,'x. Paoss statad he and his group are definitely opposed -Co tM- <br />- Z> L -it <br />e. <br />,,-v3nu: zite. <br />Trustee TuP8 fl'OvOCI L111a Post Office D p-='.-ffton ;' s petition for razonincl <br />of the ".venua sito be denied for t-he reason that the Spec& <br />available does no`C. scem, to the requirements for b: slness and traffic '-hat <br />vlould he created -I-,171a Pc�s'- O'�Iicc at this location, and that this Council qo <br />U1. .4 J. - t. 1. - <br />on record as having no objection to the Post Office's bring located on the 2ast <br />Side of France r*Xenue. 'loi--ion .,,,as seconded by Beim. Beforc taking a vote on the <br />motion, IIayor Dredesen asked for discussion, and T271-,steal Kohler as!-,ecl 1,:ilson <br />— h- 4� 6 L <br />Lf n could guarantee that the rose Office would be located on the l.nderson <br />property if this r.otion carried. Anderson's answer r-,as in the nsoativ--. He <br />—,plainad that the Post 0Y—.L ice Liepartrilent must throw bidding open, if ,he present, <br />t th -nderson <br />��-Talilax option is abandoned! that the Departmenk. cannot. consider -� a <br />offer withovt open bids bacausa they have a meiltiple-purpose building; Lhat- :he <br />Department naturally has no control over the bidding and that. all bids within an <br />area of five blocks from 30th and France must be considered. <br />I L 6 <br />1.1r. Hosmer B:Eo,,,m, reminding Council and audience that a Post Office at 45th <br />and France would be an unhappy situation for the 50th 'ranee business district, <br />asked ',','ilson if, should a bid at this location be superior be superior to <br />fax <br />-chat or' the !,,ndersons, consideration could still be given to the ', .1.49'1 Eali.L <br />site. 11.1r. '.7ilson's reply was again negative. He explained that the present <br />option must be returned before open bidding can begin. <br />1.1r. James Pause, Maple Roaij speaking for owners of neighboring residential <br />properties, reviewed for Council the proceedings of 1933 and 1954, v;hen certain <br />rezoning was had, and ccmmitment- was made. by that Council that there would be <br />no _further rezoning. Ea reported that, since that time, some $200,000 investment <br />had been made in the area, in homes. Asking that the Council read previous <br />council proceedings before voting on this issue, 11r. Pause stated that the <br />big issue is that this Council cannot go about changing the zoning when there <br />has been capital invested as the result of former council action establishing <br />r <br />zoning,- that any <br />change of zoning in this area is going to hurt residential <br />properties tremenduously. <br />Dr. Fieldstad reminded Council of objecting petitions filed at the last <br />meeting by o=ers of almost 100,J of neighboring properties; and cozITIunication <br />ftcyr, one new property vanor, yaaking petition unanimous. <br />Trustee TuPa, ans,:xyinq ;x. Pause, reminded audience that to say that a <br />Council coffnii-tted itsalf som.c ten or fifteen years ago does not mean that this <br />Council sho,-ild stand in the way of progress; that no Council can commit- any <br />succeeding Council. <br />I <br />[1 <br />