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9/28/59 239 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR IiAEETING OF THE EDIfJA VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, SEPTEMEIER 28, 1959, AT 7:OO Pol& <br />IN THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Rollcall was answered by Beim, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />$7 <br />Minutes of Council Meetings of September 14 and 21, 1959, were approved as submitted, <br />by motion Tupa, seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS. Affidavits of Publication in Edina- <br />Morningside Courier on September 17 and 24, 1959, of "Notices of Public Hearings" <br />were presented; and said Affidavits were approved as to form-and ordered placed on <br />file. <br />action taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />MIRROR LAKES DRIVE FROM AYRSHIRE BLVD. TO 1025 FT. N. <br />that he had met with the majority of the benefited property owners at Mr. Kaufmann's <br />home since September 14, and that those present had indicated that they would assent <br />to sewer construction, There-were no objections registered at this meeting, and <br />the Clerk had received none between September 14th and this time, <br />the EollovJing Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />Pursuant to said Notices the following Public Hearings were conducted alsd <br />1. CONTIbJUATION OF SEPTEhBER 14TH HEARING ON PROPOSED SANITARY SEWER IN <br />Mr. George Hite reported <br />Dickson offered <br />RESOLUTION. ORDERING IMPROVEWENT <br />SANITARY SEWER IMPROVEMEI$T NO. 158 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Village of Edina; hlinnesota, that this Council <br />heretofore caused notice of hearing to-be duly published on the following proposed <br />improvement: <br />Ayrshire Blvd. to 1025 Ft. N., <br />and at the hearing held at the time and place specified in said notice the Council <br />has duly considered the views of all persons interested, and being fully advised of <br />the pertinent facts does hereby determine to proceed with the construction of said <br />improvement; that said improvement is hereby designated and shall be referred to in <br />all subsequent proceedings as follows:- SANITARY SEIVER ILIPROVEMEfLTT NO. 158- and <br />the area to be specially assessed therefor shall include lots 2 to 9, incl., Block 6, <br />Mirror Lakes in Edina, <br />Construction of Sanitary Sewer and Appurtenances in Mirror Lakes Drive from <br />Motion for adoption of the Resolution was y I<ohler, and on Rollcall there <br />were five ayes and no nays, as follows: Dickson, aye; Kohler, aye; Tupa, <br />aye; and Bredesen, aye; and the A n <br />2, PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED SAlJITARY SEWER AND -APPURTENANCES IN VALLEY VIEW <br />ROAD FROM W.66TH ST. TO MN6S RR.: HILLSIDE LAKE, VALLEY VIEI"1 RD, TO TRACY AVE.: <br />CRESCENT DR. <br />FROM VALLEY VIElV RD. TO I\J. LINE OF VALLEY VIEY HEIGHTS: CREST LANE: I'JHITING AVE., <br />VALLEY VIEW RD. TO 420 FT. tiJ: TRACY AVE. FROM WHITING AVE. TO 1'1.59TI-I ST.: RIDGEI'IAY <br />RD. FRO3.4 TRACY AVE. TO 750 FT. ELY: ARBOUR LANE: We62ND ST., TRACY AVE. TO 450 FT. We <br />FROM HILLSIDE LANE TO N. LINE OF VALLEY VIET,;] HEIGHTS; VESTRIDGE BLVD. <br />Vu-Graph Slide was shown of proposed route of sewer and of benefited district, and <br />Estimate of Cost was read at $235,250.40, proposed to be assessed against 183 Lots <br />for $1,285.52 per Lot--as compared with the Estimate of an Estimate of $1,506.00 <br />per Lot providjng only the South (Valley ViewNeights) portion of the area is to <br />be served. <br />himself as owner of Lot 18, and for Mr. J, I;. Selden, 6212 Crest Lane, owner of <br />Lots 16 and 17, <br />telling Council that Mr. Selden's objection is to being assessed for two lots, <br />whereas his house is situated so that another home cannot be built there. Nir. <br />Cleaveland asked that Crest Lane be deleted from the area proposed to be improved. <br />Ab. Hyde informed him that if Mr. Selden is willing to file deed restrictions with <br />the Village to the effect that another dwelling will not be built on these two lots <br />he will receive the benefit of a one-lot assessment; and Mr. Cleaveland told Council <br />he felt that Mr. Selden's objections would be lessened if this were the case. <br />owner of Lots 3 and 4, Block 1, Countryside (fronting on W,62nd St. just I;tlestl* of <br />Tracy Avenue, asked that the line proposed for W.62nd St. from Tracy Ave. to 450 <br />Ft. W. be deleted from project. He' explained that Lots 2 and 3 are unbuildable <br />because they are "bottomless". <br />of Lot 1, intends to bui-ld on it but does not want the sewer, He was given the <br />same information as Mr. Cleaveland concerning deed restrictions. There wers no <br />objections received prior to the Hearing, and no other objections were received <br />at the Hearing, <br />signed since notices were mailed out. Manager Hyde explained that the depth of the <br />Valley View road sewer has been checked, and it has been found that it must go to <br />this depth- Mr. Kohler inquired as to further extension North on Tracy &re., and <br />Mr. Zikan told him there may have to be additional sewer laid, but that it will <br />drain North and not to the presently proposed project. <br />MI. M. G. Cleaveland, 6204 Crest Lane, who stated he was speaking for <br />.- based his own objection on the grounds of "no need at present", <br />The <br />This gentleman stated that Mr. Oscar Grant, owner <br />Clerk reported receipt of two petitions in favor of project, <br />Beim offered the follovJing