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10/13/59 <br />1.5s. ROY LriRSE! REGISTERS CO:.:PLAIr!T (21;' REGR:SDIT!G OF SOUTH ELlitI<E ROCLD BEIYEEI! LiUESo <br />fh. Roy Larsen, 6321 Interlachen Ed., coxplained that the recent regrading of that <br />portion of South Blake Road lying between the two "Xirror LBBes" has caused a <br />change in drainage--that water is now drained toward the Vest" la!:e by surface <br />drainage, a spillway and a brand new culvert. <br />inasmch as the Larsens vfanted neither xore nor less water in their pond. <br />Hyde ansaered that it is not certain that rrore water is now beking drained into the <br />pend than forererly went there; that water certainly flows out of the little pond <br />into the bigger Xrror La!:es; that the village has attempted to channel the water <br />in the simplest xanner, and has received many compliments on this improverrent. <br />Llls. Larsen stated she wants no more water in her lake because there will be a <br />continual rundorm, bloc1:ing the ends of drains; that she does not choose to bs <br />snaxped 57 her ol:n water from her ovm lake. <br />She asked why this uas done, <br />Ik. <br />No action taken. <br />The agenda's having been covered, Eeim moved for adjournKent. <br />by Kohler and carried. <br />Llotion seconded <br />Keeting adjourned at 11:35 P.Z. A <br />Village Clerl: <br />XIiJUTES OF THE REGULAR !.IEETII!G OF THE <br />EDEk VILLkGE COUIITCIL, HELD i.:C?XDAY, <br />CCTOBER 26, 1959, AT 7:OO P.Ziry AT THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Rollcall was answred by rrerbers Beim, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />FUBLIC HEARIKGS Ci9 PKOFOSED ZOMIIi!G CHAKGES. <br />cation, Posting, and Ltailing, as follows: <br />Clerk presented Affidavits of Fubli- <br />1. Publication in Edina-Morningside Courier on Cctober 15 and 22, 1959, <br />posting of Rotice on Official village Eulletin Eoards October 21, and <br />mailing of Kotice to affected property owners of "Botice of Public <br />Hearing on Petition for Rezoning:. <br />2, Publication in Edina-tlorningside Courier October 15 and 22, 1959, and <br />nailing to affected property ovmers of "Notice of Public Hearing-Special <br />Permi tfl . <br />flailing to affected property owners of: <br />"P?otice of Hearing--Petition of Richard Powers for 9 Ft. Setbacks <br />(Side yard) at 4588 Garrison Lane." <br />"Notice of Hearing--Petition of Edward Capra for 3i Ft. projection <br />into required front yard setback, 6108 Xerxes Ave. So." <br />"IIotice of Hearing--Petition of Harold Hardacker for pernit to <br />face two dwellings on Kresse Circle rather than on Maloney Ave. <br />3. <br />A. <br />B. <br />C. <br />Pursuant to said I!otices, which were approved as tb form and.ordered placed on <br />file, the following Public HealTings were conducted, and action was taken as <br />hereinafter recorded. <br />1. PUBLIC HEARiT1:G OX PETITIQJ OF r.3. DAVE TEOI:AS FOR THE REZOIJING FRO!.: OPB! <br />DEVELOPi.ii!T DISTFXCT TO XULTIPLE RESIDEKE DISTRICT OF THE PROPERTY 1310','X AS <br />5410 FRAKCE AWJUE SOUTH. <br />presented by Planning Director Hite, together with Planning Commission's recommend- <br />ation for, approval of petition. <br />Lijsing, 5405 Halifax Lane, protested this large. unit. <br />that neighbors realize 'chat they cannot expect to have single-family units at this <br />location (just south of a filling station) but that they had hoped for double <br />bungalows at this site. He said it was his recollection that both Corrinission <br />and Council had advocated no apartment buildings on France Avenue south of 54th <br />St. <br />for this property, as a buffer between the comercial enterprise on the corner <br />and the double dwellings farther south. <br />ccncern about the height of the building, explaining that Halifax Lane is lower <br />than France and that the height of this proposed building will be out of line with <br />the other buildings in the neighborhbod. 2.k. Thomas, petitioner, told Council that <br />the elevation from grade to ridge of roof will be approximately 23 feet, vinich is <br />'no taller than many a two-story dwelling. Stating he feels that this is a proper <br />and equitable use for the property, Dickson offered the following Ordinance, rr.oving <br />that Council dispense with second reading and adopt Ordinance as submitted: <br />Plan of proposed 10-unit apartment/ building was <br />Llessrs. Nat Johnson, 5412 Halifax Lane and David <br />Mt-. Johnson told Council <br />Xz. Hite explained that the commission felt ltltiple Residence use was best <br />Kessrs. Johnson and Lijsing both expressed <br />D <br />@RDIP!AI:CE I?O= 261-52 <br />i:! Or\DIr:kl!CE Ai.fET.!DIKG THE Z@ldIllG @RDI!!&:CE OF <br />EDII!A BY ESTi43LISNIP!G ADDITIC2!AL <br />XLILTIPLE RESIDEXCE DISTRICT <br />THE VILLAGE coui:ciL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA, XIPNESOTA, oram:s : <br />Secticn 1. Sect'lon 4, Xatltiple Residence District, of Ordinance 2211 of the <br />Revised Ordinances sf the Village of Edina, as amended, is hereby amended by adding <br />at the end of paragraph 1 02 said Section 4 an additional sub-paragrpph as follows: