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272 11/2/59 <br />:JItNITES OF THE SPECIAL XEETING OF -THE EDINA ViLL,GE <br />CCUKIL, HELD U3qDAY, f\lOVEl.l3!3 2, 1959, AT 5:OO P.L , <br />AT THE EDINA VILLJ'GE HPLL <br />Pursuant to and notice the Village Ceuncil convened at 5:OO P.X, iJonday, <br />November 2, 1959, in Special Session, for the purpose of discussing and possibly <br />taking action on the matter of Village responsibility for payment of costs af <br />construction of utilities in streets abutting park properties. <br />All members of the Ccuncil were present at this meeting, and Park Eoard Xember <br />Kendall Stevens, Park Director French, Planning Director Hite, and Kanager Hyde, <br />were also in attendance. <br />Considerable discussion was had on the problem, and it was the general concensus <br />that inasrcuch as swer and water are nowing being paid for on a per-connecticn <br />basis, par!: properties shculd pay on the same basis, at the rate of me connection <br />per par!: for each utility; that, in cases where developers are furnishing their <br />cvm utilities they should be notified in advance that if the Village is 'io pay <br />any share of construction costs the \]illage must take bids cn the work. <br />forrnal action ta!:en on this policy rtiattsr. <br />t!ci <br />Geeting adjourned at 6 ZOO Fa!.% by comnon consent. <br />Acting Clerk <br />!hIF!UTES OF i.!EETIKG OF CANViXSI€iG BL?i,RD FOR <br />EDIW VILLAGE ELECTIOM, WELD TUESDAY , I.!QVELiEER 3, 1959 <br />AT 8 zoo p.r.i. , AT EDIMA VILLAGE HALL <br />Xeeting convened at E:O0 P.X. at Vi-llage Hall with Council IJernbers Eeim, Kohler and <br />Tupa acting as Canvassing Board for Village Election for this date, Tuesday, ItJovember <br />3, 1959. <br />seven Voting Districts, comparing them with returns af Election Officials; and it <br />was then moved, seconded and carried that Canvassing Beard finds the returns made <br />by election officers to have been correct in all cases, and certifies the returns <br />of the Village Election held November 3, 1959, to be as follows: <br />:.!embers canvassed returns of Voting tlachines and absentee ballots in the <br />X4YOS - Term 2 Year.s <br />EREDESEN.JR. STO!"d <br />Arthur C. Edward C. <br />1. Ylooddale School 530 155 <br />2. Village Hall 3 05 21 0 <br />3. Junior High 363 ,145 <br />4. Ccncord School 343 1E9 <br />5. Cahill School 300 141 <br />6. Shepherd Hills 67 37 <br />90 7. Edina High.Schl, 188 <br />2136 967 - <br />Total Vote <br />Plo. 4, 532; <br />by District <br />EO. 5, 441 <br />TRUSTEE - Term 3 Years <br />. 'f?.N. Henry G. <br />DICICSON S!'JIGGUi6 <br />614 101 <br />348 157 <br />390 109 <br />358 . 168 <br />316 ' 118 <br />71 32 <br />202 <br />2305 <br />68 <br />753 <br />being as follons: District 140. 1, 726; KO. 2, 516; No. 3, 509; <br />; Eo. 6, 1C4; and No. 7, 27S--Tot-a1, 3,106. <br />2