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2 5/11/5c) <br />1,11A.UT- 0�z THE 12 G UL.," <br />AL',E-_27I1"G OF THE EDIF.­, VlLL,,.G"7 <br />CC'.',`CIL, 'f'1ZL0 1.*,Oi'.W.Yg ll, 1959, S.T 7:00 P.,-,'. , <br />THE E-DIIIA VILD GE Mi-Il. <br />Members znsi:.tar-ing i'Lollcall .-.are Eolm, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa F-nd-Bredesen. <br />"I" TES OF I,' EM'G OF ,PRIL 27, 1959 Atla`DID. Minutes were presented for action and <br />Mayor Bredesen quest-,icned record of action taken on rezoning of property to Community <br />,Dtlore,as recorded on Page 113 of this Minute Book, stating it is his opinion that Mx. <br />Kohler's motion was not completely recorded. Kohler moved that the lainutes of !,pril <br />27,1959 be amended by adding, after the phrase "and arlopi-I Ordinance as offered", the <br />folici-jing: "and, further, 'Ghat no building permit be issued for this tract except for <br />a post office and the Building Inspector be so instructed ", and that second be <br />r <br />amended accordingly. I.Iction seconded by Beim and carried. Beim then moved. that <br />Minutes of r':pril 27, as amended by foregoing motion, be approved. Motion seconded <br />by Dickson and carried. <br />PUBLIC Clarl: presented -'.ffidavit of Publicaticn <br />in Edina-1.1,orningside Courier on ;,pril 30 and May 7, 1959, of "llotice of Fublic <br />Hearings", 1.•.,hich affidavit ryas approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />�;.rsuant, tc said iVL_ ce 'L -na following Public licarings were held, and action ta.:cn: <br />'G 0' <br />IcN2 -T I TG OF SC�TTEC.-IIIEST Qi�IVE FRO' UP'7--', T71"':;�CE- TO <br />_.- I L i C T 31.,'- •7, -• -T1 P I <br />'6TH ST�- 2 <br />El ..-2T. i.iana0 -x :Iyj for Council previois proC,1?e'inqs on an old <br />petition, at p:,.-ojsct !-,ad barn abandcne& b2cause neighbors could not <br />to an agreement as `Cc mat-iic,_J of as--sessment for s,3me, the filing of a new petition, <br />calling for ass_cssmcnt- on a strailgh'L, por-asGassable-foo'L- basis; said nz,.,; petition <br />being by oaners of Ziftcan of twenty-eight affected loll-s. Vu-Graph Slide <br />and o" Ccst was given at �10�'09.75 far �3.52 per ,',ssessabl.- foot. <br />nO, Estimate 1 - - U %) <br />Objections of L,:_;wronca Clark, 6720 Southcrest Drive, were reviewead. One of <br />the objections r :as thzt-1 the street is not fully built up, and subsequent heavy <br />hauling may bra@!: up the improved street. It brought out, after a question <br />by the Council that a few lots at the Porth end of the street are not vet- built <br />on, but that the rest oY' tho street is largely built up, with some four houses <br />about ccmplete6 hut not yet occupied. There were no other objections to the pro- <br />posed improvement-, and 'Chase in tho audience asltad that worl, be expedited. 'Manager <br />Hyde told Council that part of Clark's problem arises from an agreement ­.hich <br />he had with the '.7co6hill developers to the effect that corner lots would not be <br />assessed for the full corner. 7,1r. 11,'ohler told audience that it is immaterial to <br />the Council as to which way this improvement is assessed- -that if majority agrees <br />to assume a share of the "corner lot" assessment this can be done. Eo offers %• „ere <br />made from the audience for this type of assessment. (See Resoluticn of later in <br />meeting, Ordering Improvefiient.). <br />PUBLIC EEARI,.'GS 0:.': <br />1. CURB �.:D GUTTER I,' '1.53TI-1, STkEIET FROIL'i TO YO ,-,K AVELJUE: J-*,.,:D <br />2. STOTLL', SZ'.1E-R, FOR ',':.55TE ST BEET, _XERXES AVEi:UE TO ZI.ITH AVEE.UE A-,EA. <br />Hearings on these -k'.'.10 proposed projects were conducted together. VLF GrP_ph Slides <br />were shone, and the follo',,ling Estimates of Cost wsre given: <br />I. CURB 1:D G2TTE-1 L: W.55TE STREET FROM X3RX AVF 1TUE TO YORl” I WE <br />.UE, <br />proposed to be assessed against abutting properties only: - $1,565.50, as against <br />511.66 .ssessable Feet, for '4J3.10 per Assessable Foot. <br />2. CO: STF-LUCTICI: OF VILLAGE UVDERGKCU1,1D ST02,11 SE-71ER 1,1JD APPURT E1,1 1,1 CES IV `TEST <br />55TE- STREET FROM YCSK` ::EST TO 1,1I1J:!EHAH1 - =', CIREEK Al2 ABOVEGROUID STGI-_'aL'; SE-1EF. <br />"Z-T 55TI1 STREET FEOM XZ1_",XES iWENUE TO YC <br />'El:U13--proposed <br />to be assessed against a drainage district described in the .otice of Irlealing- <br />L <br />Total Estimated Cost, v:7,132.7G, loss 1/3 to be paid by Park Fund, 2,324.25, for <br />Total Estimated Assessable Cost of Z"P4,768.51, as against 191,560 Assessable Feet, <br />for '.025 per .assessable Foot. 1.1r. E. C. Shaughnessy, 5433 York. -"ve., Inquired <br />about the boundaries of the drainage district set forth, maintaining that the ."rater <br />from his lot drains 1:orCh. 11.11r. _Zilan explained that a previous installation of a <br />drainpipe 1..est from Lot 21, Block 1, amount $341.09, is included/iRle project no,:i <br />proposed to be assessed; that 1.1r. Shaughnessy is correct in that his drainage is to <br />this previously constructed line; that this line ti,.,as paid, t-crporarily, from Park <br />Department Funds. "Ir. I­Dhau gline, s sy then protested 'thai. Lots 24, 25 and 20 should <br />be included in the drainage district, bDcause drainage from these lots is also tc <br />the praviously-constructed line. Engineer Zihan told Council that, accor6ing to <br />a survey ta!:en months ago, the drainage from Lots 24, 23 and 26, is not <br />'co I- L G directly to "1_112 <br />this older line, ;:n6 that ic's on the side of Yorl: drain direct <br />creel:. One gentleman asl:cd if the drainage level of Yorl: Avenue has been asLablishcd., <br />and far. Zil.!-En replied that ;:hare are no plans to change Yorll.'s leval. Lr. 13haughnassy <br />e::pressed himself a-s being in favor of -the project b,-)t as s'.-ill questioning the <br />drainaga district. Th2ro nu oloj ec 'Lions frond the audi2nca to oi-Cher proposed <br />impiovemcn-t-, an:; no .JIit'L�­n objections :iad been received prior to the Hearing. <br />K T U I - d odo t <br />ohler -of-fersd '-ho -Follc-..,ing �,,aGolu-Zion and move its p ion: <br />.1_­S0LTJTIC:: O,",D2::11J!.'G IMP1-1OVZ'.1Z.'TS <br />'STc-i-SET IM2,7,OVEL1Z;'TS '031. h-14­1 D-62 <br />STO:�:: I1,1PROVEPI-12- T :.0. 45 <br />BE IT R_71301VED by the clo�_in-:;il of ailb Village of _Edina, Llinnasota, that 'Ji-is council <br />heretofore caused no_�ic s of licarings to be duly publish--d on the following <br />