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7/27/59 <br />CLAIhfS PAID. Dickson's motion for payment of the following Claims, as per Pre-List <br />,dated July.27, 1959, was seconded by Tupa and carried: <br />Geneial Fund $16,666.68 - Liquor Fund $42,481 . 71 <br />Construction Fund 91 y 689 -91 Sewer Rental Fund 15 y 483.37 <br />Park & Park Const. 11,587.55 Poor & PIR Funds 39558.80 <br />Waterworks Fund 3,651007 TOTAL $185,119.09 <br />Kohler then moved for adjournment to Monday, August 3, 1959 at 7:OO P.M. Motion <br />seconded by Tupa and carried. Meeting ad$o€i$ned at 11:lO P.I.1. <br />c <br />..?- Village clerk <br />MINUTES OF THE ADJOURNED PORTION OF THE JULY 27, 1959 <br />REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD <br />MONDAY, AUGUST 3, 1959, AT 7:OO P.M., AT THE EDINA <br />VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Beim, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />PUBLIC: HEARINGS ON PROPOSED STORM SEVER IMPROVEMENTS: Clerk presented Affidavit of <br />Pu'blication in Edina-Morningside Courier July 23 and 30, 1959, of "Notice of Public <br />Hearings on Proposed Storm Sewer Improvements", which affidavit was approved as to <br />form and ordered placed on file. <br />various hearings had been mailed to owners of affected properties within the drainage <br />districts. <br />AGnutes. <br />were conducted, and action was taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />Clerk also*informed Council that notices of the <br />Copies of these notices are attached hereto and made a part of these <br />Pursuant to published and mailed notices, the following Public Hearings <br />PUBLIC HEARIXG 0P.l PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION OF A TRUNK STORM SEWER AND APPURTENANCES, <br />INCLUDIKG CONSTRUCTION OF COXTROL WORKS THEREFOR; SAID TRUNK STORM SEAVER TO BE CON- <br />GTRUCTED ALONG THE FOLLCY'IIKG ROUTE: "Beginning at the pond in the h'E1/4 S!'J1/4, Sec.31, <br />Tvq3.28 N., R 24 U., at a pt. approx. 1240' W. and 460' S. of the center of Sec. 31; the <br />-NEly along proposed drainage easements 440' more or less to the proposed street con- <br />taining the Sanitary Trunk Sewer of the Village of Edina; th. parallel to said sanitary <br />sewer and along proposed streets of the proposed addition by the Estow Corporation and <br />South Garden Estates by proceeding E. about 650'; th. 14. about 180' to the E-W/4 line, <br />Sec. 31; th. N. about 180'; th. E. about 67p',; th.'N. about 1130' to Yd.72nd St.; th. <br />E, along H.72nd St. 350' more or less to the extended S. line of the Edina Grade School <br />property; th. departing from the route of the said sanitary sewer and adjacent to the <br />said E. line of the Edina Grade School property to W.70th St.; th. W. on W.7Oth St. to <br />Cornelia Dr.; th. Nly along Cornelia Dr. to the extended N. line of Lot 17, B1. 1, <br />Southdale First Addition; th. NlVly between Lots 16 and 17 of said B1. 1 to Lake I <br />Cornelia" and <br />"Beginning at the pond in the N1'11/4 SW1/4, Sec. 31, T. 28 N., R. 24 VI., at a pt. <br />about 1220' 8. and 400' S. of NW Cor. of said NW1/4 SN1/4; th. V?. to the E. road <br />ditch of State Trunk Highway 100; th. S. along said road ditch a dist. of 2800', more <br />or less; th. W. across the Rcght-of-way of State Highway 100 to Nine Mile Creektt--the <br />scope of said proposed improvement to include, besides construction of storm ,sewer, <br />control works and other appurtenances, the acquisition oE all flowage and storage <br />easements necessary for said proposed improvement. <br />200 persons the legal procedure followed in making improvements. <br />tonight constitute the first phase of a proposed improvement consisting of some five <br />Trunk Storm Sewers and 20 Laterals affecting about 1,600 acres and costing well over <br />$1,000,000; that the improvements considered tonight consist of "Main #ltl--the key <br />trunk main--and four laterals to drain the.area"s where storm drainage problems have <br />already become critical. <br />third attempt to provide drainage for the area in an economical, practical manner, <br />with an equitable distribution of cost; other hearings having been held in August, <br />1957, and in June 1958; that construction of Trunk Main, as proposed this evening, <br />is essentially the same as that originally proposed, but that the method of assess- <br />ment is different and has been refigured by the Consulting Engineers on the bases of <br />volume of water, cost of draining, need and value, for each respective area shown <br />in the notice- of -hearing as mailed. <br />Planning Director George Hite gave a short chalk-talk, demonstrating the savings <br />to be made by using Lake Cornelia and "Normandale" pond as storage basins in lieu of <br />draining completely by pipe. He told the audience that both the size of the pipe and <br />the amount of the excavation involved are directly related to the Village's being <br />able to use these ~VJO "reservoir$'. During his talk Mr. Hite reported that the <br />amount of run-off in a wooded area is 1Qd; in a grassed area, IS$; and in a so-called <br />"Paved" area of roofs, streets, sidewalks, driveways, the run-off increased to 80$-- <br />and that in the area south of 70th Street 30;i is paved area. <br />been consulted with regard to the problems this construction will involve; and that <br />Hayor Bredesen opened this Hearing be reviewing for the large audience of about <br />Manager Hyde reported that the five improvements being considered by the Council <br />He told the audience that this Hearing represents the <br />Manager Hyde told audience that the County and State Highway Departments have <br />after considerable study and research the Village feel it does have the right to