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219 9/14/59 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR EliEETIMG OF THE EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY , SEPTEMBER 14, t. <br />1959 AT 7:OO P.M., AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Beim, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of the Meetings of August 24 and 31, 1959, were approved as submitted, <br />by motion Kohler, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />'. <br />f <br />BUEET FOR YEAR 1959 was presented by Manager Hyde as first order of the business <br />of this meeting and according to State Statute. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED INIPROVEMEFJTS: Clerk presented Affidavits of Publication <br />of Notices of Hearings on the following proposed projects; and, in .accordance with <br />said notices, Public Hearings were conducted, and action was taken as hereinafter <br />recorded : <br />1. PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED STORM SEWER IN VJe70TH ST. FROM VEST SHORE DRIVE <br />TO NINE-MILE CREEK; RABUN DRIVE FROM W.70TH ST. NORTHERLY TO ABERCROMBIE DRIVE: TH. <br />IN ABERCROMBIE DRIVE TO CHURCH PLACE;- ACROSS PRIVATE PROPERTY, ALONG THE E. LINE OF <br />LOT 7, BOCK 6, WOODHILL, FROM DUNBERRY LANE TO W.70TH ST. A map was shown of the <br />route of the proposed sewer and the district proposed to be assessed therefor; and <br />Estimate of Cost was read at $135,660, for $.0325 per square foot. <br />was then turned over to Ab. Douglas Barr of Adolph Illeyer and Associates, consultng <br />engineering firm, for answers to any questions from the audience. <br />Mr. Reineking, 4725 Dunberry Lane, objected to the sewer's coming through his <br />property. <br />vacant property just down the road, which would serve as well, <br />that he does believe a storm sewer is necessary, and does not object to the <br />improvement. He was informed that before final plans are formalized he will be <br />contacted by the Village for an easement; that it is possible to change the route <br />in case he is unwilling to have this construction on his property. <br />grades he feels the proposed storm sewer cannot take the water from his corner; <br />that the water drains to his corner from four directions and the corner of his lot <br />is flooded. ME. Barr stated that Andover Road is supposed to drain Westerly--that <br />the street is not up to grade at present time; that an attempt will be made to re- <br />grade Andover Road to secure proper drainage; that, should this not be possible, <br />then the storm sewer should be extended to this corner--which would be about <br />$10,000 over the present. estimated cost. <br />differences have been found between accepted street grades and present street <br />grades, where streets have not been blacktopped--that this comes from work done <br />within the plat--the developers and builders either removing dirt from the street <br />or putting dirt into the street from lot excavations. <br />blacktopping contractor had told him one lot was below grade at this corner and <br />he would leave dirt there; that, normally, it is the responsibility of the <br />property owner to build his lot up to street grade--that Wooddale Avenue has been <br />put to grade but Andover, East of Wooddale has not. <br />Mr. Grzesik, 7025 Wooddale, asked if consideration had been given to taking <br />the sewer off the low spot on 111.70th Street into West Shore Drive and then letting <br />it drain by gravity to the pond, <br />given to talcing sewer down Hest Shore Drive into Storm Sewer Main No. l--that this <br />would be more expensive than the plan proposed here--that it would not be possible <br />to stop the drainage- down West Shore Drive short of an outlet to Nine-Mile Creek. <br />residents that he is required to furnish drainage on Church Place from Nine-klile <br />Creel:, asked if residents would be bearing double storm sewer assessment.. <br />Kyde told him that the contractor's statement is not so--that the Village has <br />purchased some pipe for storm sewer and will install by day labor should it be <br />impossible to take bids in time to prevent delay of paving--that there is nothing <br />in contract with regard to drainage,, except adjustment of manholes--which is <br />usual in street improvement contracts. <br />be assessed. He was informed that ths front 50 feet is included in the benefited <br />district. <br />informed that the water along the North gutter draine into this sewer; along the <br />South gutter it turns at Link Avenue and thus cannot be included in this project. <br />Nr. Clark inquired as to what will happen to Nine-Mile Creek when the <br />property around it is settled. <br />requiring 100-foot dedications on both sides of creek from all new developers; <br />and that the establishment of a "Nine-Mile Creek Watershed District'! is under way, <br />for control of the creek from its sourceo <br />Mr. Sandberg, 4505 Andover Road, inquired as to the comparison of this <br />estimated cost with that of surrounding areas. He was told that in areas for <br />which storm sewers have just recently been approved the costs range from $.0287 <br />to LO52 per square foot. <br />The meeting <br />He reported he has just had his property landscaped; that there is <br />He stated, however, <br />Mr. Gelleland, 4445 Andover Road, told Council that because of the street <br />Engineer Zikan stated that great <br />He stated that the <br />Mr, Barr replied that consideration has been <br />Mr. D.L. Clark, 5120 Danens Drive, stating that paving contractor had told <br />Manager <br />Mr. Oliver, 5144 Danens Drive, inquired as to how much of his property will <br />He then inquired about route of water down Danens Drive, and was <br />Manager Hyde reported that the Village is