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8/24/59 mwrEs OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 1959, <br />AT 7 :00 P.M, , AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL, <br />ROLLCALL was answered by Beim, Dickson, Kohlw, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />Special Assessment Clerk, acted as Clerk of the Council. <br />Mr. Laura Wright, <br />AilINUTES of the Council Meetings of August 3 and 10, 1959, were approved as submitted, <br />by motion Dickson, Seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />SAFETY AWARDS PRESENTED. <br />awards for the year 1958: <br />P <br />Manager Hyde presented to the Council the following safety <br />NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT <br />AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE ASSCCIATION PEDESTRIAN RECORD <br />VJALKER SAFETY AWARD, TO POLICE DEPARTMENT. / <br />Mayor Bredesen explained these awards to the audience, stating that Edina residents <br />should be happy, indeed, to know that this Village has a safety standard which <br />enables it to be the reciptent of these commendations. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS: <br />side Courier August 13 and 20, 1959, of "Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Watermain <br />Improvement" was submitted, approved as to form and ordered placed on-file;-and, <br />taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />COOPER AVENUE TO MIRROR LAKES DR: MIRROR LAKES DR. FROM INTERLACHEN BLVD. TO W.56TH <br />ST. : W,56TH ST. FROM AURROR LAKES DRIVE TO CHANTREY RD, 8, HWY.NO. 169: ALONG H!tX.NO. <br />169 FROM CHANTRE3 RD. TO TRACY AVE. Mayor Bredesen opened the Hearing by stating <br />that the Council had determined to re-hear affected persons on this proposed <br />project because - 1. in Richfield, and water contamination in Bloomington) subsequent to the last public <br />hearing on the project, and - 2. <br />opposition stated at the last hearing "was more apparent than real" and that the <br />people had not been fully informed at that time. <br />Cost at $115,995.00, for $1.03 per Assessable Front Foot for Platted Property, with <br />a maximum front footage of 150 per lot where platted lots of larger footage are <br />restricted against more than one dwelling. Estimate for Un f: latte pergi .Pro s %$g%v$strunk r <br />given at $332.19 per Acre. Estimate for Lateral Service,B6.68 per &on 00 <br />Manager Hyde referred to the Council the following three communications <br />received from affected property owners, in response to mailed notice of hearing: <br />1. John W, Sloan - 5228 Duncraig Road - IN FAVOR - improvements eventually <br />necessary; cost will increase in years to come. <br />2, 0.A. Feudner - 4805 Rolling Green Parkway - IN FAVOR - fears water <br />contamination, <br />3. George LaBelle - 5508 Merritt Circle - OEUECTING - increase in taxes. <br />PROPONENTS to the project were: <br />Mr. A.M. Fisher, 5813 Hidden Lane - for reasons that Trunk Main will provide <br />the advantages of lower fire insurance rates, improved fire protection, and a more <br />certain water supply. <br />LlrD Lloyd Smith - 5812 Northwood Drive - who questioned Council's right to <br />defer the proposed $6.00 per front foot assessment for lateral service on the <br />properties fronting on the main. <br />Mr. Bredesen replied that this method of deferred assessment has been tried but <br />that the experiment is considered to be a failure because of the uncertainty of <br />receiving payment at a particular time. <br />Mr, B. Reynolds, 5805 Hidden Lane. <br />Mr. Go Moyer, 5409 Mirror Lakes Drive - for reasons of increased fire <br />protection, better insurance rates, possibility of having street improved. time Ab. Hyde told Council that, although Council has called Public Hearing on <br />Sanitary Sewer for the North part of Mirror Lakes Drive, the South part of the <br />street does not have sewer. <br />should this present improvement be authorized. <br />ISk, M. McDermid, 5116 Mirror Lakes Dr. - wants watermain, now, if sanitary <br />sewer is to be installed, in order to save duplicate street replacement costs, It was <br />pointed out to the audience, at this time, that the original improvement hearing this <br />year had been scheduled pursuant to a petition signed by owners in the 5100 block on <br />Mirror Lakes Drive for water service; that some 11 signatures for the improvement were <br />on this petition. <br />Dr, R.F. Neumann, 14 Paddock Rd. - 1, because he is having trouble with his well <br />right now; 2, he favors additional fire protection, <br />And some others, whose names were not obtained. <br />OPPONENTS were : <br />Mr* Geo. Watson, 5301 Ayrshire Blvd. <br />then expressed a lack of confidence in ever being able to get lateral service, <br />inasmuch as he has not been able to get sewer. <br />service is readily available if petition for same can be obtained. <br />village water supply when he and his neighbors have already installed their own wells. <br />Affidavits of Publication in Edina-Morning- <br />purguant to said notice the following Public Hearing was conducted, and action was <br />RE-HEARING ON PROPOSED TRUNK WATERMAIN IMPROVEMENT IN INTERLACHEN BLVD- FROM <br />of developments in neighboring communities (water shortage <br />because it was felt by the Council that the <br />Manager Hyde read the Estimated <br />main, <br />r/ <br />He asked that deferment be made if possible. <br />At this <br />. <br />He recommended a hearing on sewer for this area, <br />He inquired about a-double assessment; <br />He was informed that lateral water <br />Atr. E.S. Ferguson, 5281 Lochloy Drive, objected to being asked to pay for a <br />In conclusion, he asked, "Why don't you leave us alone?Ii