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19% 8/3/59 <br />the storm waters from these proposed improvements into NinehMile Creek. <br />that, if the Trunk Main--the key improvement, without which none of the proposed Latefals <br />Carl' be constructed--is authorized this evening, construction' will not start until next <br />spring; that assessment for cost would be over a ten-year period, beginning in 1961. <br />A review was made of the proposed assessments for the Trunk Main, total cost estimated <br />at $253,870.00 and proposed to be assessed in the various areas at costs from $.0016 <br />to $.0287 per Square Foot, as shown in Notice of Hearing, for the respective areas <br />to be drained. <br />of the firm of Adolph Meyer and Associates, Consulting Hydraulic Engineers, officiate <br />in answering any questions which might be directed on plans and proposed assessments. <br />East of Valley view Road and North of rN.70th Street from the area proposed to be <br />assessed for Trunk Main No. 1. <br />questions, and Filr. Barr's composite expl,anation, and Manager Hyde's report. <br />district established previously, which contributes water directly into Lake Cornelia <br />is not assessed for this improvementd <br />2. <br />fied with the plan for elimination of Southdale Shopping Center from the assessment <br />area. <br />(through which Southdale's water is now drained North to Ivlinnehaha Creek) will attempt <br />to fill the swamp a: asg 1 for building lots, Mr. Clark stated that if there is the <br />the Shopping Center District should be assessed at this time for their fair share of <br />Main PJo. 1. <br />Mr, G. L. Alexander, 6616 Southcrest Dr,, asked if it is true that the Southdale <br />Shopping Center area will never need the use of the Lake Cornelia project; <br />Mr. L.S. Clark inquired as to whether Southdale Shopping Center water can be <br />kept out of Lake Cornelia in times of heavy storms and high water. <br />Shopping Center would bear, should it be determined that it should be assessed. <br />and Hyde as follows: <br />age does not go directly into Lake Cornelia; that it drains into a small pond Northeast <br />of Valley View Road, then Northeasterly into Lake Pamela and then North to Minnehaha <br />Creek; and Mr. Barr stated that there is an overflow structure in operation at the <br />present time and that a dyke has been built across the channel at the point where <br />overflow would go into Lake Cornelia; that there will be another project proposed <br />later to take care of water from Southdale Center area without detriment in any way <br />to the project proposed here. <br />office buildings, Southdale Center, Southdale Medical Building, etc,, is now fairly <br />completely storm sewered into the ponds and thence North into Minnehaha Creek; that <br />the storage volume into the ponds, considered at the time the sewers were constructed <br />by Southdale, was not finally acquired and that it has been decreased from the amount <br />planned, by the Village's taking some for the swimming pool park, the Highway Depart- <br />ment taking some, etc. JAr. Barr stated that the area is completely storm sewered <br />except for the storage; that several different means for storage are now under <br />consideration, including the Garrison Lane Swamp. <br />which might be more desirable would be around Lake Cornelia; that the Village does <br />not have control over this property but could acquire more land around Lake Cornelia <br />and make it more desirable for storage; that, if it should be decided to use Lake <br />Cornelia as storage for Southdale waters, Southdale would be assessed for the cost <br />of the additional storage space. <br />To Mr. Alexander's question Mr. Barr replied that it is true that Southdale <br />Center may never need the Lake Cornelia storage, if storage can be acquired elsewhere; <br />that it would be to the advantage of Lake Cornelia to allow diversion of Southdale <br />waters into it. Mr. Adolph Meyer augmented this statement by explaining that the <br />level of Lake Cornelia cannot be maintained, in dry periods, without the help of <br />some supplementary supply; that there will be years when the Village will welcome <br />any water it can get, to maintain the lake level, He stated he feels that some <br />provision should be made between Southdale and the Village Council for release of <br />Southdale waters into Lake Cornelia when it is needed. <br />To Mr. Francis' inquiry, Mr. Barr reported that, should Southdale waters be <br />stored in Lake Cornelia, it is proposed to assess the Southdale area at $.0044 per <br />square foot for the cost of the additional storage space required; that this proposed <br />assessment will not change the proposed assessments against the areas shown on the <br />accompanying map. <br />concerning assessment of the Southdale Shopping Center area, providing that this area <br />contributes anything to the Lake Cornelia drainage district; that, on the other hand, <br />if no water is contributed by the area, no assessment should be made against it. <br />Mr. William Crear, representing Southdale Center interests, stated he feels that <br />the present plan is a good one; that Southdale Center is willing to pay its share of <br />any assessment.where the center will use the drainage facilities. <br />He stated <br />i <br />Mayor Bredesen then opened the Hearing for questions, asking that Mr. Douglas Barr <br />Most of the questions directed to Mr. Barr concerned the exclusion of the area <br />In the interests of brevity, Clerk is listing the <br />1. Mr. LA. Hirschey, 6804 Southdale Rda3 asked why a large part of the drainage <br />Mr. L.S. Clark,6720 Southcrest Drive, stated that he, personally, is not satis- <br />Stating that he would be willing to predict that the owner of a swampy area <br />slightest possible/o !v including Southdale Shopping Center water in Lake Cornelia, <br />3. <br />4. <br />5. Mr, J. A. Francis, 6805 Creston Road, asked what kind of assessment Southdale <br />The above questions were answered, as they arose from the floor, by Messrs. Barr <br />To Mr. Hirschey's question, Manager Hyde explained that Southdale Center's drain- <br />To Mr. Clark's statements, Mr. Barr replied that the area including Southdale <br />He said that another location <br />Mayor Bredesen told audience that he agrees with everything which has been said <br />He told the