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5/25/59 I35 stated that his own Lot 6 will be subdivided and he feels that each connection shbuld <br />pay its proportionate share. <br />for those who do not expect to subdivide their large lots to file a "declaration" <br />with the Village, stating that, should the lot be subdivided later, additional <br />lots would be liable for a connection charge at the time connection is made. <br />There were no objections registered against the proposed improvement, and none had <br />been received prior to the Hearing. <br />Engineer to investigate relative costs between the "Tracy Avenue" route suggested <br />this evening and the "Easement line" route proposed, and approving the project <br />over whichever route is the cheaper. <br />Resolution Ordering Improvement, later in meeting). <br />Manager Hyde explained that the alternative would be-' i <br />Kohler then moved, directing the Village <br />Motion seconded by Tupa and carried. (See <br />3. PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED TRUNK WATERMAIN IN TRACY AVENUE FROM EXISTING <br />WATERMAIN AT GROVE STREET TO HIGHWAY #169. Vu-Graph Slide was shown of plan and of <br />District proposed to be assessed. <br />of the Trunk Watermain ending at Tracy and Grove; that Estimate of Cost is the same <br />as that for the South trunk main--For Platted Property not using trunk as lateral, <br />$.97 per front foot; for Unplatted Property not using trunk as lateral, $223.00 per <br />Acre, for Property using trunk as lateral, $5.00 per front foot connection charge. <br />No objections to the proposed improvement were registered at the Hearing, and no <br />written objections had been received prior thereto. Dickson's motion, approving <br />project, was seconded by Beim and carried. (See Resolution Ordering Improvement, <br />later in meeting). <br />Manager Hyde explained that this is the extension <br />4. PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED LATERAL WATERMAIN IN HAWKE'S DRIVE, HAWKE'S <br />TERRACE, WARDEN AVE. FROM TRACY AVE. TO 280 FT. WEST. Vu-Graph Slide was <br />shown of plan and area proposed to be assessed, and Estimate of Cost was given at <br />$7,680.00, for $451.76 per Lot. <br />and no written objections had been received prior ther'eto, Dickson's motion <br />approving project was seconded by Beim and carried. <br />There were no objections registered at the Hearing, <br />Kohler then offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTION ORDERING IMPROVEMENTS <br />SANITARY SEWER IMPROVEMENT NO. 156; <br />WATERMAIN IMPROVEMENTS NOS. 139 & <br />140 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Village of Edina: <br />report as to the feasibility of the proposed Sanitary Sewer and Watermain Improve- <br />ments described in the Form of Notice of Hearings heretofore published? and that <br />this Council has held hearings at the time and place specified in said notice <br />and, at said hearings, has duly considered the views of all persons interested, <br />and being fully advised of the pertinent facts does hereby determine to proceed <br />with the construction of said improvements; that said improvements are hereby <br />designated and shall be referred to in all subsequent proceedings as follows: <br />1. The Village Engineer, having submitted to the Council' a preliminary <br />1. CONSTRUCTION OF VILLAGE SANITARY SEWER AND <br />APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLOWING STREETS: <br />Hawke's Drive; Hawke's Terrace; Easement line from <br />Hawke's Drive to existing Trunk Sewer; Warden Ave. <br />from 90 Ft. west of Tracy Ave. to 255 Ft. West of <br />Tracy Ave.; Easement line from Warden Ave. to Lift <br />Station; Tracy Ave. from Hawke's Drive to Highway <br />No. 169-212 (except that, should the Village SANITARY SEWER IMPROVEMENT <br />Engineer determine it to be more economical to NO. 136 <br />substitute construction of sanitary sewer in Tracy <br />Avenue from Hawke's Drive to existing Trunk Sewer <br />in Tracy Ave. for that proposed sanitary sewer in <br />the Easement line from Hawke's Drive, this sub- <br />stitution may be made as part of this improvement) <br />CONSTRUCTION OF TRUNK WATERMAIN AND APPURTENANCES 2. <br />IN TRACY AVENUE FROM EXISTING MAIN AT GROVE STREET <br />TO HWY.#169 WATERMAIN IMPROVEMENT N0.139 <br />IN THE FOLLOWING STREETS: <br />3. CONSTRUCTION OF LATERAL WATERMAIN AND APPURTENANCES <br />Hawke's Drive; Hawke's Terrace; Warden Ave. from <br />Tracy Ave. to 280 Ft. West WATERMAIN IMPROVEMENT N0.140 <br />and the areas proposed to be assessed for the cost of said proposed improvements shall <br />All lots and tracts of land abutting the streets proposed to be improved by the <br />respective improvements. <br />FOR WATERMAIN IMPROVEMENT NO. 139 - All lots and tracts of land within the <br />following described boundaries: "Comm. at intersection of S. R/h line of U.S.Hwy.#169 <br />and N. extension of W. line of Sec.5,Twp.ll6,R021; th. S. along N, extension of W. line <br />of said Sec. 5 to s. line of N1/2 of Sec. 32,Twp.117,R.21; th.E. along s. line of said <br />Nl/2 to w. lot line of Lot 9, VJarden Acres; th. N. to a pt. on W. lot line of Lot 9, <br />said pt. being 227.91 Ft. N. of SW Cor. of said Lot 9; th. Parallel, Ely, with S. lot <br />fine of Lot 9, Warden Acres to E, lot line thereof; the NEly to SI Cor. of Lot 6, <br />' be as follows: \ <br />FOR SANITARY SEWER IMPROVEMENT NO. 156, AND FOR WATERWIAIN IMPROVEMENT NO. 140 -- <br />I