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11/9/59 274 <br />Motion for adoption of Resolution was seconded by Beim, and on Rollcall there were <br />m, aye; Kohler <br />dayor Pro Tem <br />3. PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED STORM SEWER FOR LARKSPUR LANE AREA. A Vu-Graph <br />Slide was shown of the alternate projects <br />assessed for same. <br />Engineers, explained the alternates, as follows: <br />with over-all storm sewer for Southeast Edina) - Construction of a "gravity flow" <br />storm sewer from the low point in this area to the pond in "Lake Edina Second Addn.", <br />at a cost of $47,08O--proposed to be assessed over 31.2 acre, for approximately <br />4.33 cents per square foot; this having the advantage of being maintenance free. <br />Alternate No. 1 - Construction of a one-acre detention basin at the <br />low point of the area (which would mean acguisition of privately owned land by <br />the Village), and lateral storm sewers from this basin to both the pond to the <br />and to Larkspur Lane, and a pump in the basin to lift the stormwater up to the storm <br />sewer in 70th Street, which would transport it to Nine Mile Creek--proposed to be <br />assessed over 31.2 acres, at a cost of 1.74 cente per acre, approximately, Engineer's <br />total estimate being $18,900. <br />some maintenance. <br />basin to the "east" (Morton Arneson) pond--which would reduce the cost of Alternate <br />No. 1 to $15,570 estimated, but which would also reduce the area proposed to be <br />assessed by eliminating 9.4 acres at the Northeast corner; thus mak3ng the assessment. <br />to the balance of the area an estimated 2.05 cents per square foot. <br />Mr. Barr explained to the audience that Alternate No. 1 can be constructed in <br />stages; that the first stage could consist of construFtion of detention basin and <br />lateral to Larkspur Lane--which cost would be approximately $10,600, assessed over <br />21.8 acres (the Northeast area which drains into the Arneson pond would not be <br />included) at a cost of 1.40 cents pEr square foot-and that, then, when area <br />becomes more built up and run-off becomes greater the pump and main to W.70th St. <br />could be installed, with additional assessment to this 21.8 acres at that time. <br />Lane homes) are under water after every rain; that the Village must pump Larkspur <br />Bane repeatedly. <br />siderable discussion was had as to the history of the problem, the easement required <br />of developer Balthrop at the time of platting, etc. There were complaints from the <br />audience that the Village administration is to blame for allowing building permits <br />at the Smith and Floten properties; and Manager Hyde explained that the Village has <br />control of elevation only at the front--that there is no control over rear yard <br />elevations. Pastor Smith spoke up to state that he and Mr. Floten can take care of <br />their ''rear yard" problems without too much difficulty-that the main problem is <br />that of the eternal pond in the public right-of-way. One gentleman whose property <br />fronts on West Shore Drive stated his property all drains into the Arneson pond, <br />and it was-pointed out that this portion of the assessable area will be eliminated, <br />should the Council decide not to construct a lateral from the Arneson pond to the <br />detention basin at this time. <br />Aspasia Lane, explained that the South portion of Vest Shore Drive all drains to the <br />South. Planning Director Hite reported that the grade of Aspasia Lane extended has <br />been established with a one percent grade toward the west and that when this.street <br />is graded the West Shore Drive water will drain into it, then-west to Larkspur Lane, <br />then north into proposed dehention basin. <br />be surveyed in the field before any assessment is levied, to determine which portion <br />will drain to the west. <br />pump. He replied <br />greater; that, without a pump the detention basin area will be continually marshy <br />and will tend to overflow after heavy rains, causing about the same problems as are <br />now being experienced. <br />that provisions for a future ppnp be made; that it is their opinion that pump must <br />be installed sooner or later; and that a line to the detention basin should be <br />installed sufficiently deep for installation of pump at a later date. Some persons <br />in the audience took issue with Mr. Barr's statement, citing Mr. heson's lack of <br />drainage troubles. In a discussion at the Council table, Trustee Dickson suggested <br />that the Council consider only the first stage of Alternate 1 at this time-- <br />acquisition of land for, and construction of, detention basin and construction of <br />a lateral from Larkspur Lane thereto; and Trustee Kohler agreed, stating, however, <br />that he believes the lateral should be laid at a depth in accord with the Engineer's <br />recommendation for a future pump. <br />acquire the land necessary for a storm sewer detention basin as outlined at this <br />Hearing and prepare to have said land excavated for said detention basin and to <br />award a contract for the laying of a line from Larkspur Lane to the detention basin <br />in such manner as to provide for a pump at such time as is necessary. <br />seconded by Kohler. comments from the audience as follows: <br />proposed and the area proposed to be <br />Mr. Douglas Barr of Adolph Meyer and Associates, Consulting <br />A. Original Proposal (as set forth in previous discussions in connection I <br />B. <br />east <br />Mr. Barr told audience that this system would require <br />C. Alternate No. 2 - Elimination of the proposed lateral from the detention <br />It was explained to the audience that the Smith and Floteqbackyards (Larkspur I Slides showing conditions in this area were presented. Some con- <br />One owner, at the corner of West Shore Drive and <br />Mr. Hyde added that the property would <br />Rouncil made inquiries of Mr. Barr as to the need of a <br />that, as the surrounding area is built up the run-off becomes <br />He stated that it is the firm recommendation of the Engineers <br />Trustee Tupa then moved that the Village Council <br />Motion was <br />Before a vote could be taken on the motion there were further