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*: 12/23/59 .- I' I ..I . <br />NINUTES'OF DISCUSSION MEETING OF EDINA VIL~AGE , <br />COUNCIL, HELD VEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1959, AT <br />1 4:30 P.M., AT EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />304- j <br />Members Beim, Dickson, Kohler and Tupa were present at the meeting; Mayor Pro Tem <br />Dickson presided in Mayor Bredesen's absence. <br />present, together uith Nr. H.C. Utley of Ernst & Ernst, Auditors. <br />COUNCIL DISCUSSES TAX LEVY TECHNICALITY. Council met to discuss verbal information <br />received late last week from the State Public Examiner's Office that Edina is ' t <br />probably in technical violation of Chapter 275.11 of Minnesota Statutes, which <br />prohibits a tax levy in excess of $54 per capita; violation being only because of <br />the fact that the 1950 Federal Census applies unless a special census has been taken <br />by the Secretary of State. It was noted that on the basis of the 1950 Federal Census, <br />which lists Edina's population as 9,744, the tax levy for 1959 is some $105,000 over <br />the allowed maximum; but that, on the basis of the present estimate of 26,000 persons, <br />the tax levy is considerably under the allowed amount; that the 1959 levy of $707,821 <br />would be allowable on a population base of 13,108 persons. <br />the November, 1958 election, and inasmuch as a census was taken of the Edina-Morning- <br />side School District in 1955, which was approved by the Secretary of State to permit <br />the schools to issue more debt: than the 1950 Federal Census would have allowed and <br />which could be used to prove a more realistic present population figure bhan that <br />reported in the 1950 Federal Census, Council felt that there was ample basis of <br />proof of a larger population in Edina in 1959 than that required 36r the 1959 levy. <br />Report was made to Council that the Village Manager, Village Attorney and <br />Finance Director had met with the Secretary of State, the Public Examiner, and <br />members of the Attorney General's staff, and that none of the State officials had <br />offered any positive suggestion as to what the Council should do. <br />but the lack df time between now and the end of the'year, and the fact that a <br />Federal Census will be taken in 1960, complicate the situatiofl!i <br />this action woul'd involve the village in an expense of between $2,500 and $5,000, <br />if the Secretary should decide that a "nose count" was necessary. <br />It was reported that several other metropolitan communities and at least one <br />out-seate city have also technically violated this statute; and, after considerable <br />discussion it was decided by common consezt of Count5.l to continue the matter to the <br />Athorneys Hasselquist and Whitney were <br />' <br />Inasmuch as the Village had 14,295 registered voters in a count taken before <br />Some thought was had to asking the Secretary, now, to take a census for 1959; <br />It was noted that <br />next regular meeting on December' 30. <br />I Vi 1 lage Clerk .. <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD WEDNESDAY, <br />DECEMBER 30, 1959, AT 5:OO P.M., AT <br />THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Rollcall was answered by Beim, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />CLAIMS PAID: Beim's motion for payment of the following Claims, as per Pre-List <br />Dated December 30, 1959, was seconded by Kohler and carried: <br />$50,396.57; Construction Fund, $111,549.58; Park and Park Const. Fund, $2,226.57; <br />Water Fund, $2,801.92; Liquor Fund, $59,924.57; Sewer Rental Fund, $2,939.07; <br />Temporary Improvement and J.S.D.#l, etc. Funds, $481,119.25; Improvement Funds, <br />$200,050.74; Total, $1,411,008.27. <br />General Fund, <br />1959 BUDGET RE= RE-ESTIMATED: APPROPRIATIONS RE-ALLOCATED. Finance Director <br />Dalen presented "Statement of Estimated Expenditures and Recommended Transfers" for <br />year ended December 31, 1959. His recommendations included an increase in estimated <br />revenue for the year in an amount of $4,840, <br />amount $4,390, and Miscellaneous Revenue, amount $490. Also included were re- <br />allocation of appropriations as listed in the following resolution. After som2 <br />discussion, Beim offered the following Resolution and mved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTION RE-ESTIMATING REVENUES AND <br />REALLOCATING APPROPRIATIONS FOR YEAR 1959 <br />for State Apportionments-Highways, <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Village Council of the Village of Edina: <br />mated the revenue to be received for State Apportionments-Highways and for Miscel- . <br />laneous Revenues; and said budget is hereby corrected by addition to the estimated <br />revenues for said functions the amounts of $4,390 and $450 respectively: and <br />It is hereby deemed that certain appropriations made by this Council for <br />the year 1959 are unexpended, unencumbered and not needed; and that their balances <br />shall be transferred to other appropriations as here'inafter set forth: <br />1. In preparing the Budget €or the year 1959 this Council has incorrectly esti- <br />2.