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10/5/59 <br />GEr-IEREiL FW4D <br />Village Share-state Liquor and Cigarette <br />Taxes <br />Licenses and permits <br />J.iun i c i p a 1 Court <br />Departmental Service Charges <br />Other <br />Transfer from Liquor Fund <br />State A.pportionment-Highways <br />TOTAL GENERAL IW;?D <br />PARI; FUND <br />Registration Fees <br />Other <br />Transfer from General Fund <br />TOTAL PARK FUND <br />TOTAL ESTIMATED REC E1 F'T S <br />$ .21 j 000 <br />46,311 <br />55,000 <br />87,500 <br />32,550 <br />24,000 <br />18,810 <br />$285,171 ' <br />$ 21,000 <br />400 <br />42,450 <br />$ 54,&50 <br />$340,021 <br />Section 3. <br />property in the Village of Edina a tax rate sufficient to produce the amounts <br />hereinafter set forth: <br />That there be and hereby is levied upon all taxable real and personal <br />For the General Fund $587 , 521 <br />For the Park Fund 51,000 <br />For the Poor Fund 7,800 <br />For Firemen's Relief 7 650 <br />For Fire Protection 7 650 <br />For Bonds and Interest <br />- TOTAL, <br />46 200 <br />$707,821 <br />?r. c <br />Section 4. <br />publication according to law. <br />This ordinance shall be in effect from and after its adoption and <br />Motion for adoption of Ordinance, waiving second reading thereof, was seconded by <br />Tupa, and on Rollcall there were five ayes and no nays, as follows: Eeim, aye; <br />Dickson, aye; Kohler, aye; Tupa, aye; an <br />adopted . <br />HILLDALE SANITARY SBYER LIFT STATION FINA"1MG DISCUSSED. Manager Hyde gave the <br />Council a report as to the Sanitary Sewer Lift Stations already constructed in <br />the Village, for which small areas are being specially assessed; and the methods <br />of financing the proposed lift station for Hilldale were discussed at some length. <br />Attorney Hasselquist told Council it would be legally possible to defer assess- <br />ment for lift station against the lots not presently benefited by it; and it was <br />decided by common consent of Council that the proposition should be presented <br />to Hilldale residents that the assessment for Lift station be deferred until <br />such time as lateral connections are made, with 5;d interest to be added from <br />the date of the original assessment until such time as connection is made. <br />OFFICIALS APPOINTED FOR NOVEMBER 3RD VILLAGE ELECTION. Clerk presented roster <br />of nominees for Election Judges for the Village Election of November 3, explain- <br />ing that she had been unable to secure a full roster to date, and asking that she <br />be given authority to appoint the remaining seven judges from the registration <br />file. <br />the November 3rd Election, and authorizing Clerk to make the remaining seven <br />appointments was seconded by Kohler and carried: <br />Camille Kortum and Grace Ode11 (three still to be appointed). <br />Helen hl. Hall, Betty Hess, Marian Bailey, Shirley Taylor. <br />Berglund, Ella Sweeney, Clara Bjorness, Florence Hallberg. <br />Gladys Vieth, Olga Hintz, Hilda Sievertson (two still to be appointed). <br />Gladys Cameron, <br />hlyrtle klyhr, Hilma Spencer. <br />Borsch '- Edina Highlands School. <br />Dickson's notion, appointing the following persons as Election Judges for <br />DISTRICT NO. 1 - Wooddale School - Mmes. Ivlarjorie McCall, Marjorie Rossiter, <br />DISTRICT NO. 2 - Villaqe Hall - Vmes. Nellie Strate, Frances Sonnenberg, <br />DISTRICT NO. 3 - Junior Hiqh School - Mmes. Edith- Waste, Ruth Zipoy, Audrey <br />DISTRICT NO. 4 - Concord Grade School - Mines. Eleanor Oren, Mildred Bagley, <br />DISTRICT NO. 5 - Cahill Grade School - Mmes. Frances Wood, Lil Kesler, <br />DISTRICT NO. 6 - Shepherd of Hills Church - Mmes. Olga Bye, E.L. Modlin, <br />DISTRICT NO. 7 - Akes. hiIildred Jones, Lela Hagen, Mary Wright and Margaret <br />. <br />(two still to be appointed).