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5/25/59 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDTNA VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, MAY 25, 1959, AT 7:OO P.M. , AT <br />THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Beim, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of Council, held May 11, 1959, were approved as <br />submitted, by motion Dickson, seconded by Kohler and carried. <br />PUBCIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS. <br />Edina-Morninaside Courier, May 14 and 21, 1959, of "Notice of Public Hearings", which <br />Clerk presented Affidavit of Publication in <br />notice was agproved as to-form and ordered placed on file. <br />followinq public hearings were conducted, and action taken: <br />Pursuant to notice the <br />I 1. -PUBLIC HEARING-ON PROPOSED SANITARY SEWER IN MIRROR LAKES DRIVE FROh'l <br />DRIVE. <br />EXISTING MANHOLE ON TRUNK SENER TO AND INCLUDING 5128 AND 5129 MIRROR LAKES Vu-Graph Slide was shown, and Estimated Cost of Improvement vias <br />given at $17,599.80 over 16 lots, for $1,100 per Lot. Manager Hyde explained that <br />the Council has called this Hearing on its own motion, subsequent to petition filed <br />by k. R. A. Kempf of 5129 Mirror Lakes Drive, for relief from cesspool problems. <br />He told audience that Council has previously conducted a Hearing on a sewer to <br />serve I&. Kempf's home from the South,l at a cost of some $1.800 per lot to four <br />lots, abandoning this project because of excessive cost. Attorney Austin Norton <br />was present to represent Mr. Kempf, reviewing Mr. Kempf's reasons for asking for <br />sewer service, namely, that the soil condition makes it impossible for his <br />cesspool and drainfield to operate. <br />Cassidy, 5108, and E.B. Floback, Jr., 5120 Mirror Lakes Drive, for sewer. Mr. <br />Norton called Messrs. Schultz of Mangan Company, Plumbing Engineers, and Chester <br />Miller, of SpeZz & Berg Plumbing Company, to support his contention that because <br />of general soil conditions in this area others along the street will shortly be <br />faced with the same troubles hlr. Kempf is now experiencing. <br />that it is not the.desire of the petitioner to force the sewer on his neighbors <br />if there is any other solution to his problem. <br />that there is a possibility of Ab. Kempf's lot's being served from the Trunk Sewer, <br />through a private easement. <br />to give the easement, but that the cost of running the line along the easement, <br />plus the cost of connecting to the trunk and the cost of repairs to the property <br />after digging would be most excessive. He asked the Council if the Kempf property <br />could be assessed for a line in Mirror Lakes Drive, should he make the easement <br />connection, and was informed that the property could not be assessed twice for the <br />same service. Ab. James Dovolis, 5121, told Council that several of the neighbors <br />now want to consider watermain construction, also, and asked that Council postpone <br />action until neighbors have had a chance to agree on just what they do want. <br />M. McDermid, 5116, stating that neighbors sympathize with Mr. Kempf's problem, <br />reported they believe the cost involved is excessivly high; that to reach the <br />Kempf's home from the North will mean digging-to a depth of some 17 feet. Ab. <br />Zikan showed him detailed plans, which show 14 feet to be maximum depth. It was <br />brought out that the lots on the East side of the street can be connected to the <br />Trunk Sewer at the back of the lots (most of them have their plumbing set for such <br />a connection); however, Engineer Zikan told them this requires a special type of <br />connection to prevent infiltration. <br />connections be made by the properties on the East, those on the \vest would have <br />to pay the entire cost of a future line in Mirror Lakes Drive. <br />5128, told Council he has lived in his home for five years; that while his drain- <br />field did freeze this past winter his cost for repairs was $182, which he feels is <br />cheap maintenance. <br />(which would be away from proposed sewer line). <br />hearing until k. fimpf had had further opportunity to investigate the matter of <br />serving his lot with sanitary sewer through private easement, was seconded by Tupa <br />and carried. <br />future date (although it may not be for five or ten years) some Edina Council would <br />be forced to require that all homes connect with sanitary sewer, for public health <br />reasons. <br />He cited supporting petitions of Messrs.John <br />Ab. Norton stated <br />It was brought out in discussion <br />htr. Norton told Council that neighbor has not refused <br />Mr. <br />It was then pointed out that should trunk <br />Mr. H.C. Stephenson, <br />He told Council his drainfield is at the back of hi's house <br />Kohler's motion, to continue <br />During discussion htayor Bredesen had informed audience that at some <br />I 2. PUBIC HEARING ON PROPOSED SANITARY SEVER IN HAVJKE'DRIVE, HAIYKE'S TERGACE, <br />EASEMENT LINE FROM HAVJKE'S DRIVE TO EXISTING TRUNK SEWER, WARDEN AVEPJUE FROM <br />90 FT. WEST OF TRACY AVE. TO 255 FT. WEST OF TRACi AVE., EASEMENT LINE FRO!A <br />WARDEN AVE. TO LIFT STATION. Vu-Graph Slide was shown of plan, and Estimate <br />of Cost vias given as $25,201.80, proposed to be assessed over 24 lots, for $1,050.08 <br />per Lot. <br />Tracy Avenue, has not petitioned for sewer, but that to save future digging on Tracy <br />it might be well to consider constructing this sewer at this time; or else, to at <br />least bring the line North to \'Jarden Avenue and stub it in toward \*jarden Avenue. <br />It was also suggested that the line might be run South on Tracy Avenue from Hawkes <br />Drive, and thus eliminate the line through private easement. There was some dis- cussion as to the proposed method of assessment, Trustee Kohler stating it is <br />probable that some of the Warden Acres lots will be subdivided and that they should <br />pay for as many connections as will be needed; and it was generally agreed by Council <br />that the assessment be made on a "per connection" rather than "per lot" basis; this <br />to be rf~ore fully and formally reviewed at time of assessment hearing. <br />Engineer Zikan told Council that the block on Narden Avenue, just East of <br />Kohler