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MINUTES OF Tm REGULAR lOll3/5 MEETING 9 03' Tm EDINA 253 <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL^ HELO TUESDAY'; OCTOBERU, 1959 .-? AT THE EDmA V1TJ;AGE HALX _..- <br />Rollcall was answered by Beim, Dickson, Kohler and Tupa. <br />presided until Mayor Bredesen arrived, as hereinafter recorded. <br />Mayor Pro Tem Dickson <br />MINUTES of the Meetings of September 28 and October 5, 1959.were approved as <br />submitted, by motion Beim, seconded by Kohler and carried. <br />EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF ST. STEPHEN THE MARTYR WITHDRAWS PETITDN-90R REZONING.kManager <br />Hyde announced receipt, today, of a letter from St. Stephen's Church, withdrawing <br />its petition for the rezoning to Automobile Parking District of the Darr property <br />on W .5Ot@ Street. <br />MEETING HELD TONIGHT BECAUSE COLUMBUS DAY A STATE mGAL HOLIDAY. Mr- Hyde told <br />audience that the Regular Meeting of the Council is being held tonight .because * <br />Eolumbus Day precludes transaction of municipal business in Minnesota, according <br />to ruling by Attorney General. <br />PUBLIC IlEARINGS ON PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS. <br />FOR HIIXDm ARE%. I!&. Dickson reviewed for the audience the proposition placed <br />before affected property o6'ners in a letter dated October 7, 1959, signed by the <br />Village Manager, to the effect that assessment for Lift Station would not be made <br />until property owners connected to the lateral sewer--at which time the assessment <br />would include the proportionate cost of the lift station plus 5% interest from the <br />present time to the date of connection. <br />that the original petitioners against the improvement are in opposition to the <br />new proposal. <br />emergency in the true sense of the word. Mrs. Danley reiterated her statements <br />of last meeting, to the effect that sewer is urgently needed by the petitioners <br />because kthey are having grave difficulties with their own sewage systems. There <br />was considerable discussion, most of it in the same vein as that heard at the last <br />meeting. Objectors to the new plan wanted complete assurancekthat there would be <br />no lien against their properties until such time as they connected to the sewer. <br />Mr. Hasselquist told them that there would not be a lien because an assessment <br />would not be levied. They were informed, however, that information concerning <br />the deferred connection charge would be available for purchasers at the Village <br />Hall. Some objectors protested the proposed interest charge. Dr. O'Brien told <br />once again of the troubles he is having, and Mrs. Danley stated that np one can <br />guarantee permanent relief by private system. <br />of the general taxpayer as to what fund would pay for construction of the Lift <br />Station, and Manager Hyde explained the proceedings briefly. <br />Dickson continued to preside :-throughout the Hearing. <br />answered by Mr. Balich that it is intended to serve Lot 12 directly from the man- <br />hole in Circle East. <br />on Spur Road be saved from assessment; that the sewer line be shortened and these <br />lots obtain no service. <br />Kohler it was announced that this could be done, but that the estimated cost of <br />the lateral to those still getting service would be about $1,750 per lot for the <br />lateral, plus $750 for the Lift Station. At this new estimate Mr. Kamisar, one <br />of the petitioners for the project, demurred; and, after hearing estimates of <br />from $600 to $800 on installing private systems, as set forth by Mr. Hoyt and <br />Mrs. Merriman, Mr. Dickson asked petitioners to secure firm estimates Eor putting <br />in their own private systems. He suggested that Hearing be continued until these <br />estimates have been received, stating that if, after further investigation, <br />petitioners still want sewer he believes Council should order it in on the basis <br />presented here t0nigh.t. Trustee Beim, stating he believes the Council has not <br />sufficient information to warrant its going ahead with this project, moved for <br />denial of petition. Motion was seconded by Tupa; and, on Rollcall vote there <br />were five ayes and no nays, as follows: Beim, aye; Dickson, aye; Kohler, aye; <br />Tupa, aye; and Bredesen, aye; and the motion was unanimously carried. Audience <br />was told, however, that, should original petitioners present the Council with <br />evidence to the effect that there is not a solution to their present sewage <br />problems, Council will again consider the matter of sewer in this area. <br />1. CONTINUATION 03' sEpTEMBEB28TH REARING ON SANITARY SEWER AND LIFT STATION <br />Mr. J. R. Cargill, 8 Circle East, stated <br />He protested that the "emergency" sewer petition is not an <br />W. Roy Larson inquired on behalf <br />Mayor Bredesen arrived during Mr . Hyde s explanation to Mrs . Larson, but Mr. <br />Mr. Cargill questioned the design of the sewer line into Spur Road, and was <br />It was then suggested by Mr. Cargill that Lots 11, 16 and 17 <br />Upon some quick figuring by Manager Hyde and Trustee <br />At this time Mayor Bredesen took his chair and presided for the balance of the <br />meeting.