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216 8/31/59 <br />PUt3UTES OF THE ADJOURNED PORTION OF THE AUGUST 24, 1959 <br />REGULAR PAEETING OF THE EDINA VILLAGE COUICIL, HELD <br />PillOiJDAY, AUGUST 31, 1959, AT 4:30 P.kl., AT THE EDINA <br />I <br />VILLAGE HALL <br />/ <br />Ljembers answering Rollcall were Beim, Dickson , Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />At'JARD OF BIDS TAKEN AUGUST 31. <br />today; and action was taken as follows: <br />1. <br />Manager Hyde presented Tabulation of Bids taken <br />A. WATERMAIN LOOPS : <br />Projects A and B (Bids Tied) -Sunnyside Rd. from Hwy.#lOO to 420 Ft. E; <br />and Brookside Ave. from Hv~y.#169 to W.49th St.; W.49th St, .from grookside <br />Ave. to 155 Ft. E, <br />Borthern Contracting Company, second low at $15,561.50. Recormendation <br />, was for award of contractor to low bidder, and Dickson so moved. Motion <br />seconded by Kohler and carried. <br />2. <br />Stm from Park P1. to I;roodcrest Drive; Valley View Rd, from Hansen Rd. to <br />\"?yman Ave.; Wm52nd St. from Arden Aver to Juanita Ave. Four bidders, with <br />Northern Contracting Company low bidder at $3,018.60, $2,280.50, $7,533.45 <br />and $3,219.50 respectively, as compared with Phelps-Drake's SeCond-lOVJ <br />bids of $3,271.60, $2,503.25, $8,228.50 and $3,402.15. Manager recommended <br />award of contract to low bidder, and Beim so moved. <br />Tupa and carried. <br />3. Project E - l'J.59th St. from Oaklawn Ave. to pookview Ave. Four bids, <br />Barbarossa 8, sons being low bidder at $1,870.00, compared with second-low, <br />Northern Contracting com pany, at $1,920.00, Award of contract'was made <br />to low bidder, by motion Tupa, seconded by Dickson and carried, in accord <br />with Manager's recommendation. <br />Four bidders, Phelps-Drake Co, being low, at $15,047.15; <br />Projects Cy D, F and G - tV.56th St. from York Ave. to Xerxes he.; W.56th <br />Motion seconded by <br />BO CORNELIA ELE3ENTARY SCHOOL-PARE SITE--SITE GRADING AND REMOVAL OF EXCESS FILL. <br />Tabulation of Bids was presented by Iwlr. Don Brauer of Harrison 6 Assts., <br />park planners, showing five bidders on this work, which includes the stripping <br />of the topsoil, Grading, and spreading topsoil, with credit for excess fill <br />removed from site. High bid was made by Carl H. Peterson Co. Riegger <br />Roadways, Inc. jointly, and totalled $5,750,00 to be paid by the Village to <br />the contractor, <br />contractor, was made by Twin City Dirt IJovers, Inc.; second-low, by Park <br />Const, Co., at $5,023.84 to be paid by contractor. <br />It was understood that, should contract be awarded tonight, receipt <br />to the Village by the contractor includes excess fill removed from both <br />school and village-owned sites and there will be a subsequent division of <br />receipt in accordance with Village-School agreement as to rate of division.. <br />Ink. Hyde told Council that it is felt that this is an exceptionally <br />good bid--that Twin City Dirt Movers are reputable contractors, having done <br />work for Orrin Thomson, builder, and for the Village of Bloomington. He <br />recommended award to lor? bidder; and Beim moved for award of contract subject <br />to Manager's approval of School Board's proposition 2elative to division of <br />payment by contractor. <br />Low bid, which shows $14,992.00 to be paid to Village by <br />I <br />Ltotion seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />HOUSE FLOVING HEARIXGS TO BE HELD BY COUNCIL. Pursuant to discussion held at the <br />August 24th meeting, the matter of the moving of crosstown highway homes came before <br />the Council, jointly with the Planning Commission. <br />22 homes .w'nich must be moved from crosstown right-of-way was presented, carrying <br />Commission's recommendation against moving 14 of the 22. <br />khat the Commission's rec,ommendation, in the instances where proposed locations are <br />given and Commission has recommended against moving, is-in opposition to moving that <br />particular house to that particular proposed location; that in all instances where <br />a proposed location has not been given and the Commission's recommendation is against <br />,moving, the Commission's feeling is that these houses should not be moved to any <br />Edina location in their present condition; that the Commission's feeling is that a <br />house should be allowed to move into a neighborhood only if it will either improve <br />or maintain the present character of the neighborhood. <br />Spencer Kleigel, Attorney for the Donald IilcClellans, who wish to move the house at <br />6308 Josephine Ave, to 62nd and Peacedale, concerning Commission's action against <br />such a move, and Commission Llember O'dell replied that the Commission's recommendation <br />was against moving this house to this particular location, <br />ten minutes; and, apon return to meeting, Mr. Todd announced that the Commission will <br />willingly hear petitioners on any home which has to be moved; that petitions should b'e <br />accompanied by specific plans for any changes to be effected on both inside and outside <br />02 house, and a bond to insure the completion of construction according to plans, in <br />order that the Commission might be sure that the home will maintain the level-of <br />the community. <br />petition in opposition to removal of dwelling from 6341 Josephine Ave. to 5122 Valley <br />View Road; and PJr. Hyde presented petition of other neighbors, consenting to this <br />move <br />Planning Comission has recomnended moving) asked that he be allowed to move it to <br />the corner of 65th and Ryan, <br />evergreens <br />Planning Commission's list of some <br />Chairman Todd explained <br />. <br />A question was rasied by Lk. <br />Commission recessed for <br />Llr. E'Jayne Glasgow, 6129 Birchcrest Drive, asked for consideration of neighborhood <br />A tk. FJcCoy, vrho has purchased the home at 6300 Josephine Ave. (which the <br />He stated he will build a swimming pool and put in