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210 8/24/59 <br />Trustee Gohler explained that, of necessity, the promotion of a trunk improvement <br />project cannot be quite the democratic process that promotion of lateral service is; <br />that installation of trunk main involves something more than the desire of a few <br />owners of abutting properties for water service--that it means fire protection for <br />many and looks toward provision for emergencies which might arise in the general <br />area. <br />bir. VI. Lundahl, 5509 hlirror Lakes Drive - objects to paying, now, for lateral <br />service which will not be used immediately. <br />Ez. S. Plasman, 5508 Chantrey Rd. <br />IJr. R. Svrartwood, 5504 Chantrey Rd. <br />Lir. D. Knutson, 5200 Dundee Road. <br />ME. H.M. King, 5205 Chantrey Rd. <br />I:?. Bruce Yund, 5541 biirror Lakes Drive - vho objected to paying, now, for <br />lateral service which will not be used immediately. <br />lateral assessment could be deferred until connection is made. Trustee Kohler told <br />him that Council will have its attorney investigate to see if there is a possibility <br />of having the assessment deferred to some definite date--perhaps for three years; <br />but that this matter cannot be settled, now-the time and place for such determination <br />is at the assessment hearing on the improvement. <br />He stated he would approve if <br />Lii. G. Forster, 5272 Lochloy Dr. <br />Llr. Chas. YJesner, 5217 Lochloy Dr. <br />3.k. Johnson, Lochloy Dr., <br />During the Hearing many questions were asked concerning the watermain extension, <br />(Request of A.O.EdvJards, 17 Merilane, <br />(for exclusion from lateral assessment <br />(was read and ordered placed on file. <br />and some others whose names were not obtained. <br />whereas the present water suppl+y is not adequate to take care of present demands. <br />Hyde replied that the Village has been short of water only 22 days this year; that a <br />new 4,000,000 gallon reservoir is about ready for use; that, should water supply <br />still prove inadequate there is always the possibility of new wells=-although this <br />last must be considered in the light of the expenditure involved in relation to the <br />amount of service needed. <br />Kohler informed them that, although the Council does take the initiatbve for trunk <br />main promotion, interested propert$.ocvners must instigate proceedings for lateral <br />service, by means of a proper petition presented to the Village office. <br />Llr. <br />Others inquired about the possibilities of securing lateral service; and Trustee <br />Kohler then offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTION ORDERING IMPROVENENT <br />'JATERMAIN IMPROVEIIENT NO. 141 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the council of the village of Edina, Minnesota, that this Council I heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published on the following proposed <br />improvement: <br />COPlSTRUCTION OF VILLAGE TRUNK WATERMAIN AND APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLO\qJJING <br />STREETS : <br />Interlachen Blvd. from Cooper Ave. to Llirror Lakes Drive; <br />Mirror Lakes Drive from Interlachen Blvd. to W.56th St.; <br />Vest 56th St. from Mirror Lakes Drive to Chantrey Road and <br />Highway #169 from Chantrey Road to Tracy Avenue <br />Highway #169-212; <br />and at the hearing held at the time and place specified in sait notice the Council <br />has duly considered the views of all persons interested, and being fully adv.sed of <br />the pertinent facts does hereby determine to proceed with the construction of said <br />improvement; that said improvement is hereby designated and shall be referred to in <br />all subsequent proceedings as I'lATERI4AIN IhlPROVI3AENT NO. 141; and the area to be <br />specially assessed therefor shall be as follows: <br />All lots and tracts of land within the following described boundaries: <br />sion of VI. Line of Lot 7, Bl. 2, Mirror Lakes Meadow-wood 2nd Addn. to Edina High- <br />lands; tho in a general NEly direction along centerline of said Htvy. #169 to its <br />intersection with Sly extension of E. line of W. 477.5 Ft. of Sec. 28, Turp.117, <br />R.21; th. N. along said E. line to centerline of W.52nd St.; th. V?. along center- <br />line of Y1.52nd St. to !'/. line of Sec. 28, Trup. 117, R. 21; th. We along s, line of <br />Skyline to SI'I Cor. thereof; th. Nly to.SE Cor. of Lot 5, B1. 3, Victorsen's East <br />Mirror Lakes Addn.; th. Nly along E. line of said Addn. and its Nly extension to <br />centerline of Interlachen Blvd.; th. Ely along centerline of Interlachen Blvd. to. <br />to its intersection with Sly extension of W. line of Lot 4, Brum's Subd,; th. Nly <br />to €Xi Cor. of said Lot 4; th. NWly to NVJ Cor. of Lot 3, Brum's Subd.; th. Nly to <br />hT1 Cor. of Lot 1, Brum's Subd.; th. Wly to NVJ Cor. of Lot 7, Dum's Subd.; th. PIly <br />along E. line of Rolling Green Addn. and its Nly extension to N. line of Sec. 29, <br />Twp. 117, R. 21; tho Wly along N. line of said Sec. 29 to NU Cor, of Gunnar Johnson's <br />Rearrangement of Rolling Green; thence S. to MV Cor. of Lot 6, Gilwood Addn.; th. <br />SEly to NE Cor. of Lot 5, Giltvood Addn.; th. SEly to TW Cor. of Lot 36, Rolling <br />Green; tho SEly along Vi. line of said Lot 36 and its SEly extension to centerline of <br />Interlachen Blvd.; th. Ely along centerline of Interlachen Blvd. to a pt, dist. 190 <br />Ft. V!. of centerline of Mirror Lakes Dr.; the S. to W. line of Mirror Lakes Dr.; th. <br />S5;'ly along W. line of Mirror Lakes Dr, to most Ely Cor. of Lot 1, B1. 2, Mirror Lakes <br />in Edina; tho N;'!ly along k?Ely line of said Lot 1 a dist. of 19'3.35 Ft.; th. TJ. 174.54 <br />Ft.; tho c'. to PfJ Cor. of said Lot 1; th. Sly along rear lot lines of Lots 1-8, B1. 2, <br />Llirror Lakes in Edina to SIY Cor. of Lot 8, B1. 2, Mirror Lakes in Edina; th. Wly to <br />"Commencing at intersection of centerline of U.S. Hv~y.#169 and Sly exten- <br />I