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7/27/59 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL, HELD IIXlNDAY , JULY 27, 1959, AT 7:OO P.151. y AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Beim, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED IPIIPROVEfENTS. Clerk presented Affidavit of Publication <br />in Edina-Ibrningside Courier July 16 and 23, 1959, of "Notice of Public Hearings on <br />Proposed Concrete Pavement and Integral Curb, Bituminous Surface Treatment and Concrete <br />Curb and Gutter, Bituminous Surface Treatment, Concrete Curb and Gutter, and Trunk <br />PJatermain", which affidavit was approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />Pursuant to said Notice, the following Public Hearings were conducted, and action was <br />taken as hereinafter recorded. <br />Here, Public Hearings vlere held on three alternate proposals, as hereinafter listed. <br />Manager Hyde told Council and the large audience present that bids had been taken <br />this morning on the three alternates, and that new Estimates of Cost on the three <br />projects had been made today on the basis of the low bids; that the new Estimates <br />will be given forthwith, together with the estimates prepared before bids were <br />received. <br />1. PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED STREET IMPROVElVIENTS FOR BROOKVIW HEIGHTS ADDNS. I <br />Estimates of Cost, as read, were as follows: <br />Alternate No. 1 - Concrete paving and integral curb and gutter for the entire <br />Alternate No. 2 - Blacktop surfacing and curb and gutter for the entire area - <br />Alternate No. 3 - Blacktop surfacing for entire area, and curb and gutter <br />area - Estimate before Bids - $861.62 per Lot. <br />Estimate before Bids - $650.5G1per Lot. <br />tlrhere street grades demand - Estimate before Bids - $472.86 per Lot. <br />after Bids - $420.25 per Lot <br />Estimate after Bids - $886.86. <br />Estimate after Bids - $584.77- <br />Estimate <br />all Estimates being computed by dividing total assessable cost by the 310 lots to <br />be benefited by the project. <br />$8.10 for Alt. No. 1, $5.34 for Alt. No. 2, and $3.84 for Alt. No. 3. <br />explained that these three Alternates are being presented €or consideration because of <br />the confusion which has existed with reggrd to street improvements in this area for <br />quite some time; that petitions and counter-petitions have been presented until the Council has become confused as to what is wanted and feels the residents, themselves, <br />must be equally confused; that the proposed improvement is being presented on the <br />"per lot" basis of assessment in order that the entire area might be surfaced at <br />one time--rather than piecemeal, street by street; that, asually, it is very <br />difficult to secure the surfacing of the cross-streets because the owners of <br />properties abutting these streets but facing the other way are adamant against <br />paying assessments for the cross-streets. <br />audience, but because most of those speaking failed to give their names the record <br />is not complete as to source of opinion. <br />Brookview Heights Association, reported that, although there is disagreement among <br />the residents as to just how to proceed, all agree that something must be done with <br />the streets. Hr. Jack Riehl, 6613 Warren Avenue, supported the concrete Paving, <br />as did Mr. Herman Strachauer, 5180 Abercrombie Drive, three or four others vho did <br />not give their names, and Pfi. E. C. Stow, developer of Brookview Heights, who still <br />owns many lots in the Additions. <br />because he believes the community, beautiful and worthwhile as it is, warrants it; <br />that he believes installation, here, will start a trend throughout the area. lady took issue, stating she feels that concrete has absolutely no asthetic value; <br />that residents will have the feeling that they are living in dorm-town Pllinneapolis <br />after it is installed. One gentleman expressed himself as being in favor of doing <br />nothing with the streets at this time, except to blade and oil. that residents are already overburdened with special assessments--that it is better <br />to wait until some of the already levied specials can be paid off before proceeding <br />to incur more debt. Mayor Bredesen told him that taxpayers in other areas in the <br />Village are unwilling to bear the cost of maintaining gravelled roads in Brookviewtt <br />Heights Additions for any appreciable period. <br />as to the reason €or consideration of concrete in this area. Manager Hyde reported <br />that many municipalities are, and have been, installing concrete because of the very <br />small maintenance cost. <br />for those portions bituminous surfaced VS. those portions concrete surfaced--vhich <br />showed a very great difference in maintenance costs in favor of the conorete, He <br />explained that, while the concrete for Bookview Heights will be "residentialIi <br />specifications, the blacktop proposed for the area is also the "residentialI1 type, <br />and that the maintenance ratio should be approximately the same as for the highway <br />type. Brookview Heights the concrete will heave just as the blacktop would; and Mc. Hyde <br />replied that, where it is necessary, poor base will be replaced. The matter of relative costs came before the meeting, when Ellr. Strachauer asked if the Council <br />is considering paying any portion of the concrete cost. Considerable discussion was had in the Council, and Mayor Bredesen announced that if concrete paving is <br />approved the Village will pay 1% of the cost and assess over a fifteen-year,term, <br />rather than the ten-year term contemplated for the blacktop-curb and gutter--on the <br />basis that blacktop replacement would be necessary in a maximum of 20 years as <br />against a 30-or-more years replacement for concrete, plus a considerable savings <br />in maintenance during the VJearing time of the concrete. It \vas pointed out that <br />Costs per Assessable Foot were also given, being <br />It was <br />I Many opinions were given from the <br />Mr. George Wetherbee, President of the <br />One gentleman stated he favored the concrete <br />A <br />He told Council <br />A question was directed to the Council <br />He quoted Minnesota Highway Department figures on maintenance <br />One member of the audience spoke up to say that because of the bad base in