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9/14/59 <br />f:~. Howard Berong, 4437 hdover Road, stating he feels that the natural course <br />of the drainage is South instead of Vest, asked if there is a chance that properties <br />nil1 again be assessed for drainage. He was informed that this assessment uill be <br />all they will' have. <br />by letter to being included in the assessment district; that he was included on the <br />engineer's assuxption that property abutting Y1.70th street would be platted to face <br />the street but that !.IT. Arneson has plans to plat his property in a different <br />manner. <br />in the district for the reason that it drains back to Eine-l.lile Creel:; and he was <br />informed that, should his plat for the property be in by the time of the assessment <br />hearing, the property could be excluded at that time. His land, also, faces 3.70th <br />Street and had been included on the assumption by the engineer that a tier of lots <br />would face the street. <br />AIL-. Clark asked if Brookview Heights could have been served, alone, at a <br />cheaper rate, and vias informed by 1.k. Hyde that such is not the case. <br />There were no other objections registered at the Hearing, and the Clerk had <br />received no mitten objections prior thereto. <br />and moved its adoption: <br />228 <br />1:lanager Hyde reported that Ltr. Korton Arneson, 4709 W.70th Street, has objected <br />1 <br />lir. Harvey Olson, 5021 YJ.70th Street, objected to the inclusion of his property <br />I- <br />Kohler offered the following Resolution <br />RESOLUTION ORDER IP!G 1II"IPROVEiJENT <br />STONJ SFIER IMPFiOVEi.ENT NO. 52 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Village of Edina, IJinnesota, that this Council <br />heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published on the following proposed <br />improvement: <br />COia3TRUCTICTJ OF VILLAGE STORLI SEVER AND APPURTENAKCES AS FOLLOWS : <br />Along W.7Oth St* from West Shore Drive, Westerly to Nine-Mile Creel:; <br />Along Rabun Drive, from ~1~70th St., Northerly to Abercrombie Drive; thence <br />Easterly along Abercrombie Drive to church Place; <br />Across private property, along the East line of Lot 7, B1. 6, I'loodhill, <br />from Dunberry Lane to :?-70th St.; <br />and at the hearing held at the time and place specified in said notice the-Council <br />has duly considered the views of all persons interested, and being fully advised <br />of the pertinent facts does hereby determine to proceed with the construction of <br />said improvembnt; that said improvement is hereby designated and shall be referred <br />to in all subsequent proceedings as STORM SEE'IER IIJPROVELIENT KO. 52, and the area <br />to be specially assessed therefor shall include all lots and tracts of land within <br />the following described boundaries: <br />80' South of the ItYl Cor. of said Sec. 31; tho Wly along a line parallel to center- <br />line of !'?.70th St. to intersection of said line with extended Ely line of Lot 7, <br />B1. 1, Duggan's Hcmestead; th. P?ly to SE Cor. of Lot 29, B1. 6, Brookview Hts. 2nd <br />Addn.; tho I!ly to a pt. in E.- line of Lot 2, B1. 6, Brookview Hts. 2nd Addn. rdnich <br />is 50' Sly of ?JE Cor. of said Lot 2; th. NEly to intersection of centerline of <br />Tifton Drive and Rabun Drive; th. HEly along centerline of Tifton Dr. to extended <br />SYlly line of Lot 8, a. 2, pookviea Hts. 2nd Addn.; th. SEly along Sl'lly line of <br />Lot 8, B1. 2, grookview Hts. 2nd Addn.; th. SEly along said extended SWy line of <br />said Lot 8 to a line 80' from and parallel to said-ex+ead centerline of Tifton Dr.; <br />th. Xly along said line and continued along a line parallel to centerline of Keadow <br />ridge Dr. to a pt. 50' Kly of S. line of Lot 6, B1. 5, Brookview Hts. 1st Addn.; th. <br />Ely along a line parallel to S. line of Lots G 8 5, said B1. 5, to intersection <br />with a line 50' Yily of and parallel to centerline of Danens Dr.; th. Nly along said <br />line to I!. line of Lot 1, ~l. 5, Nookview Hts. 1st Addn.; th. NEly along said lot <br />line and extension thereof to centerline of Danens Dr.; th. 1Wly along centerline <br />of Danens Dr. to SYJly extension of I+fl'Jly line of Lot 16, B1. 1, Broohievrr Hts. 1st <br />Addn.; tho NEly along said extended lot line to a line 80' from and parallel to <br />centerline of Danens Dr,; th. SEly along said line to Yly line of Lot 23, B1. 1, <br />. Brookview Hts. 1st Addn.; th. I!Ely to a pt. which is 180' Yl. of E. line of Sec. 4, <br />Twp. 116 No, R, 21 Yi., and 730' S. of centerline of YJ.66th St.; th. Nly to a pt. <br />230' S. of centerline of !';.6Gth St. and 210' If!. of E. line of Sec. 4, T. 116 PI. <br />R. 21 ?'lo; th. SEly to a pt. on extended centerline of Roycar Road which is 530' E. <br />of f'f. line of Sec. 30, T. 28 N., R. 24 IV.; th. Ely along centerline of Roycar Rd. <br />and extension thereof to extended E. line of Lot 5, 131. 9, I'loodhill; th. S171y to <br />intersection of centerline of !'?ilford Z'lay and extended 71. line of Lot 3, eB1. E, <br />l'loodhill; th. Ely along centerline of Wilford Way to centerline of I'lest Shore Dr.; <br />th. SEly to intersection of centerline of Dunberry Lane and Creston Rd.; th. Sly <br />to SI'J Cor. of Lot 3, B1. 5, Creston Hills; th. Ely to SE Cor. of Lot 1, said 31. 5; <br />th. SEly to SI:'Cor. of Lot 3, B1. 4, Creston Hills; tho. SEly to intersection of <br />extended Y. line of Lot 5, said B1. 4 and center line of W.70th st.; th. YJ. along <br />centerline of 1;'.70th st. to centerline of Ylooddale Ave.; th. SEly to a pt. 50' E. <br />of SI'I Cor. of Lot 3, ~l. 1, South Garden .Estates Second kddn.; th. Sly parallel to <br />centerline of :'looddale he. to a pt. 80' N. of centerline of Kellogg Ave.; th. Ely <br />and Sly along a line 80' from and parallel to centerline of Kellogg &e. to a pt. <br />which 5s 725' Sly of 11. Line of Sec. 31, T. 28 N., R. 24 Y?. measured at right <br />angles to said 11. line; th. Ylly to intersection of centerlines of Belvidere Lane <br />ahd I'iooddale Ave.; tho !Yly along centerline of Belvidere Lane and extension thereof <br />to a line 80' Uly of and parallel to centerline of West Shore Drive; th. l?ly along <br />. <br />"Beginning at a point on the west line of Sec. 31, T. 28 N., R. 24 I'f. which is I <br />said line to S* line of Lot 5, B1. 1, South Garden Estates; tho ~$;/ly along a line