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12/30/59 <br />GENERAL FUND: <br />TRANSFER FROM <br />Mayor and Council <br />Planning <br />Administration <br />Municipal Court <br />Elections <br />Assessing <br />Library <br />* Civil Defense <br />Animal Control <br />Inspection <br />Contingencies <br />Settlement of Suits <br />Special Assessments on <br />Village Property <br />Central Services: <br />Equipment Operation <br />PARK FUND: <br />TRANSFER FROM <br />Recreation <br />$ 50 <br />250 <br />1, 200 <br />500 <br />200 <br />500 <br />100 <br />150 <br />400 <br />1,000” <br />1, 100 <br />100 <br />450 <br />1 , 400 <br />$7 , 400 <br />$3 , 000 <br />$3,000 <br />GENERAL FUND: <br />TRANSFERS TO <br />Legal Services <br />Engineering <br />Public Works <br />Police Protection <br />Fire Protection <br />Unallocated Capital <br />. Outlay <br />Central Services: <br />Genera 1 <br />Garage <br />Small Tools <br />PARK FUND: <br />TRANSFERS TO <br />Bdminis tration <br />Maintenance <br />$ 700 ( <br />2,700 <br />5,090 <br />800 <br />1,300 <br />250 <br />450 <br />250 <br />700 <br />$12 , 240 <br />$ 500 <br />2,500 <br />$3,000 <br />Motion for adoption of Resolution was seconded <br />five ayes and no nays, as follows: Beim, , aye; Tupa, aye; and Dickson, <br />aye; and Bredesen, aye; and the Resolutio <br />a, and on Rollcall there were <br />EDINA-HOPKINS JOINT MEETING SCHEDULED FOR MONDAY. JANUARY 4, 1960. By common <br />consent of Council meeting was definitely set for Monday, January 4, at 4:30 P.M., <br />here. <br />NO ACTION T- ON TAX LEVY TECHNICALITY. Pursuant to the discussion had on this <br />matter on December 23, further discussion was had and it was moved by Kohler, <br />seconded by Beim and carried that no action be taken. <br />BLOCK 4, <br />CURB AND GUTTER PORTION OF STREET IMPROVEMENT NO. E-2 CANCELLED FOR BOT 8,JIVANDAZE <br />PARK NEAR LAKE HARRIET. <br />that he has been unjustly assessed for the curb and gutter portion of the France <br />Avenue paving improvement, inasmuch as his curb and gutter was perfectly good <br />before it was torn out to make possible the construction of concrete paving and <br />integral curb was reviewed aat: some length. <br />by Village personnal and Tupa offered the following Resolution and moved its <br />adopt ion : - <br />The complaint of Mr. George Trisler, 5405 France Avenue, <br />Mr, Trisler’s claim was confirmed <br />RESOLUTION CANCELLING CURB AND GUTTER <br />PORTION OF ASSESSMENT FOR STREET IMPROVEMENT <br />NO. E-2 LEVIED AGAINST LOT 8, BLOCK 4, <br />IVANDALE PARK NEAR LAKE HARRIET <br />FJHEREAS, this Council did levy an assessment against the following described <br />WJHEREAS, said assessment did include an assessment in the amount of $2.10 per <br />FWEX3AS, it is hereby determined by this Council that said property did not <br />properties for STREET IMPROVEMENT NO. E-2, by resolution adopted September 15, 1958; <br />and <br />front foot for the construction of concrete curb abutting said property; and <br />benefit by the construction of said concrete curb for the reason that it replaced