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202 8/3/59 <br />IAotion €or adoption of Resolution was second <br />five ayes and no nays, as Eollov~: Beim, ay , aye; Kohler, aye; Tupa, ayq <br />and Bredesen, aye; and the Resolution was ad <br />, and on Rollcall there were <br />Mayor <br />Village Clerk <br />The evening's agenda's having been covered, f.layor medesen declared the meeting <br />adjourned. Adjournment at 12:03 A.M. , Tuesday, )fl$ust 4. <br />Village Clerk I I'..II€!UTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD IK)NDAY, AUGUST 10, 1959, <br />AT 7:OO P.M. , AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL. <br />IGembers answering Rollcall were Eeim, Dickson , Cohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />Minutes of the July 27th Regular Meeting were approved as subnitted, by motion Kohler, <br />seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PEOPOSED CONSTRUCTION OF SANITARY LATERAL SEWER IN P1IIRROR LAKES DRIVE <br />FROM THE EXISTING TRUNK TO INCLUDE 5128 AND 5129 MIRROR LAKES DRIVE. Affidavit of . <br />Publication in Edina-Morninsside Courier July 30 and Auqust 6, 1959 of "Notice of <br />Hearing" was presented, appioved as to form and ordered-placed on file. <br />said Hotice, Hearing was conducted and action taken as hereinafter recorded. Manager <br />Hyde explained that Hearing, tonight, is the result of a petition filed some time <br />ago for "sanitary sewer providing Village can guarantee water service by 1961". He <br />reported to audience that the Council has abandoned the construction ofa Trunk Water- <br />main because of objections from the people proposed to be assessed; and inquired as <br />to whether sewer is still desired by the Mirror Lakes group. Estimate of Cost for <br />the project was given at $17,599.80, assessable over 16 lots, for $1,099.99 per lot. <br />Mr. McDermid, sponsor of the combination petition, stated that he has no authority <br />to speak for anyone but himself insofar as sewer installation is concerned,inasmuch <br />as the watermain project will not be done. Dr. Trueman, 5125 Mirror Lakes Drive, <br />protested installation of sanitary sewer at this time, stating that future con- <br />struction of a watermain will just add to the expense of the people on Mirror Lakes <br />Drive; that utilities should be installed together, to save re-blacktopping costs. <br />At a question from the Council he stated he would not protest sewer construction <br />providing watermain construction could be had at the same time. <br />Mirror Lakes Drive, told council there is a definite emergency at her home--that <br />her family will have to do something before winter, to secure sewer service before <br />winter. <br />Kohler moved that this Public Hearing be continued to Monday, August 24, at 7:OO P.M. <br />Motion seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />Pursuant to <br />Fhs. Kempf, 5129 <br />Discussion was had by Council (see action on trunk watermain hearing), and <br />RE-HEARING ON TRUNK V!ATERMAIM FOR ROLLING GREEN-MIRROR LAKES AREA ORDERED. In the <br />course of the discussion on the proposed Sanitary sewer for Mirror Lakes Drive <br />considerable review was made on the public hearing held July 27 on a proposed trunk <br />watermain; and on the recently publicized water contamination difficulties being <br />had by Bloomington. Trustee Kohler told the Council he believed that the people <br />in the area had not been sufficiently informed as to the advantages of this proposed <br />trunk main he feels that after they have had some time to think the matter out they <br />will be agreeable to it. He said, too, that he feels that while the construction <br />of lateral mains should be by due democratic processes the Village Council should <br />take more leadership in the installation of trunk utilities. He then offered the <br />following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTION PROVIDING FOR PUBLIC HEARING I PROPOSED VIATERMAIN IMPROVEUENT <br />BE IT RESCLVED by the Council of the Village of Edina: <br />as to the feasibility of the proposed watermain Improvement described in the Form of <br />Notice of Hearing set forth below, and as to the estimated cost of such improvement, <br />said report is hereby approved and directed to be placed on file in the office of the <br />Village Clerk. <br />2. This Council shall meet on Monday, August 24, 1959, at 7:OO P.&y in the Edina <br />Village Hall, to consider in public hearing the views of all persons interested in said <br />proposed improvement. <br />The clerk is hereby authorized and directed to cause notice of the time, place <br />and purpose of said meeting to be published in the official newspaper once a week for <br />two successive weeks, the second of which publications is to be not less than three <br />days from date of said meeting, which notice shall be in substantially the following <br />form: <br />1. The Village Engineer, having submitted to the Council a preliminary report <br />. 3.